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Tke Gospel in Medical Practice

Tke Gospel in Medical Practice

Pocket"Companion Series

Pocket"Companion Series " . Sire 3% YOUR '

Lake Union • THE Missionary Volunteer Society of the Sharon church » at Inkster, Michigan, sponsored a youth's rally, November 7 and 8. C. A. Higgs, Jr., of the Lake Region Conference, reports an attendance of over 300. • A. ORVILLE DUNN, field representative of Emmanuel Mis­ sionary College, led out in the Week of Prayer services at Indiana Academy, October 24 to November 1. His central theme for the week was "Christ for Me." As a result of this season of prayer and refreshing, 13 young people proclaimed a new-found faith in God at the baptismal service Sabbath afternoon, November 1. • ON the eleventh Sunday night of the Detroit evangelistic campaign conducted by J. L. Shuler and his associate work­ ers, 1,700 people crowded into a 1,600 capacity hall to hear the mark of the beast explained. The offering for this night was f775.21, and 300 people came forward on an altar call to sig­ nify that they had begun to keep the Sabbath since the cam­ paign opened, or had purposed to begin its observance. Northern Union • ACCORDING to information received from H. R. Kuehne, the South Dakota Conference home missionary secretary, the students of Plainview Academy have begun a series of public meetings at Redfield, pursuant to their plan for systematic literature distribution. At the first meeting more than 200 non-Adventists were present. This corresponds favorably with reports from other groups of lay members who are conducting evangelistic efforts in the Northern Union Conference. • A NUMBER of classes in Training Light Bearers have been organized in order to better equip our missionary-minded laymen for public evangelism, either in homes or halls as op­ portunities for their service may develop. • THE St. Paul, Minnesota, Missionary Volunteer Society has launched a share-your-faith literature campaign. With Carol Magnuson leading out, each Friday evening before and after the Missionary Volunteer meeting the young people gather in the pastor's study to address envelopes and fold literature for mailing. They are trusting that seeds of truth will in this way be sown and result in many persons being led to accept Christ. North Pacific Union • ONE hundred and thirty-five lay preachers met, October 31 to November 2, at Gladstone Park, Oregon, to study methods and means of more effectively carrying on their work. The group set as their goal the gathering and reclaiming of 900 souls for the kingdom. Leading out in giving counsel and in­ struction were H. F. Brown, C. S. Joyce, C. A. Scriven, and D. N. Reiner. • A. J. REISIG conducted the fall Week of Prayer at Laurel- wood Academy, Gaston, Oregon, and on the closing Sabbath, November 15, 18 young men and women were baptized by E. W. Rogers, pastor of the Laurelwood church. Nineteen more are studying for baptism soon. • TITHE received from the isolated members of the Montana Conference amounted to $3,414.90'for the month of October, according to Andrew Roedel, the conference treasurer. To date the tithe from them for ten months totals $15,671.92, and in mission funds the total is $3,038.70. "Surely such faithful­ ness in heavenly stewardship is a modern and perpetual mir­ acle!" states Brother Roedel. Pacific Uniqn. • OVER 50 students of La Sierra College are banded in litera­ ture and personal workers' groups to visit the homes in the La Sierra vicinity. They have found many interested families. Bible studies are being given, literature distributed, and the sunshine band follows up to bring cheer to shut-ins. DECEMBER 18, 1947 • MASTER Comrades and Master Comrade candidates of the northern half of the Southeastern California Conference, 189 strong, met for a banquet and educational program on No­ vember 6 at Loma Linda. • DEDICATION and open house featured the program of the Loma Linda Academy on the evening of November 2. The new building, replacing the one destroyed by fire last spring, is now in use. • E. E. DUNCAN and D. E. Duncan, with the assistance of L. E. Folkenberg, Miss Pauline Messersmith, and Mrs. Bessie Ross, have conducted a series of meetings in Pasadena since September 14. Sixteen have been baptized as a direct result of the meetings.,Good crowds continue to attend and the meetings will be held three nights a week for some time. • CHURCH members in the area around Ventura have worked for two years preparing for an evangelistic effort. Every home has been visited at least five times with our truth-filled litera­ ture. An evangelistic effort opened November 16, conducted by E. R. Priebe and Richard Barren. A capacity audience lis­ tened with great interest, and good results are anticipated. Southwestern Union • THE share-your-faith evangelistic drive is booming in Texas! K. D. Johnson, of the Missionary Volunteer department of the Texas Conference, has aroused an interest among the young people of this conference to hold institutes in their churches to learn to give house-to-house Bible studies. The young people have rallied to the call, and already the Dallas, Texas, young people are launching the biggest evangelistic drive ever held in that city. Great results will come of this cam­ paign. Now Elder Johnson is holding another share-your-faith Bible-study demonstration in the Fort Worth, Texas, church for the young people., • HAROLD WILLIAMS of the Texico Conference, is holding an effort in Big Springs, Texas. He reports that Sunday night, November 16, they had a trial by jury. The Lord blessed in that there was a unanimous vote in favor of the evidence sub­ mitted. There is a good interest, and we hope that we may have many souls as the result of work in this place. •»»»->» GENERAL CHURCH PAPER OF THE SEVENTH.DAY ADVENTISTS ««c«c* EDITOR - - - - - -.- - - FRANCIS D. NIOHOL ASSOCIATE EDITORS FREDERICK LEE J. L. MC£LHANY W. A. SPICER F. M. WILCOX ASSISTANT EDITOR: D. A. DELAFIELD SPECIAL CONTRIBUTORS G. H. WATSON, E. D. DICK, W. E. NELSON, L. K. DICKSON, J. J. NETHERY, W. B. OCHS, A. V. OLSON, PRESIDENTS OF ALL DIVISIONS SPOT NEWS SPECIAL CORRESPONDENTS GENERAL CONFERENCE: ROGER ALTMAN; OVERSEAS: AUSTRALASIA: REUBEN E. HARE; CHINA: N. F. BREWER;' FAR EASTERN: C. P. SORENSEN; NORTHERN EU­ ROPE: A. KARLMAN; INTER-AMERICA: Miss EFFIE A. JAMES; SOUTH AMERICA: SANTIAGO SCHMIDT; SOUTHERN AFRICA: F. G. CLIFFORD; SOUTHERN ASIA: E. M. MELEEN; SOUTHERN EUROPE: MARIUS FRIDLIN; MIDDLE EAST UNION: G. ARTHUR KEOUGH NORTH AMERICAN UNIONS. ATLANTIC: Mi%s MABEL BARTLETT; CANADIAN: Miss ETHEL R. HOWARD; CENTRAL: Miss MARTHA HELEN HUFFINES; COLUMBIA: WARREN ADAMS; LAKE: MRS. MILDRED WADE; NORTHERN: A. R. SMOUSE; NORTH PACIFIC: MRS. IONE MORGAN; PACIFIC: Miss OPAL STONE; SOUTHERN: Miss MILDRED JOHNSON; SOUTHWESTERN: J. C. KOZEL EDITORIAL SECRETARY -"-... PROMISE KLOSS SHERMAN CIRCULATION MANAGER - - - - - - C. E. PALMER All communications relating to the Editorial Department and all manuscripts submitted for publication should be addressed to Editor, Review and Herald, Takoma Park, Washington 12, D.C. Countries Where Extra United States Canada Postage Is Required One Year ... ........ $3.75 $3.90 $4.25 Six Months ....... 2.10 2.25 2.35 Make all post office money orders payable at the Washington, D.C., post office (not Takoma Park). Address all business communications and make all drafts and express money orders payable to REVIEW AND HERALD, Takoma Park, Washington 12, D.C. In changing address, do not fail to give both the old and new addresses. 23

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