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10:30 Service - Burlington United Methodist Church

10:30 Service - Burlington United Methodist Church

P a g e 2 SHARI�G

P a g e 2 SHARI�G GOD’S LOVE This section is devoted to sharing examples of our congregation acting on our mission of “Sharing God’s Love with Coffey County and the World.” If you want to recognize someone for sharing God’s love with you or others, please email the church office at for its possible inclusion in the newsletter. The deadline for submitting newsletter information is the twentieth of each month. Please see the article on page 7 for examples of BUMC’s intentional serving and sharing God’s love. Thank you to all who participated in these programs! Your activities made a difference in people’s Christmas experience. Christi Norman initiated the Advent “Giving Christmas Away” activities. Thank you! Thank you to Sheree Damashek for faithfully watering the poinsettias throughout the Christmas season, and to all who donated/dedicated poinsettias, too! There were 47 dedications this year. Thank you to Devanee Williams for sharing her beautiful harp music for the Christmas Eve services, and to Caitlin Buss for her Christmas Eve vocal solo. So many people helped with the children’s Christmas program and preparations. Thank you to those who organized and led it, and to those who supported it with Sunday lunches and help with costumes, etc. Thank you to Verla Bartholomew and Susan Croll for providing the dinner following the program. Whitney Croll lead the children’s bell choir before Christmas. We appreciate Whitney’s leadership and also the children’s/parents’ participation. Their sweet music added to the children’s program worship. Many committee positions have changed. Thank you to those who have served, and thank you to those who are serving. There is a time, place, and season for each person to use their gifts and talents. We appreciate the ministry of our church family inside and outside worship. If you are looking for a way to use your talent or have ideas to implement, please contact the church office or Pastor Pat. Together we are a church family. JA�UARY REFERE�CES Please join us for 8:15 or 10:30 worship. The December dates below show what Scripture will be used in the service. Churches in our Five Rivers District weekly pray together for specific churches within our district. Please join in prayer for the United Methodist Church listed below, along with the pastor currently serving that congregation. Date Scripture and Message Prayer Focus, Pastor Jan. 8 Mark 1:4-11 & Acts 19:1-7 “It’s More than Water” Edgerton UMC Rev. Bruce Draper Jan. 15 I Samuel 3:1-10 “Yeah, He’s Talkin’ to You” Ottawa Trinity UMC Communion Rev. Barb Clinger Jan. 22 Mark 1:14-20 “It’s All About the Invitation” Mound City/Blue Mound UMC Rev. Dallas Peterson Jan. 29 Deuteronomy 18:15-20 & Mark 121-28 “They Thought He Was a Scribe!” Eudora UMC Noisy Change Offering Rev.Michael Tomson-DeGreeff

CHRISTIA� EDUCATIO� �EWS by Director Jenn Lowrey I am so excited to have the opportunity to serve our church as the new Christian Education Director! I have been so blessed by my position with the youth and I am anxious to see what working with our younger youth will bring! When I was approached by SPRC and asked to consider adding Christian education duties to my work, I was nervous and excited by the possibilities! Justin and I spent quite a length of time considering this position prayerfully, and felt like God was nudging us in this direction. I include Justin’s position in this article, as well as mine, because I truly feel that his opinion and commitment to both the Christian Education and Youth Director positions are equally as important as my own! Without his full dedication and support to this church congregation, the youth (all ages), and my endeavors, I couldn’t have accepted this opportunity. Our family is so grateful to this congregation for your support, encouragement, and fellowship! Please know that we are committed to your youth, to you, and to what God’s place is for us in this church! With this said, I fear I have little else to report at this point! I am spending my time learning my responsibilities, speaking with children’s church, Sunday school, and B.I.G. volunteers, and getting my bearings. Please be patient with me as I learn this position and feel free to communicate your feelings about what is/is not working about our current program, and desires for the Christian education program in this church. With all aspects of a church, this program cannot be successful without your willingness to help! I have been pleasantly surprised with all of the support Christian education receives already! If you are interested in helping, please contact me! Thank you so much for all of the support an encouragement you have given me! Blessings, Jenn Email:; PH: 785-341 1285 P a g e 3 P a g e 3 CHILDRE�’S CHRISTMAS PROGRAM SCE�ES

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