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Komponenten Kartuschen - Ritter

Komponenten Kartuschen - Ritter

Accessories adjustment

Accessories adjustment of injection moulding parameters | 10 Accessories Item Bezeichnung RDF RDF-E AST 8 WR 30 WR 30 Description Beschreibung Accessories for sausage pack für Folienbeutel for sausage pack with insert für Folienbeutel mit Einsatz Discharge ram for RG 8 Ausdrückstößel für RG 8 Sausage pack – Volume 300 ml Wechselrohr – Volumen 300 ml Weight Gewicht 8 gr 8,2 gr 8,2 gr 50,5 gr Material Material HD PE HD PE HD PE HD PE Color Farbe natural | natur natural | natur blach | schwarz white | weiß natural | natur Reference Artikel-Nr. 14042-0000 14043-0000 4008-0001 10115-0000 10215-0000 warehouse | ø 58,6 | xx 118,0 0 1,9 0 1,9 118,0 Item Bezeichnung Sausage piston | Folienkolben Reversible piston | Wendekolben Shoulder piece | Rohraufsatz Description Beschreibung for WR 30 | für WR 30 for WR 30 | für WR 30 for WR 30 | für WR 30 Weight Gewicht 7,9 gr 14,5 gr 9 gr Material Material HD PE HD PE PP Color Farbe natural | natur natural | natur white | weiß Reference Artikel-Nr. 12040-0000 12039-0000 14015-0001 ø 58,6 | xx 0 46,8 | 118,0 0 xx,x | 208,0 ø 58,6 | xx all length in mm

Printing silk screen and digital printing – brilliant parts of an effi cient supply chain management. | silk screen printing | digital printing RITTER silk screen printing with high e ciency Online integrated to the injection moulding of the sealant cartridges is the silk screen printing of these cartrides. Cartridges are highly automated decorated and packed at short notice as per customers demand. Precise silk screen printing up to six printing colors on high-speed printing machines. The bene ts are: • Foto printing • Special and metal colors • True white printing • Blind symbol • Economic costs Digital printing or silk screen printing? Please contact us for consulting – we will be happy to defi ne the suitable solution to match with your particular needs! RITTER digital print technology for for small small lots In addition to the standard silk screen process for the printing of cartridges Ritter also off ers the new digital printing solution. The New Digital Print Technology on 310 ml Cartridges is suitable for small printing lots with printing as per demand and in case of high expectations to printing quality. The bene ts are: • High accuracy on printing and better effi ciency • High quality standards at aff ordable costs • Absolutely clear and full of life illustrations and Photographs • Print on Demand with variable data printing and personalisation • Eco-friendliness Easy to personalize Full dynamic range Excellent print register Full color range NEW 11

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