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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

Select the direction –

Select the direction – Select the Z axis (confirm using RHM) Select the option to ‘Delete Redundant edges’ VISI Modelling – Splitting The result of the analysis should now be visible within the split line tree. To activate the tree it is necessary to press the ESC key. You will now see that the result has changed. The 6 closed sets are the bottom edges of the windows on the 6 outer bosses. The 8 open sets are a mixture of edges around the outer and inner split line. Selecting each edge within the tree will highlight the relevant edge on the CAD screen. Within this example there are some edge sets that are not required. These can be removed from the list by selecting inside the tree. Select ‘Open Edge Set 7 & 8’ using the right hand mouse button. Using the context sensitive menu, select the ‘Unmark Set’ option. This will remove this edge set from the tree Select the ‘Unmark Set’ option Vcamtech Co., Ltd 7

VISI Modelling – Splitting Note! If Set 1 was Unmarked the other open edge sets move up one place, i.e. set 2 becomes set 1 etc. i.e. You need to keep sets listed as 1 and 2 only set 7 & 8 needs to be unmarked. Note that some edges are very small. It may be necessary to use the ‘Zoom In’ option to display the edge(s) before removing from the set. The result of unmarking the redundant sets should leave six open sets: Selecting each open set individually will highlight that together they almost complete the split line around the outer edge of the component. The requirement for a split line is to produce a closed set around the complete part. On this model the result cannot be achived automatically as a closed set because there is a very slight undercut (where the two sets appear to meet). Slight undercut situation For the purpose of this training example we are going to ignore this small area and use the Split Line Manager tools to join the two open sets together. From within the tree, highlight ‘Open Set 1’ and select the ‘Edit’ icon. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 8

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