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leD StrIPe - Frizen AS

leD StrIPe - Frizen AS

16 NORKA LED Product

16 NORKA LED Product Range 2012_2

MetIS 110° METIS combines the general advantages of LEDs with the NORKA requirements for a long service life and sophisticated lighting technology. The luminaire lengths and achieved lumen values correspond to similar luminaires with T8 lamps (36 W/58 W). Reflector tubes are ideal for use in lighting systems where a long service life is required (due to complex maintenance verSIoNS: > One-to-one replacement of luminaires with T8 lamps > Lighting technology can be swivelled up to 110° > Additional glare reduction through variety of different prism screens > Instant light at reignition > Row mounting possible > LuCON ® luminaire connection system optionally available > Company IFS certifiable work) or where instant light is necessary (in the event of faults). With their 110° swivel radius, the reflector also prevents cost-intensive maintenance during the planning phase, as the luminaires can be positioned in easily adjustable positions. 17

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