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Download Presspack [Bio, Discography, Top 10...] - Elektrotribe

Download Presspack [Bio, Discography, Top 10...] - Elektrotribe

"Amazone", "069 Techno

"Amazone", "069 Techno ", "Kontrol Records" …His eclectic influences have helped him develop his own style with a very personal sound, which allows him to be a leader in the techno forefront. With his new Live coming, he is taking us into his techno music universe... Releases: N.O (Original mix) - V.A Fireworks vol 4 - Italo Business Endless Summer EP -Tracer Records Behind the Wall EP - Alinéa Records Race Krispies (Original mix) _ V.A From the box 09 - Aenaria Recordings Snow White EP - TMR Tromba EP incl Andres Gil, Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl, Arthur Labér rmx - TMR Boshmain _ Maxitronica (Pascal Roeder rmx) - TMR Bitches _ Leke Da Loco (Pascal Roeder rmx) - Polished Audio Final Crash EP incl Dima Gafner, Denied, Skymate, Daymon rmx - TMR Patchwork EP - Vertikal Records Kukabolika EP incl Alexander Fog, Andres Gil, Denied, Ego Valente, Maxitronica rmx - TMR Kom from school_ Bloodie (Pascal Roeder rmx 01) - Xportmusic Kom from school_ Bloodie (Pascal Roeder rmx 02) - Xportmusic Waiting for the rain (Original mix)_ Skull Invaders 1.0 - Underscore Recordings Euphoria _ Cust (Pascal Roeder rmx) - Pulp Records (FREE DOWNLOAD) Taxes Countries EP - Globox Recordings Ich Bin EP - Capsula Recordings Polémik EP incl Pedro Bucarelli rmx - KlangKultur Schallplatten The guy from Cerdanyola_ Wavesonik (Pascal Roeder rmx) - Elektro System records Diep Blauw_ Con clase cubana (Pascal Roeder rmx) - Trebol Records The Graal (Original mix) - Xportmusic Jules & Moss_ Fat uncle (Pascal Roeder rmx) - Elektrotribe Records Mandala_ Bibendum Circus (Pascal Roeder rmx) - Division Virtuel Gabryel Casse_ Sideeq (Pascal Roeder remix) - Refluxed Records Acid Soda & Pascal Roeder_ Lexomil (Original mix) - Amazone Records Tanzwiese_ V.A Volume Three - Budenzauber Sync Therapy_ Apple Juice (Pascal Roeder rmx) - Yuko Record Illuminati EP incl Leghau, Osh, Acid Soda, Wavesonik rmx - Xportmusic Pepe Arcade_ Looptres (Pascal Roeder remix) - LCR Records Krypton EP - 069techno Buried EP - Kontrol Records VA - One Year Of Kontrol Records VA - Kick Ass 2 – Xportmusic Narcostouf EP incl Tomo Hachiga and Raszia remixes - LCR Records She said EP incl Liss Casaro and Nicolas Bacher rmx - NB Records Part of me EP - Turning Wheel Records You Know Me EP - Kontrol Records Vinc Astorino_ Fresh Spring Scent (Pascal Roeder Roeder remix) - Kontrol Records Pascal Roeder & Jonathann Cast_ Analog EP - Turning Wheel Records Management : Live : Elektrotribe (Berlin) : Kienitzer Strasse 112, 12049 Berlin / Tel : +49 151 18766403

Tomo Hachiga_ Tram (Pascal Roeder remix) - Black Pearl Music Soon: Stéphane Signore_ Murder (Pascal Roeder remix) - Définition Records Tomo Hachiga_ Siva (Pascal Roeder remix) - LCR Records Mowree_ The Drone (Pascal Roeder remix) - EP Digital Music Proxy EP - Globox Pascal Roeder_ Good Time (Original mix) - LCR Records Pascal Roeder_ My Hands (Original mix) - Turning Wheel Records Marc Henry_ Neurotronik (Pascal Roeder remix) - Global Music Group Timakz_ Feedback (Pascal Roeder remix) - Death proof Recording Dolby D_ Dynamite Banzaî (Pascal Roeder remix) - That's Hot Rec Links: Booking: Worldwide: Elektrotribe ltd. skype: elektrotribe phone: +49 15118766403 Management : Live : Elektrotribe (Berlin) : Kienitzer Strasse 112, 12049 Berlin / Tel : +49 151 18766403

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