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Taxpayer funding of trade unions - The TaxPayers' Alliance

Taxpayer funding of trade unions - The TaxPayers' Alliance

No. Note union matters -

No. Note union matters - only that it is considered to be reasonable and appropriate 35 NGS do not maintain a record of staff time spent on union activities, although they believe it to be well within the limits prescribed in the policy regarding staff time for trade union activities: The policy states that “A maximum of 25 days special paid leave is allowable for these purposes in any leave year. This number is increased to 40 days for members of the NEC’s. The number of absences should be kept to an absolute minimum and a record should be kept of the time spent on TU activities and the associated reasons." 36 Union reps are allowed 12 day per annum for union work however time spent is not recorded. The library responded that None kept a record of time spent on Union business but they were unanimous that it was less than the 12 days allowed. 37 Lay representatives are entitled to one day a week facility time 38 Time spent by local reps is not recorded 39 1 April 2010 NHS Litigation Authority made an arrangement with Unison, which allows one working day a week on trade union facility time. They stated that "this probably represents a reasonable estimate of the time spent by the Unison lead over the past two years. Other representatives have facility time too, agreed on a local basis with their manager 40 Time is for a NDA Staff Consultation Group. All other time is not recorded 41 This is the expected facility time for each union as stated in the facility agreement. However ORR do not formally record the amount of time spent on union work. ORR state that the time is not exceeded even though it is not recorded. They state 'Where there are concerns from union representatives that they are not being permitted the appropriate amount of facility time, this is raised informally with the Head of Human Resources and, if necessary, through our formal Staff Council arrangements. Where there are concerns about a union representative exceeding the amount of facility time that they are allocated, the line manager will raise these concerns with the relevant director and with the Head of Human Resources. We are satisfied that these arrangements give us the necessary degree of transparency and control.' 42 Money is contribution towards the Annual NAPO Conference 43 Time spent by other reps is not recorded 44 SGMain includes the Scottish Government Core and Scotland Office (Permanent Secretary, Directorate General - Economy & Chief economic advisor, Directorate General - Education, Directorate General - Health & Chief Executive NHS Scotland, Directorate General - Justice and Communities, Directorate General - Rural affairs, Environment & Services. Scottish Agencies include the Student Awards Agency for Scotland, Scottish Public Pensions Agency, Disclosure Scotland, General Register Office for Scotland, National Archives of Scotland, HM Inspectorate of Education, Accountant in Bankruptcy, Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, Social Work Inspection Agency, Transport Scotland, Scottish Housing Regulator, Scottish Agricultural Science Agency, Fisheries and Research Services, Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency, Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland. Employees of the Advocate General for Scotland are all on loan from the Scottish government and receive union representation through the Scottish government 55 Tufton Street, London, SW1P 3QL � � 0845 330 9554 (office hours) � 07795 084 113 (24 hours) 126

No. Note 45 Figures are from Jan 2010 as this is when consistent recording was introduced 46 FTE staff time is based on the annual formal meetings union representatives attend. SQA do not record any usage of trade union reps outside these meeting. 47 15 days per year is afforded to each representative and ad hoc time 48 Facility time is limited to 0.2 per cent of the SFO paybill 49 Formally known as University for Industry Scotland 50 The strategic health authority work closely with trade unions through the Regional Social Partnership Forum 51 The RDA had three trade union reps during 2008-10 52 Now known as Animal Health 53 Sustainable Development Commission was set up in February 2009 54 The National Archives do not formally monitor the time that officials representing trade unions other than PCS (Prospect and FDA), this is informally monitored by line managers 55 Includes Attorney General's office 56 Figures reflect the Full time equivalent in June 2010 57 For the years in question YJB called on full time reps at the Ministry of Justice 58 Union representation for the staff at the Attorney General's Office is provided by the Treasury Solicitor's department 59 Includes Leader of the House of Commons Office 60 Includes Residential Property Tribunal Service 61 Includes People Pay and Pensions Agency, Defence Vetting Agency and MOD Police and Guarding Agency 62 0.18 of the time is for PCS and Prospect unions only 63 Includes Wilton Park and FCO services 64 Includes Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency 65 Figures reflect the Full time equivalent in June 2010 66 Includes Privy Council Office and Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority 67 Time spent by other reps for NIPSA, FDA and PCS is not recorded centrally 68 Includes Highways Agency, Driving Standards Agency, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Government Car and Dispatch Agency, Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, Vehicle Certification Agency 55 Tufton Street, London, SW1P 3QL � � 0845 330 9554 (office hours) � 07795 084 113 (24 hours) 127

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