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Advanced 100 Lbs - Bout Masters, LLC

Advanced 100 Lbs - Bout Masters, LLC

Luke Karam Walnutport

Luke Karam Walnutport Kyle Drick Allenwood Brock Wilson Bethlehem R Jared Falk Phillipsburg Drick Allenwood Falk Phillipsburg 161 61 62 Karam 6-1 Wilson fall 2:41 Drick fal :26 Allenwood 3rd Place 162 Karam 6-2 Walnutport Champion Wilson Bethlehem 2nd Place Falk Phillipsburg 4th Place MAWA District Prelim Advanced 105 Lbs

Kobe Ryan Galentine Montgomery Michael Scheetz Northampton Zaimon Farkas Hellertown Mark Jordan Tannersville BYE Galentine Montgomery Farkas Hellertown BYE Scott Parker Sellersville Scheetz 4-1 Jordan fall :45 Evan Fidelibus Easton Galentine BYE Jordan Tannersville Farkas BYE Scheetz Northampton 128 129 63 64 Galentine 6-0 Scheetz fall :21 Parker tf 20-5 4:20 Fidelibus 10-0 163 MAWA District Prelim Advanced 110 Lbs Fidelibus forfeit Easton Champion Parker Sellersville 2nd Place Scheetz 7-2 Northampton 3rd Place Galentine Montgomery 4th Place

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