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leD StrIPe - Frizen AS

leD StrIPe - Frizen AS

ooM eFFeCt

ooM eFFeCt leD StrIPe Narrow beaM > Narrow beam luminaire with halfpeak divergence between 12° and 24° > Accentuated lighting of the floor CoNCeNtrateD beaM > Concentrated beam luminaire with half-peak divergence up to 30° > Concentrated, uniform lighting of the floor Narrow beaM wItH aSyMMetrIC beaM aNgle > Luminaire with asymmetric beam > uniform lighting of the wall surface 14 NORKA LED Product Range 2012_2

The rooms shown here give an overview of the lighting effects for a range of luminaires. An overview of LIDCs can be found on pages 88 and 89. wIDe beaM > Wide beam luminaire with halfpeak divergence between 30° and 45° > Wide, uniform lighting of the floor eXtreMe wIDe beaM > Extremely wide-beam luminaire with half-peak divergence > 45° > Extremely wide, uniform lighting of the floor MeDIUM beaM > Medium beam luminaire with halfpeak divergence > 30° > uniform lighting of the room 15

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