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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

Adding A Bill of

Adding A Bill of Materials Using Assembly Manager Loading the File Lets begin by opening the starter file required for this tutorial. VISI Mould - Creating Mould Tool Documentation Select the File | Open command and select tool-complete-plots.wkf Now that we have created some 2D drawings form the 3D mould tool assembly, the final task is to generate the Bill Of Materials using Assembly Manager. The following exercises will show us how: - For this task we will plan in advance how we want to organise our bill of materials. For this particular mould tool we will divide the components in to logical families / groups of parts. The following example shows the families we require and the order they should appear in the list: - Mould Base - Bolster Plates, Bushes, Pillars Inserts - Any non-standard machined inserts Lifters - Lifter Heads and Ancillaries Sliders - Slides, Heals, Wear Plates, Rails etc. Injection / Ejection - Ejection Pins, Ejector guides, Sprue Bush etc Cooling - Hose connectors, Plugs, ‘O’ Rings etc Screws - Screw Fixings Now we have decided how to break down the B.O.M lets begin the process in VISI using the assembly manager. This can be started from the Annotation Menu clicking on the Assembly Manager Item. The Assembly Manager Panel will appear on the right hand side, containing the list of parts and properties. If you expand one of the Cap Head Screw Sums you can see the items beneath just show a list of “Cap Head Screws”. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 8

VISI Mould - Creating Mould Tool Documentation Info: - If you click on to one of the items in the sum, you can reveal the properties for each part. Creating the Families for the relevant component groups. The first real task we need to complete is to make the families for the components we discussed at the start of this section. The next steps will show you how: - Now create the Mould Base family and select OK. The family will appear at the top of the tree as shown below. Right Mouse Click in the white area of the screen Select the Families > Create Family option from the menu. Now repeat the task for the other remaining families so the tree looks like the one below. This is how the tree should appear after the remaining families have been added. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 9

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