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The Green Belt as a European Ecological Network strengths and gaps

The Green Belt as a European Ecological Network strengths and gaps

Norbert Grosser, Valeska

Norbert Grosser, Valeska Krebs ENERGY WOOD USE AS A MEASURE OF LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT – AN APPROACH TO PRESERVATION OF BIODIVERSITY IN THE GREEN BELT? Agricultural use as extensive grazing ore mowing supported by combined programmes between nature conservation and agriculture ore forestry may be a help to preserve and develop biodiversity in the green belt. REFERENCES [1] BUND, 2007. The Green Belt Borders separate – Nature unites –. Retrieved December 19, 2011, from [2] Retrieved December 19, 2011, from [3] Thust, R., Kuna, G. & Rommel, R.-P., 2006. Die Tagfalterfauna Thüringens. Zustand in den Jahren 1991 bis 2002. Entwicklungstendenzen und Schutz der Lebensräume. Naturschutzreport 23, Jena, pp. 168-172. [4] Retrieved December 19, 2011, from [5] LFU Bayern, 2011. Merkblatt Artenschutz 39 Heckenwollafter Eriogaster catax (LINNAEUS, 1775). [6] Fritzlar, F., Westhus, W., 2001. Rote Liste der gefährdeten Tier- und Pflanzenarten, Pflanzengesellschaften und Biotope Thüringens. Naturschutz-Report Jena, 18. [7] Binot, M., Bless, R., Boye, P., Gruttke, H. & Pretscher, P., 1998. Rote Liste gefährdeter Tiere Deutschlands. Schriftenreihe für Landschaftspflege und Naturschutz 55. [8] Bundesartenschutzverordnung vom 16. Februar 2005 (BGBl. I S. 258, 896), die zuletzt durch Artikel 22 des Gesetzes vom 29. Juli 2009 (BGBl. I S. 2542) geändert worden ist. [9] RICHTLINIE 92/43/EWG DES RATES vom 21. Mai 1992 zur Erhaltung der natürlichen Lebensräume sowie der wildlebenden Tiere und Pflanzen (ABl. L 206 vom 22.7.1992, S. 7) u.a. geändert durch: Richtlinie 2006/105/EG des Rates vom 20. November 2006. [10] Weidemann, H.-J., 1995. Tagfalter: Beobachten, Bestimmen – 2. Aufl., Augsburg, Naturbuch- Verlag. 50

Olaf Bastian, Christina Wachler, Markus Leibenath, Martin Neruda THE EUROPEAN NATURA 2000 NETWORK AS A FACTOR FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN THE ORE MOUNTAINS (GERMANY / CZECH REPUBLIC) THE EUROPEAN NATURA 2000 NETWORK AS A FACTOR FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN THE ORE MOUNTAINS (GERMANY / CZECH REPUBLIC) ABSTRACT Olaf Bastian, Christina Wachler, Markus Leibenath Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development Weberplatz 1, D-01217 Dresden, Germany,, Martin Neruda Faculty of Environment, University J. E. Purkyně Králova výšina 7, Ústí nad Labem, CZ-40096, Czech Republic In the Ore Mountains (Germany / Czech Republic), there are many NATURA 2000 sites, which constitute in some cases extensive complexes straddling the border between the two countries. The Ore Mountains Green Network EU project identified synergies between nature conservation and rural development, with the three main topics being landscape management, tourism, and environmental education. Starting from a SWOT analysis focusing on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats concerning these three main topics in a cross-border context, an assessment of potentials showed the wide variety of ecosystem services that such protected areas provide. Based on these results, the opportunities and risks for enhancing synergies between nature conservation and rural development were discussed with relevant stakeholders, and a draft strategy was elaborated, which addresses such key aspects as landscape management, protection of the black grouse, energy questions (biomass, wind turbines), and environmental tourism (esp. Nordic skiing and visitor management). 1 INTRODUCTION Protected areas, such as national parks, biosphere reserves and NATURA 2000 sites, not only support biodiversity, but also provide a wide range of provisioning, regulating and socio-cultural ecosystem services, and thus enable various forms of economic activity. They can contribute to gains in local income and employment (e.g. benefits from investments in NATURA 2000 sites by local, national and EU sources). They can also be a key tourist attraction generating external purchases of local products and services, as well as helping visitors gain greater awareness of habitats and their function and value. They may contribute to strengthening the sense of place and regional identity which can promote greater civic responsibility, safeguard the cultural and natural heritage, and provide opportunity for environmental education and leisure, health and amenity. Thus, they may improve living conditions and be part of a framework for successful sustainable rural development, e.g. [1], [2], [3], [4]. This applies, too, to the Ore Mountains (German: Erzgebirge/ Czech: Krušné hory), which are characterized by outstanding natural assets and a typical cultural landscape on both sides of the border between the German state of Saxony and the Czech region of Northern Bohemia. The ridge of the Ore Mountains, averaging 800-1000 m above sea level, contains many NATURA 2000 sites, including both Special Areas of Conservation under the EU 51

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