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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

The lifter preview will

The lifter preview will appear once all the parameters have been set. Now your turn – Exercise – Other Lifters VISI Mould - Inserting Lifters Now you have completed the exercise for the first lifter, it is now your turn to insert the lifter for the opposite side. The lifter parameters will be identical to the one we have just created. The stroke direction will be +Y this time. Opposite Lifter Head. Stroke direction along +Y All other plate selections and lifter parameters will remain the same. The lifter should look like the one shown opposite. Blended cavity shown. Lifter foot and li Vcamtech Co., Ltd 6

The Result VISI Mould - Inserting Lifters If you have been successful you should have created another identical lifter with a stroke in the opposite direction. Your lifters should look like those shown below: - Now we can concentrate on inserting the lifters on the other side of the tool for the 2 clip features. As we have already inserted 2 lifters there will not be any step by step instructions for these 2 lifters. Only the necessary parameter details will be supplied. Please refer to previous exercise for detailed instruction of lifter insertion. ***Use the same End Face for plate insertion as shown below. Use this face for the start face on the lifter head and the point shown, Stroke direction in the –X direction to match the arrow on the diagram opposite. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 7

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