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Tke Gospel in Medical Practice

Tke Gospel in Medical Practice

A Missionary Family

A Missionary Family By'B. M. Heald DURING my first week at the Andrews Memorial Hospital I found a Jamaican family by the name of Parchment. These parents have seven children, all of whom are employed in this cause. All have been trained at the West Indian Training College, Mandeville, Jamaica. Though poor in this world's goods, Brother and Sister Parchment have trained their children from babyhood to be workers together with Him. There are four daughters and three sons. One daughter is married to the president of the West Jamaican Mission, and they have a daughter who is a nurse in training at the Andrews Memorial Hospital, Kingston, and a son is a student at Emmanuel Missionary College. The second daughter is wife of the publishing department secretary of the union. The third daughter is wife of the missionary on the Turks Island. The fourth daughter, Edna, is treasurer of the Andrews Memorial Hospital, Kingston. One son is manager of the Book and Bible House of the British West Indies Union. Another son is a third-year medical student in the College of Medical Evangelists. Still another son is Missionary Volunteer and home missionary secretary of the West Jamaica Mission. He is a graduate from Emmanuel Missionary College. Brother and Sister Parchment have lived to see all seven of their children engaged in the Lord's work. We have met many like families in Jamaica whose children are being educated in our colleges in the United States. All are preparing for a place in the cause. May God stir the hearts of Adventist parents everywhere to thus train their children for the work of God! WISE teachers—men and women who are apt in teach­ ing the truths of the Word—are needed in our cities. Let those present {he truth in all its sacred dignity, and with sanctified simplicity.—REVIEW AND HERALD, Jan. 25, 1912. From Our Special Correspondents Southern Asia Division • THE first Sabbath in October, 1947, was the birthday of a new church at Maymyo, Burma. On that day 10 new believers were baptized, and they, together with 9 others who had been members of churches that had been scattered or disbanded be­ cause of the war, were organizd as the Maymyo Seventh-day Adventist church. The evangelistic effort that led to this re­ sult was conducted by our new missionaries, F. R. Scott, P. A. Parker, with language study. • ON Sabbath, October 11, 10 members were added to the church as Naungkarine, Burma, ,,.by baptism. • THE first Burma Union general meeting since the close of the war was held at Myaungmya, October 22 to November --2T-Th^-atrendaircerintludhigTie^^^ workers in the union and lay members from the delta villages, was somewhat more than 200. All present felt very much gratified that it has again become possible to hold such a gath­ ering in Burma, even though but little has been done to repair damage done by the war, and communications are still in a poor state. At this meeting the Southern Asia Division was represented by A. F. Tarr, E. D. Thomas, and E. M. Meleen. 20 > From Our Special Correspondents Canadian Union • A NEW church was recently organized at Winfield, Alberta,, and work on a new church building there is progressing very rapidly. • THE installation of the new radio transmitter in St.. Johns,. Newfoundland, has been completed and operations began on October 19. This station is much stronger and capable of more efficient service than the former one. • REGIONAL meetings were held in St. Johns, Newfoundland, October 3-12, and were a source of great blessing to all who attended. W. E. Read, of the General Conference, was the special speaker. • A BEAUTIFUL new church has been erected at Penticton,. British Columbia, and will be dedicated to the Lord in the near future. Central Union • THE formal completion of the new music hall on the Union College campus was celebrated Monday evening, November 10. The regular monthly meeting of the Lincoln, Nebraska, chapter of the American Guild of Organists was held in con­ junction with the open house. • RECENTLY a city-wide, house-to-house clothing drive was conducted in Lincoln, Nebraska, by the city's two churches and Union College, under the supervision of E. E. Hagen, home missionary secretary of the Nebraska Conference. More than 13,000 g'arments were received and have been packed for shipment. Elder Hagen reports that a large van will be re­ quired to transport this shipment to New York. • A NEW Dorcas federation was organized at Jefferson City, Missouri, on October 30. Five societies—Jefferson City, Co­ lumbia, Sunnydale, Sedalia, and Owensville—joined in form­ ing this new federation. • A NEW Sabbath school was organized at Nelson, Nebraska, recently as the result of the combined work of a colporteur ' and a lay member. This school now reports a membership of 28, many of whom are not yet baptized church members, but who show great interest in the truth. Meetings are being held in the city hall, but the members are looking forward to hav­ ing a church of their own in the near future. Columbia Union • THE Columbia Union Conference had a good response to the appeal for the Voice of Prophecy. Almost $10,000 was' re­ ported. • THE beautiful new church at Toledo, Ohio, is now com­ pleted and stands^? a memorial to the third angel's message in that city. • THE Allegheny Conference has moved into their new office building in Pine Forge, Pennsylvania. The building shows the result of careful planning and is adapted especially to our conference^ and Book andJ8ible_Hpuse_jvork.______...____ • OCTOBER 12 marked the opening of an effort by R. F. Far- ley in our church at Lima, Ohio. He reports a good attendance of non-Adventists. • C. L. DUFFIELD reports good progress after a fifteen-week effort in the city,of Easton, Pennsylvania. Twenty-eight have already been baptized and a goodly number are now in the baptismal class looking forward to uniting with the church. REVIEW AND HERALD

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