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leD StrIPe - Frizen AS

leD StrIPe - Frizen AS

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ooM eFFeCt leD array The LED product range is sorted according to the luminaire type and installation type. In the contents, the luminaires are assigned to categories according to their classification and given a clear and descriptive icon. These icons are then repeated on the product pages. Additionally, the focus of the LED product range is on the lighting technology. The luminaires are divided up into array and stripe versions. Narrow beaM > Narrow beam luminaire with halfpeak divergence between 12° and 24° > Accentuated lighting of the floor CoNCeNtrateD beaM > Concentrated beam luminaire with half-peak divergence up to 30° > Concentrated, uniform lighting of the floor A different light distribution (and thus a different lighting effect) can be achieved through the selection of the cover screen and combination of optional accessories, such as prism screens, Fresnel lenses and functional optics. For better orientation, stylised icons for the possible light distribution curves are found on the luminaire product pages. These icons are visibly supported by simplified mock-up rooms, which show the lighting effects of the luminaires at a range of heights. aSyMMetrIC beaM > Luminaire with asymmetric beam > uniform lighting of the wall surface 12 NORKA LED Product Range 2012_2

The rooms shown here give an overview of the lighting effects for a range of luminaires. An overview of LIDCs can be found on pages 86 and 87. wIDe beaM > Wide beam luminaire with halfpeak divergence between 30° and 45° > Wide, uniform lighting of the floor eXtreMe wIDe beaM > Extremely wide-beam luminaire with half-peak divergence > 45° > Extremely wide, uniform lighting of the floor MeDIUM beaM > Medium beam luminaire with halfpeak divergence > 30° > uniform lighting of the room 13

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