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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

VISI Mould -

VISI Mould - Cooling Channel Layout This will split and adapt all of the channels in the group that we have selected. You will receive the next message(s) after you have performed this task :- Dotted line shows the theoretical extension of the cooling channel that causes the collision check. Click on Yes to split the channel This refers to Channel 11 and 14. The system Checks channel 11 and 14 by theoretically extending the channels through the plate. In this case the channel passes through the sprue bush and reports a clash. Select Yes to continue. NOTE: - You will have to repeat the previous steps for channel 14 that has the same conditions as channel 11. Click on Yes to confirm that all the channels in the group have been split and adapted. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 6

Check the diameter of the cooling channels. The cooling tree should now look like the one shown below: - VISI Mould - Cooling Channel Layout Solidify the cooling channels Now we are sure that the cooling channel diameters are 6mm, we can convert them into solid form. Follow the next steps: - You will now see the icon next to the channel change to indicate it has been solidified and the cooling channels appear on the model. Click on any node in the tree and look at the properties box. Check that the Diameter = 6 Click on the Solidify icon from the toolbar and make sure you have selected the Fixed Half Cooling Node. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 7

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