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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

VISI Mould -

VISI Mould - Cooling Channel Layout Adding Plugs to all other channels x 8 Now we have added the ‘O’ rings to the vertical channels we will finish this circuit by adding some sealing plugs to the open ends of the remaining channels, denoted by the circles. The Channels required for this operation are shown below: - 10 Make sure that parameters match the ones shown opposite in highlight. Remember this must be done for each of the remaining 8 channels. The plug should look like the one shown below when applied. 1 3 Vcamtech Co., Ltd 10 2 5 9 4 6 In the properties panel for each channel click on the Browse icon in the Element 1 parameter box.

VISI Mould - Cooling Channel Layout The Result – FH Cooling Channel Completed If you have followed the exercises correctly you should have a result similar to the one shown below. Exercise – Add the cooling circuit for the Moving Half of the tool Now that you have performed this task for the fixed half of the tool why not try it on the Moving Half. The principle is exactly the same as the fixed half but this time there will be no step by step instructions. All cooling diameters and components will be specified for the channels. To start, activate the following 3 layers: - Result of activating the 3 layers specified Make EJE1 the current layer Vcamtech Co., Ltd 11

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