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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

VISI Modelling – Draft

VISI Modelling – Draft Analysis With the solid model complete, we can now check the smoothness of the edges and re-run the Isocline rendering to see if we have improved the ‘flow’ of the fillet radii Analysis > Smooth Edge Select the edges to check for smoothness – Select all 4 edges of the new patch face Using the face icon will automatically select all 4 edges With the new face in place, the dialogue box will display that all 4 edges are now within our smoothness tolerance. All edges are now considered smooth We can now check the ‘flow’ of the new surface using the Isocline rendering Vcamtech Co., Ltd 15

Analysis > Draft Analysis Select the model to analyse – Select the ORANGE solid Select the plane normal – Select the Z axis (confirm using RHM) Switch to the Isocline rendering Using the same values as before, select the ‘Update Graphics’ icon. Smooth flowing condition. VISI Modelling – Draft Analysis Finally, with our model fixed, we will use the splitting tools to create core and cavity. Analysis > Split Line Selecting the Split Line option will display the following control panel to the right of the main screen. A description of all the functions available within the Split Line Manager can be found on the following pages. Every option is activated using the icons at the top of control panel. Each function is modal, which means that after selecting them, they remain active until the ‘ESC’ key is pressed Vcamtech Co., Ltd 16

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