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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

7.0 Adding a Custom

7.0 Adding a Custom Register Ring – User Element VISI Mould - Tool Build Tutorial The register ring has been pre-modelled and is not part of the Standard Elements catalogue. It has been custom modelled to suit the tool design and will be inserted as a User Element. Follow the next sequence to insert this component. Mould > User Elements > Load User Element The path for the “Register Ring” group should be: - C:\V15 Training Material\Mould\ Full Training Course\2.standard-elements\user The user element will now appear attached to the cursor and can be dragged around the screen to position. Now choose the insertion point for the user element using the snap icons on left side of the screen. Pick the Centre of the Sprue Bush for location Select the centre snap icon. Pick this edge on the top face of the sprue to locate the centre. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 12

The Result – Shows the Register Ring in position. VISI Mould - Tool Build Tutorial The register ring is part of a “solid group” and therefore cannot interact with any standard components. To make the group behave like a regular solid we need to dissolve the group. Modelling > Solid Groups From the solids group manager, select the “register ring” group and click the Right Mouse Button. Select the “Dissolve solid group” option from the pop out menu. Select “Yes” from the following dialogue box to proceed with the dissolve process. The solid group will now be dissolved and therefore the solids group manager should be should be empty. Close down the empty solid groups manager by clicking the cross as shown. It is now possible to use standard elements with the Register Ring solid. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 13

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