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Social Cause Marketing - The Regis Group Inc

Social Cause Marketing - The Regis Group Inc

contexts to work from.

contexts to work from. While CSR is inclusive of SM, CM and SCM, SM and CM are exclusive of each other. SCM is an intersection of SM and CM, where the marketing initiatives are for a social cause and neednít necessarily be from a NGO or Non-Profit Organization (NPO). CSR is purely society-oriented and is for the betterment of the society which is carried out beyond legal and economic obligations of businesses. The corporate that involves in CSR is expected to carry it out with no derivative benefit in return from CSR. SM is an effort of an NGO or NPO to promote a social cause. CM involves in paired efforts of a corporate and NGO/NPO where both of them are involved expecting certain benefits. SCM is part of CSR, as SCM is only an element of CSR initiatives. CSR involves HR, finance, marketing, systems and operations, information system, and related activities whereas SCM involves only marketing activities focused on social causes. Today corporates establish CSR units, arms, or bodies to extend their support to the society as responsible citizens of the society they belong to. SCM can be carried out by the CSR unit/arm/body of the corporate or it can be an exclusive subunit of the marketing department. CSR involves a wide range of activities that benefit employees and their families, the immediate neighborhood and the world with tangible outcomes while SCM activities may benefit all the target groups of CSR, but the results may not be tangible and measurable. SCM and Affinity Marketing Affinity marketing is a marketing strategy adopted by corporates to improve sales by enhancing their brand image. Corporates identify causes or events popularly supported by their consumers and create a link with the cause or event, by sponsoring or generating publicity for the cause. In affinity marketing the cause need not be a social one, it is a cause very popular and appealing to the target group. SCM differs from affinity marketing in the fact that unlike the latter, SCM is around a cause that is of seri- ous concern to the society and not necessarily popular with the target market. Role of B-Schools B-Schools have been established to provide the necessary education for managing the corporates that are involved in catering to the needs and comforts of the society. These schools train graduates who can allocate scarce resources in equitable fashion on the most productive activities. B- Schools in the initial times had recognized the value of holistic approach of business management and the importance of society to the realm of management. There is a wide range of activities which business schools can involve themselves in, in order to propagate social causes and market them. It is the responsibility of a B- School to create an environment for learning, training and practicing SCM. In order to provide the environment and climate for conducive nurturing of CSM, there must be generous resource availability for the students and the faculty to practice and experiment on SCM. The B-School management has the responsibility of being a role model in involving itself in SCM. Potential SCM Issues There is no dearth of the issues B- Schools can champion to take up through SCM. The world at large and the immediate society are struggling to cope up with the issues that are causing pain and trouble to individuals and society. B-Schools may focus on global issues with local presence. The United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) for which India is a signatory is a serious cause demanding the attention of all responsible citizens. B-Schools should Dr. Mercia Selva Malar is Professor, Banking and Finance, at SCMS-COCHIN, Kerala. Her areas of interest include CSR, Microfinance, Banking and Insurance. She has about 17 years of experience in teaching and has published several articles in various journals and magazines. Social Cause Marketing take necessary efforts and use the faculty and student teams to put into place SCM for MDG. India is a signatory to the international agreement on ending corruption. B-Schools can work on a corruption-free Indian society involving the faculty and students. Climate change is a pressing issue for all nations of the world. Indian B- Schools can involve students and faculty in practicing Social Cause Marketing. Environment conservation and protection awareness is another important issue B-Schools should put a stake in. How Can B-Schools Engage in SCM B-Schools have a responsibility towards the immediate society and the world at large. They know the issues they can address through SCM but may wonder how they can execute SCM through the faculty and students. There are a few methods which would work out effectively with active student contributions in terms of creative ideas, and volunteering for participation. Students can organize rallies, marathons, walkathons, etc., on the chosen issues. Organizing contests for school children to promote awareness on the said issues, or conducting awareness workshops also would help. Forums like Young Indians, OISCA-International, Junior Chamber International, etc., being organized at the B- School level exclusively for the students will also provide an opportunity for students to involve themselves in SCM. SCM being a part of CSR can be an acceptable and relevant area for B- Schools to contribute and experiment with. The involvement of B-Schools would enrich the experience of students in learning the concept, leading to lasting impact on their career. Above all, the world would be a better place to live in with SCM in place and B-Schools showing keen and genuine interest in it. © 2009 Mercia Selva Malar. All Rights Reserved. Reference # 03M-2009-09-03-01 SEPTEMBER 2009 18 EFFECTIVE EXECUTIVE


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Social Cause Marketing - The Regis Group Inc
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