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Tke Gospel in Medical Practice

Tke Gospel in Medical Practice

future. Many of our

future. Many of our former patients have found out that we are here, and are coming to our apartment for treat­ ment. The other day a young man asked me, "Dr. Sahib, how soon can you operate again? There are many patients waiting for you to open your hospital." Just today I saw a patient that needed major surgery. Many others are waiting for the opening of our hospital. We all know that medical work is the right arm of the message. Plans are being made to re-establish it in many parts of Burma. Our main objective is to have a large hospital in Rangoon and several smaller units in smaller cities, including a motorboat and a mobile unit to reach those in the delta and hill countries. The people of Burma are grateful for the relief that has been brought to them by their friends in America. They have become very susceptible to the truth. We be­ lieve that the medical work will be the means of opening the way for the spreading of the truth throughout the cities and villages of this war-torn country. Reconstruction is going to be very difficult and costly. But we have confidence in the home folk and know they will not fail us in our great need. A Rallying Center for Michigan Youth By E. W. Dunbar THE little Hazelton, Michigan, church was the scene of a great meeting October 4 and 5. Twenty-two members were made glad by the presence of some four hundred fellow believers, who came from all central Michigan to take part in an inspirational dedicatory service. The Hazelton church, erected in 1879, was the church home of Luther Warren and Harry Fenner. These two young men, under the inspiration of God', were constrained to call a prayer meeting of other young men to be held in the field near the church. From this meeting developed a great interest in the young people of the Hazelton church, and a young people's society was organized. As far as we know, this is the first Seventh-day Adventist young people's society organized in North America. This work has developed and grown and expanded until today there are in the world 6,604 Senior and Junior Missionary Volunteer Societies. Luther Warren became an untiring youth worker and was ordained as a gospel minister. Harry Fenner remained "aFHazelton, but was known far and wide as an earnest, personal worker. The church at Hazelton erected a 'memorial to the spirit of Seventh-day Ad- -ventist- youth;—and" in churchyard is a beautiful stone monument with the inscription as seen in the accompanying picture. * Missionary Volunteer Secretary John C. Miklos is definitely planning to make this church a rallying point for 18 Missionary Volunteer officers for years to come. To this church the present-day leaders of the young people will make annual trips for a day of prayer, council, and rededication to the spirit of the pioneers. A Call From the Islands of the Pacific Tyv is ; Ja By V. T. Armstrong TWENTY years ago William Gibbon, living on the island of Palau in what was then a part of the Japanese-mandated territory, was searching for Seventh-day Adventists. Following the suggestion of a captain on a Japan'ese boat, he sent a letter addressed "Armstrong Tokyo."' The letter came to our union office in Tokyo. In 1930 Pastor S. Miyake visited the island, and Brother Gibbon, a native of the island, was baptized. The interest continued to.grow, and in 1932, accompanied by S. Ogura, I visited Palau, also Saipan, Tinian, and Yap. A series of meetings in the village of Korror on the island of Palau was successful and twenty were -baptized. For several years following these visits calls continued to come, not only from Palau, but from other islands in the Caroline group. Repeatedly the committee in Japan endeavored to answer these calls, but missionaries were not granted permits to go. However, before the doors were entirely closed, J. O. Bautista, from the Philippine Islands, supported by the Missionary Volunteers of that union, settled on the island of Palau. Later two Japanese joined the work there, but government restrictions made it impossible for them to visit adjoining island groups, and the work was greatly retarded. Just prior to the war Elder Bautista and his family returned to the Philippine Islands. During the war one of our Japanese workers was killed and the other imprisoned. One of the fierce battles of the Pacific was fought in the Palau group. It was cause for great rejoicing when word finally reached us that our believers were Memorial Erected in Front of Hazleton, Michigan, Church. Left to Right: R. K. Krick, Pastor of the Flint and Hazleton Churches; D. W. Hunter, M.V. Secretary of Lake Union: E. W. Dunbar. •\r\T c___*___ _r f- — __1 /-

alive and faithful. With this word, came a call for help. During the war, when Guam was retaken by the Amer­ ican forces, Seventh-day Adventist servicemen formed acquaintance with some of the people of the island. As a result of studies and meetings a group began keeping the Sabbath. Later nine were baptized when A. N. Nelson and F. R. Millard, then in Government service, stopped there on their way to Japan. In answer to the call from Guam and also Palau, the Far Eastern Division, in August of this year, requested the Philippine Union to release ]. O. Bautista for four months to visit the interests of the work in these islands. A letter just received from him tells of the interest he found on the island of Guam. The first Sabbath there were twenty-two present. The attendance is growing. According to the latest report, forty-eight are attending Sabbath school. They are meeting considerable opposition. A meeting­ house is greatly needed. Elder Bautista must return to the Philippines to resume his work as mission superin­ tendent in a short time. The needs not only in Guam but throughout* these island groups demand workers. Elder Bautista is pla'nning to visit the company on Palau soon. Before the war the people on these islands with the exception of Guam spoke their own dialect and some of the younger people spoke some Japanese. Now many of the young people of the islands have been taken to Guam, where they are receiving training from the American forces. Many of them now speak English. Brother Bau­ tista met Katy Gibbon, granddaughter of William Gib­ bon, who wrote the letter for help in 1927. This girl now speaks English, and she, with many others, will be a help in the future work. Here is a field that has been calling for the message for twenty years. The doors were closed, but God has today thrown them open. This is our opportunity. The Far Eastern Division committee must arrange for help soon _for this waiting field. We rejoice to know the doors are open. We thank God that this message has won stanch converts in Guam and Palau. We pray that the call for help may be answered soon. Remember the islands of the Pacific in your prayers. Arburthnot for leader, Sister Lucy Burgess, superintend­ ent of the Sabbath school and treasurer; Sister Florence Pollings, secretary-clerk. Other officers were to be ap­ pointed later. Riverside Emmanuel will still be the mother church until the time when Elsinore becomes a full-fledged church. "Out of the Cities" Elsinore, California, Company By Carlyle B. Haynes THE messenger of God has made it plain that the Lord has revealed that those who tarry in the cities, delaying to obey the repeated calls to leave them, will be confronted shortly with conditions which will prevent departure, or make it extremely difficult. Already this very predicament has occurred to many believers in Europe. This was disclosed in a recent article J An these columns by L. H. Christian, who wrote: "For many years the Spirit of prophecy messages had instructed our people to leave the large cities, and had warned against the danger of remaining in these centers of business, pleasure, and sin. Here and there our believers heeded this instruction, but the majority remained in the cities. Our work in Europe, however, was almost wholly confined to the factory towns and other centers. We had almost no churches in the country. "When the war began and one great city after another was bombed, our people found themselves in great perplexity. In some instances they tried to flee by night, and indeed many tried their best to get into the country, but nearly all of them had to return. They could find no houses in the country, the farmers would not sell them food, and because of other conditions most of them went back to the towns again. In one instance where some had ridiculed the divine instruction to leave the cities, fifty of bur people perished in one dreadful bombing. "In those parts of Europe today where starvation and tuberculosis and other causes are "mowing down people by the thousands, we find that those who are out in the country are better off by far. They can at least get a little to eat, and the lack of fuel, which is so terrible in the cities, can better be overcome in the country. Surely there is an object lesson in this experience that Adventists in America and other countries should take to heart." Significant indeed is this testimony regarding the experience of our European brethren. It makes doubly important the matter of heeding the counsel which has come By Florence Fellings from the Lord: " 'Out of the cities; out of the cities!'—this is the message THE Riverside, California, Emmanuel Branch Sab­ the Lord has been giving me. The earthquakes will come; the bath school was organized in the home of Sister Lucy floods will come; and we are not to establish ourselves in the Burgess, May 30, 1942, with a membership of seven wicked cities, where the enemy is served in every way, and adults and ten children.-During the past five years our where God is so often forgotten. The Lord desires that we shall have clear spiritual eyesight."—Country Living, p. 32. membership has risen and fallen, owing to the fact that "As God's commandment-keeping people, we must leave the Elsinore is a health resort; tourists are constantly com­ cities."—Ibid. ing and going. Nevertheless, the lives of many have been touched by attending our Sabbath school. Three persons We are admonished to use "wise generalship," to have been baptized. Over $5,000 in tithes and offerings "spread every plan before the Lord," to employ "every has been turned into the conference. The membership jot of ability," to do "calm, deep thinking," to exercise now stands at thirty-four. Some of these still have their sound judgment and seek wise counsel, but above all to membership in Los Angeles; others are waiting until a act, to decide, to move. church is organized before moving theirs. "We cannot have a weak :faith now; we cannot be safe in a The conference brethren deemed it wise to organize listless, indolent, slothful attitude. . . . The sure promise is, the branch Sabbath school into a church company. So He will direct thy paths. He is infinite in resources."—Ibid., p. 28. on Sabbath, October 4, 1947, Owen A. Troy, secretary of the colored department of the Pacific Union Conference, "Get out of the large cities as fast as possible."—Ibid., p. 12. J. E. Johnson, district leader of the Southeastern Califor­ If God has called you out of the city, be assured He has nia Conference, and William Galbreth, pastor of the not done it to get you into difficulty but to get you out Emmanuel church in Riverside, met with us for the purpose of organizing the company. There were twentyof it. "O that thou hadst harkened to My commandments! one present. After an inspiring sermon by Elder Troy, Then had thy peace been as a river, and thy righteousness Elder Johnson presented the names of Brother C. C. as the waves of the sea." Isa. 48:18. DEC EMBER 18, 1947 " 19

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