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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

Select the Draft

Select the Draft Direction – Select the Z-axis (confirm using RHM) Enter the Draft angle: -2 (minus) NOTE ! You will notice if you select the “Preview” button that the draft is added to the cylindrical face and the fillet radius at the base of the boss is also adjusted so it’s tangency condition is maintained. There are other drafting options available, as your tutor for an example. VISI Modelling – Draft Analysis Vcamtech Co., Ltd 9

Analysis > Draft Analysis Select the model to analyse – Select the ORANGE solid Select the plane normal – Select the Z axis (confirm using RHM) VISI Modelling – Draft Analysis Using the same values as for the first analysis after we select the ‘Update Graphics’ icon. You will now note, that the boss faces are coloured Pink which now indicates that the draft angle falls between -1 and -5 degrees of draft. When using the ‘Draft Analysis’ tool there are more options available. These can be activated by selecting the options from the top tab bar. Isocline The concept of the Isocline rendering allows you to shade the component using strips of colour that will follow the isocline curves of each surface. Using the control panel it is possible to customise the representation of the isocline strips to produce a better representation of the ‘flow’ of the surfaces. After selecting the Isocline tab, the left hand dialogue box will change to display the parameters for Isocline shading. The draft analysis dialogue box updates to show the following interface Vcamtech Co., Ltd 10

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