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100 MW solar updraft

100 MW solar updraft tower Schlaich Bergermann Solar Strong in research and development Research and development in the Stuttgart Region Tidal power plant IHS/University of Stuttgart, RENETEC, Consulting Engineers Schlaich Bergermann und Partner The Stuttgart Region has research and development potential second to none thanks to the concentration and the diversity of its R&D organisations. Numerous institutes at the Universities of Stuttgart and Hohenheim and at the region's universities of applied sciences are dedicated to new energy technologies, energy efficiency or the design of energy-efficient buildings. In addition, outstanding research organisations like the German Aerospace Center, the ZSW Baden-Württemberg (The Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research), the Fraunhofer institutes and the Steinbeis Transfer Centres all document the region's eminent research potential in the field of clean energy. University institutes Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences – College of Technology – Egle Institute Zafh Centre for Applied Research at Applied Sciences Universities – Sustainable Energy Technology Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Building Services, Energy and Environmental Engineering Nürtingen-Geislingen University University of Stuttgart, ILR Institute for Power Electronics and Electric Drives University of Stuttgart, IER Institute for Energy Management and Rational Energy Use University of Stuttgart, IGE Institute for Building Energetics University of Stuttgart, IKE Institute for Nuclear Energetics and Energy Systems University of Stuttgart, IPE Institute for Physical Electronics University of Stuttgart, IHS Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Flow Engines University of Stuttgart, ITW Institute for Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering University of Stuttgart, IVD Institute for Process Engineering and Power Plant Technology University of Stuttgart, IVK Institute for Combustion Engines and Vehicle Engineering University of Stuttgart, IFB Institute for Aeronautical Engineering University of Stuttgart, MPA Materialprüfungsanstalt (Materials Testing) University of Stuttgart, SWE Endowed Chair for Wind Energy University of Hohenheim, Institute 740 – Farm Machinery and Farm Structures University of Hohenheim, Institute 495 – Agricultural Engineering in the Tropics and Subtropics University of Stuttgart, ZES Energy Research Center Stuttgart Non-university research organisations German Aerospace Center The Fuel Cell Research Alliance Baden-Württemberg Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP) The Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB Steinbeis Transfer Centre EGS (Energy, Building and Solar Technology) ZSW Baden-Württemberg (The Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research)

Collector in an outdoor test ITW Institute, University of Stuttgart Pioneer facilities Research and Test Centre for Solar Plants The University of Stuttgart's Institute for Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering (ITW) with the affiliated Research and Testing Centre for Solar Plants (TZS) is the largest testing centre for thermal solar technology in Germany. The TZS is accredited according to current European standards which entitles them to test thermal solar power plants. Wind energy plant Welzheim The Endowed Chair of Wind Energy (SWE) The SWE is made possible through a foundation endowed by Dipl.-Ing. Karl Schlecht, founder and Chairman of the Board of Putzmeister AG in Aichtal. Collaboration within the University of Stuttgart, with businesses, other universities and research organisations actively fosters the development of new applications using wind energy and other renewable energy sources. Fully automated biogas laboratory at the University of Hohenheim Education and training opportunities Although further education options in the field of regenerative energy technologies are rare, this is not the case in Stuttgart. The Stuttgart Region Solar Energy Centre (sez), an institution run by the electricians' guild at its ETZ Centre for Electrotechnology, offers craftsmen and engineers classes and workshops in regenerative energy technologies. Fermentation plant Leonberg The biogas test lab at the University of Hohenheim is designed to facilitate the development of a new generation of more efficient biogas plants. The test facility has 28 reactors making it possible to simultaneously test different types of biomass using various methods and different devices. In the process the reactors are monitored, mechanically filled and the exact amount of gas produced is automatically recorded by a computer. In addition to that, many students in numerous departments at regional universities and universities of applied sciences are also being prepared to work as professionals in regenerative energy fields.

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