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Advanced 100 Lbs - Bout Masters, LLC

Advanced 100 Lbs - Bout Masters, LLC

Michael Catalano Easton

Michael Catalano Easton Andrew Tutrone Pocono Summit Kyle Gildner Bethlehem Jared Wehrman Greentown Catalano Easton Gildner Bethlehem 181 86 87 Tutrone 5-2 Wehrman fall 2:50 Gildner 4-2 Bethlehem 3rd Place 182 Wehrman 7-2 Greentown Champion Tutrone Pocono Summit 2nd Place Catalano Easton 4th Place MAWA District Prelim Advanced 189 Lbs

Jason Kocher Bath Todd Delong Jr Kutztown Ryan Johnson Bath Tyler Schleicher Easton BYE Delong Jr Kutztown Schleicher Easton BYE Dylan Otis Wyalusing 30 31 Kocher fall :38 Johnson fall 1:03 Nicholas Burke Bath Delong Jr BYE Burke Bath Schleicher BYE Kocher Bath 143 144 88 89 Burke fall 1:29 Kocher 9-2 Otis fall 2:30 Johnson 3-1 183 184 MAWA District Prelim Advanced 215 Lbs Otis fall 2:23 Wyalusing Champion Kocher 1-0 Bath 3rd Place Johnson Bath 2nd Place Burke Bath 4th Place

Executive Master of Advanced Studies in International Taxation
[+][PDF] TOP TREND Mastering Predictive Analytics with scikit-learn and TensorFlow: Implement machine learning techniques to build advanced predictive models using Python [NEWS]
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