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10:30 Service - Burlington United Methodist Church

10:30 Service - Burlington United Methodist Church

Page 8 Men, Mark Your

Page 8 Men, Mark Your Calendar! All men are invited to breakfast on Friday, Jan. 13 at the church. Breakfast and fellowship begin at 6 am. A cooking team rotates for these monthly gatherings which meet the second Friday of each month. Men, plan to attend! Bob Culbertson’s cooking crew is in charge of this one! Can’t attend on this date? Mark your calendar for February 10 when Ron Bruce’s cooking crew will take over the kitchen! CHURCH COU�CIL MET DEC. 18 The church council was called to order by Chairperson Johnny Freeman following the Annual Church Conference at approximately 8:30 PM. Those present were Steve Wideman, Luella Masters, Terry Bussard, Kay Scott, Larry Hauth, Johnny Freeman, Pastor Pat and Judy Stukey. Jane Hartley was guest at the meeting. Johnny discussed the Christmas Special Offering dedication. He has had several members suggest we give the offering to the Coffey County Resource Council to help support their emergency funding. Steve Wideman moved we give the special offering to the Coffey County Resource Council. Terry Bussard seconded and the motion carried. Johnny clarified to the council that the just approved transfer of Fitch memorial funds to the Foundation would be done as the Certificate of Deposits came due rather than be penalized for cashing them in early. A discussion was held on how to establish the finance committee. Johnny asked everyone to pray on it and together we can come up with a workable solution. This will be worked on by the new council after the first of year. Kay Scott briefly discussed the custodial position being put under the SPR committee. She also discussed our conflict resolution procedures. Larry Hauth informed the group that the nurture portion of the NOW committee were in the planning stages of using the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University and sponsoring financial counselor sessions. This would be open to members of our church and other area churches and the public. Johnny thanked those present for their work during this past year is getting the new form of our church government up and running. Even though we are not completely there, we have come a long way. Being no further business to come before the group, Johnny closed the meeting with prayer. Snacks Minutes respectfully submitted by Judith Stukey, Council Secretary. FAMILY GAME �IGHT fellowship Saturday, January 28 6:30-8:30 pm at the church Come and learn a new game or play an old family favorite! Bring a snack and a game to share. Drinks and childcare will be provided. Fun! All Ages Invited!

A��UAL CHARGE CO�FERE�CE MET DEC. 18 The annual church conference was called to order with prayer by Five Rivers District Superintendent Rev. Dennis Ackerman. An attendance sheet was passed around for those present to sign. Council secretary Judy Stukey is the recording secretary for this meeting. Rev. Ackerman reviewed the 2012 Clergy Support Worksheet showing the Pastor’s salary and other compensation. The amount set aside from the base salary for housing exclusion was $7,700. The total Pastoral Package was $74,932. The report was voted on and carried unanimously. Pastor Pat Buss presented the report of the nominating committee for the committees and officers for 2012. A copy of that report is attached to these minutes. A discussion was held on the council positions. Pastor Pat made the recommendation to add to the report Council Chairperson as Johnny Freeman and Vice Chairperson as Bob Culbertson. Bill Scott seconded the recommendation. The motion carried unanimously. More discussion was held on the makeup of the Finance Committee. It appeared the committee would be made up of mostly the church council members. Johnny Freeman moved the Finance Committee portion of this report be remanded to the Church Council to establish a Finance Committee. The council’s finance committee will be brought back to a church conference for approval within three months. Robert Hyde seconded the motion and it carried. With the afore mentioned addition and deletion to the nominating committee report, the report was then voted on and approved unanimously. The Report of Pastor was given. There was one baptism, one new member and one member transferred from another Methodist Church. Six members transferred to other Methodist churches, four members transferred to other non-Methodist churches and ten members died this year bringing our membership to 493. A moment of silent prayer and a pastoral prayer was given by Rev. Ackerman in memory of the deceased members. The report was then approved as presented. The Financial, Trustee, and Foundation’s financial reports were all accepted as printed. The budget for 2012 was presented in the amount of $202,697. It was noted the custodial cleaning contract was removed from the Trustee’s portion and became a part of the Personnel Support portion. Following some discussion, John Evans made a motion to authorize the Church Council to use up to $7,800 from the Fitch memorial funds to pay custodial services if general funds were not enough to cover them. Richard Croll seconded. The motion carried with fourteen “yes” votes and eight “no” votes. Kay Scott then made the motion to approve the budget as presented for 2012 in the amount of $202,697. John Evans seconded and the motion carried. (There were two ‘NO’ votes.) Johnny Freeman reported that the Church Council is recommending to the church body to transfer $150,000 of the remaining Fitch Memorial funds to the Burlington United Methodist Church Foundation as some of the certificate of deposits mature. After a lot of discussion and explanations, Judy Stukey asked for the question to be called. The group approved the call of the question. The vote taken by show of hands was YES, 20 votes and NO, 3 votes. Motion carried. There being no more business to come before the church conference, Pastor Pat Buss closed with prayer at 8:30 PM. Minutes respectfully submitted by Judith Stukey, Recording Secretary. MATCH YOUR I�TEREST WITH A� AREA I� MI�ISTRY! There are three open committees where you can find opportunities to use your talent, learn more about service, and share ideas. Please consider joining one of these teams! Call the church office! �URTURE MI�ISTRY meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7 pm. They focus on education and nurture/membership care issues. Chair is Jane Griffith. OUTREACH MI�ISTRY meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7 pm. They focus on fellowship and mission ministries. Chairs are Dawn Freeman and Susan Croll. WIT�ESS MI�ISTRY meets the third Wednesday of each month at 7 pm. They focus on worship and communication issues. Chair is Bob Culbertson. Page 9

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