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writers in prison committee report - PEN Canada

writers in prison committee report - PEN Canada

omen, reativit nd

omen, reativit nd olitics Excerpt by Nawal El Saadawi cairo, January 2001

y to amputatE thE imagination is no lEss dangErous than amputating thE limbs of thE human body, or circumcision of thE clitoris in young girls. but pEoplE rarEly talk about “amputation” of thE imagination in crEativE works, pErhaps bEcausE thE imagination doEs not blEEd or suffEr from physical pain. yEt a human body with an amputatEd imagination is no lEss incapacitatEd than a body with no limbs. frEEdom for crEativE ExprEssion, thE hEalth and wholEnEss of thE imagination arE EssEntial if wE’rE to strugglE EffEctivEly against rEligious violEncE or political tyranny ExErcisEd by thE statE or within thE family. a frEE wholEsomE imagination is our protEction against doublE standards and dichotomiEs in sociEty inhEritEd from thE slavE sociEty, against prEjudicEs arising from rEligion, class, gEndEr, racE or colour. PEN CANADA 29

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