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FFY 2007 Annual Performance Report - TEA - Home School ...

FFY 2007 Annual Performance Report - TEA - Home School ...

Discussion of

Discussion of Improvement Activities Completed and Explanation of Progress or Slippage that occurred for FFY 2007: I. Improvement Activities Completed The improvement activities related to an effective general supervision system are interrelated to several other indicators in the State Performance Plan (SPP) including: � Indicator 15: Effective General Supervision � Indicator 16: Complaint Investigation Timeline � Indicator 17: Due Process Hearing Timeline � Indicator 19: Mediation Agreements The data associated with the indicators above must be considered when addressing the resolution session indicator. During the 2007-08 year, the TEA completed the following activities to improve the dispute resolution system: � Texas Education Agency (TEA) staff facilitated focus groups with parents, district staff, advocates, and attorneys regarding dispute resolution (including resolution sessions) in order to determine existing needs across the state as identified by the participants; and � TEA trained its hearing officers to explain during their initial contact with the parties to a hearing that the parties were required to participate in a resolution session; � TEA advised its hearing officers that a settlement agreement resulting from a resolution session must resolve all of the claims brought against the district in order to dismiss the case; � TEA staff continued to provide verbal and written information about resolution sessions to the parties in due process hearings and to other stakeholders. II. Explanation of Progress or Slippage The TEA continues to recommend early resolution of special education disputes and to provide stakeholders with information about the resolution session process. Though there was a decline in the number of resolution sessions held as compared to the FFY 2006, the percentage of resolution sessions that resulted in a written settlement agreement increased. The TEA believes that the progress for this indicator may be attributable to its ongoing encouragement of early resolution coupled with the parties’ recognition of the benefits of early resolution. The TEA is pleased with this progress and will continue to encourage early resolution. Revisions, with Justification, to Proposed Targets / Improvement Activities / Timelines / Resources for FFY 2007: I. Targets No revision to the 32% target for FFY 2008 (based on a 3% increase from FFY 2007 performance). II. Improvement Activities / Timelines / Resources During the 2008-09 year, the TEA will implement the following activities to improve the dispute resolution system: � The TEA will add a link to its website for a guidance document developed by the Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education (CADRE) titled Resolution Meetings A Guide for Parents and will also send copies of this document to parties involved in a due process hearing; Part B State Annual Performance Report for FFY 2007 February 2, 2009 (OMB NO: 1820-0624 / Expiration Date: 08-31-2009) Page 97

� The TEA will continue to provide training to Hearing Officers, TEA staff, and stakeholders on how to encourage early resolution of special education disputes; and � The TEA will continue conducting data analysis with regard to understanding the dynamic intersections between the available dispute resolution options. Improvement activities for this indicator will be ongoing through the 2010-2011 school year. Part B State Annual Performance Report for FFY 2007 February 2, 2009 (OMB NO: 1820-0624 / Expiration Date: 08-31-2009) Page 98

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