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Social Cause Marketing - The Regis Group Inc

Social Cause Marketing - The Regis Group Inc



and stay there as long as possible 2 . But this neither matches with RH regarding the above problems, nor realizes the societyís basic goals. For instance, constraints of natural environment and principles of human solidarity are overseen. And in terms of individualsí perception of quality of life, we ask: What diminishes the ambition to achieve more and live better in the affluence phase (from materialistic viewpoints)? In this regard, Diener and Seligman, and SDRN establish that satisfaction with oneís life grows with growth of GDP, but only to a certain level of GDP; afterwards the connection disappears (Diener, Seligman, 2004, 6; SDRN, 2005, 12). At this point, influence of certain other factors on the perception of objective WB becomes stronger and more important. This proves the importance of influence on oneís SSP and consequently on oneís perception of objective WB and motivation for creative work. Sheldon (2001) noticed a stronger positive connection between WB and orientation toward inner rather than outer values, (i.e., ma- Exhibit I Connection Between Social Responsibility Actions and Well-Being Objective well-being ● Physical well-being, ● Material well-being, ● Social well-being, ● Emotional well-being, ● Development and activity. Well-being (social and personal) Socially Responsible Action Subjective well-being ● Happiness ● Life satisfaction terial and social status, image, etc.). Besides, orientation towards inner values increases the motivation for the realization of oneís personal goals. The innovation phase unavoidably makes affluence, history says. Humankind should therefore attain a new, fifth phase, linking creativity/ innovativeness, SR, RH, ethics of interdependence, shorter working time and WB in behavior towards ëthe causeí ñ to help our shared society attain basic goals. It should also simultaneously consider the ubiquitous interconnectedness and interdependence, including constraints of the natural environment. Thus, people must unite and work together for longterm survival and betterment of humankind realizing their aspirations for success through their companies (See Exhibit III). SR Business Activities Fulfilling the Basic Societal Goals Findings presented so far share thoughts on the role of business activities in human society and on the meaning and use of principles of SR Environment (social and natural) Individuals’ subjective starting points (knowledge, emotions, mentality and values) Observation (perception of needs and possibilities) Decision making (selection of preferred needs and possibilities) Definition of (requisitely holistic) goals Acting for fulfillment of defined goals Social Cause Marketing As a Tool matching with RH in everyday business activities. They should contribute to the fulfillment of the basic societal goals as follows: Increasing objective WB by creation of products, contributing to happiness; Positive (or the least possible negative) influence on social and natural environments; Positive influence on an individualís SSP (both inside and outside the company). The term ëPositiveí in this context refers to all the forces that strengthen longterm objective WB, ethics of interdependence and RH. The human and natural influences on a personís SSP are very important for their impact on and related strengthening of societyís objective WB. The influence on oneís SSP has an indirect influence on oneís consumption of goods. This increases the scarcity of certain natural resources and aggravates the problem of environmental protection. Companies using their marketing tools (for their business goals) to create artificial needs and to accordingly influence consumersí SSP actually cause threefold harm to society and nature: They needlessly use scarce resources; they increase environmental pollution; and they create stress within individuals who wish to satisfy their artificial needs. In order to put these problems at bay, marketing tools should be used for discovering the existent and predicting the future needs (to increase objective WB) and for active inclusion of interested individuals in value creation (Prahalad, Ramaswamy, 2004). Thus, human beings can reduce the production of unnecessary products and use less of scarce resources. Such approach to business action would have a positive influence on the creation of objective WB and the real needs would be fulfilled. Simultaneously, a positive influence on the perception of subjective WB of consumers and employees would be achieved, which in turn, would contribute towards increasing the motivation 2 The other solution (commonly used today) is to create artificial needs with use (or abuse) of marketing tools, thus, increasing demand for material goods. But this leads to consumerism, including all its unfavorable consequences too. SEPTEMBER 2009 13 EFFECTIVE EXECUTIVE

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Social Cause Marketing - The Regis Group Inc
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