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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd


Pre-requisite INTRODUCTION VISI Modelling – Core Modification It is important that before you attempt this Core Modification training example; you must have completed and fully understood the previous VISI-Design and VISI-Modelling and VISI-Surface Modelling and VISI-Analysis examples. During this exercise, it is assumed that the user has a basic knowledge of the VISI-Series software. Object With the following example we will try to simulate a real scenario where a core and cavity model has already been created from an imported model when a design change appears. Within this example we will use the VISI-Analysis tools to highlight the design changes and then to apply the modification to the existing core model. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 1

Start by opening the workfile: - File > Open Select the file named “Core Modification.wkf” The model should look as below: - Within this example each model has been located on a separate layer. You will find that there are 4 layers. At the beginning of this tutorial we are only interested in the original component and the imported part revision. These two models can be found on the ‘original component’ and the ‘component revision’ layer. VISI Modelling – Core Modification NOTE ! To run the model comparison it is necessary to select both bodies (solids or surfaces). In many cases the models look identical as the changes are slight and often not easily recognisable. For this reason it is recommended to have a different colour for each model; it is then possible to select each body using the colour filters. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 2

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