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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

Inserting a Sprue Bush

Inserting a Sprue Bush (Hasco Z511) VISI Mould - Tool Build Tutorial We will now insert a Hasco Z511 Sprue bush into the mould assembly, please follow the next set of instructions to perform this task: - Activate the layers shown in the layer manager. This should resemble the display below. Select Standard Element from the Mould drop down Make sure CAV is current layer. Pick the Z511R component from the Sprue Bushing tab menu of the HASCO library. Now pick the start and end plates to insert the Sprue Bushing. The start plate will be the K20 plate and the end plate will be the Fixed Half Insert as shown below. 1.Start Plate K20 2. End Plate FH insert. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 10

VISI Mould - Tool Build Tutorial Now insert the co-ordinate position. The injection point for this tool is right on the centre 0,0 origin point. 3.The application point should be set to absolute 0,0,0. Use the parameters shown opposite, making sure the CAV layer is selected. Insert the parameters as shown opposite making sure the Guiding length is set to 18. Select the Add Instance icon to insert the sprue bush into the database. Sprue bush shown in position. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 11

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