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FFY 2007 Annual Performance Report - TEA - Home School ...

FFY 2007 Annual Performance Report - TEA - Home School ...

Responsive to

Responsive to Intervention Module to the 20 Network teams to ensure dissemination of information throughout the state. � Product Development In order to have a more user-friendly format, the MDL will revise the content and context of the Responding Educationally to All Learners (REAL) utilizing feedback form the Evaluation Project, trainings from the NCCRESt, and review of the recent literature. � Focused Support to Districts with Disproportionate Representation Network Member will provide focused support to districts with disproportionate representation as identified by SPP Indicators 9 and 10 and/or those LEAS obtaining a Performance Based Monitoring Analysis System (PBMAS) performance level of 3 on Indicators 13 and 14 of the state monitoring system: � Develop and maintain a MDL web page with links to national and state resources. � Distribute current research articles and resources in the area of diversity and special education issues. March 2009 New September 2008 – August 2009 September 2008 – August 2009 September 2008 – August 2009 Continuing Continuing Continuing Three Low Incidence Disabilities The Three Low Incidence Disabilities (LID) Network will implement the following improvement activities: Technical Assistance and Training Timeline Status � Provide TA to (LID) “Early Literacy Skills Builder” project teams in October 2008 – Continuing Region 3 September 2009 � Participation in Statewide Leadership networks (3LID, TATN, DHH, Autism) � “Teaching Literacy to Students with Significant Disabilities” modules training Other Statewide Activities Response to Intervention (RtI) The TEA will implement the following improvement activities related to RtI: October 2008 – September 2009 Continuing December 2008 New Technical Assistance and Training Timeline Status � Response to Intervention- Incorporation of Positive Behavior Supports November 2008 Continuing � RTI – The Role of the Counselor in the Support of PBS at All Levels � Provide training on the integration of academic and behavioral interventions within a Response to Intervention (RtI) model � Funding Guidance Document Developed a funding document to identify possible funding sources currently available to districts for the implementation of RtI. September 2008 New August 2008 Continuing February 2009 New Improvement activities associated with this indicator will be ongoing through the 2010-2011 school year. Part B State Annual Performance Report for FFY 2007 February 2, 2009 (OMB NO: 1820-0624 / Expiration Date: 08-31-2009) Page 17

Part B State Annual Performance Report (APR) for 2007 Monitoring Priority: FAPE in the LRE Indicator 2: Percent of youth with IEPs dropping out of high school. (20 U.S.C. 1416 (a)(3)(A)) Measurement: Measurement for youth with IEPs should be the same measurement as for all youth. Calculation: The dropout rate is calculated as follows: number of students from a given cohort who dropped out before the fall of a given year divided by total number of students in a given cohort (graduation + GED* + continuing + dropout) *GED = General Educational Development (GED) certificates FFY Measurable and Rigorous Target 2007 The dropout rate for students with disabilities shall not exceed 2.8%. Actual Target Data for FFY 2007: Table 1: Dropout Rates for Students with Disabilities Class Cohort Dropped Out % 2007 (2006-07) 34,845 4,858 13.9% 2006 (2005-06) 34,176 3,622 10.6% 2005 (2004-05) 33,408 2,273 6.8% 2004 (2003-04) 31,491 1,978 6.3% Source: Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS) Datasets Part B State Annual Performance Report for FFY 2007 February 2, 2009 (OMB NO: 1820-0624 / Expiration Date: 08-31-2009) Page 18

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