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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

VISI Mould - Tool Build

VISI Mould - Tool Build Tutorial The z dimension combo box opens to reveal the available plate thicknesses for this plate from Hasco. Select ‘56’ from the drop down You will notice the preview of the Cavity plate updates on the screen. Any values for any of the plates can be changed in the tree to update the tool on the fly. Changing K10 Plate thickness We will now select a different plate thickness for K10. Click the box containing ‘36’ for Z dimension. The list of available thicknesses for the plates in the catalogue is displayed. Select ‘27’. Click in the Z dimension drop down and select 27 Choose 56 from the drop down You will now notice the Top plate thickness updates automatically. Select the K10 plate. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 6 246

Adjust the Ejection side plate dimensions VISI Mould - Tool Build Tutorial In a similar way to the previous example let’s adjust the plate thickness for all the remaining plates to suit our design intent. For the injection side here are the required dimensions: - If you have not followed the previous steps please adjust these now. Now configure the Ejection side: - Now adjust the plate sizes to those shown below for the ejection side. If you are unsure take a look through the previous steps to refresh your memory. Select the Ejection side node from the tool tree. Now adjust each individual plate Z depth to the values shown below by clicking in the Z dimension box. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 7 K60 K70 K20 K40 K11

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