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leD StrIPe - Frizen AS

leD StrIPe - Frizen AS

trUNkINg SySteM 285 285

trUNkINg SySteM 285 285 H max. 4m version H weight article no. Aluminium trunking system, by metre 40 mm 4.0 kg/m 610 100 Blind cover, aluminium, 70 mm high, with fixation, by cutting max. 2 m 70 mm 5.3 kg/m 611 114 areaS oF aPPlICatIoN Trunking system with a module width of 285 mm. Mounting accessories for TALON and TALON LINEAR luminaires. Can be used in railway stations, subways, pedestrian tunnels, passages, swimming pools, transport areas and under canopies. HoUSINg Anodised silver extruded aluminium profile in customisable lengths with four subdivided cable ducts. Cables and wires are fixed using the four enclosed cable holders in the installation grooves, depending on the standard length. MoUNtINg Row mounting. Ceiling fixation via rearward fixation points, distances depending on the mounting situation. Wire suspension possible. 42 NORKA LED Product Range 2012_2

trUNkINg SySteM 285 aCCeSSorIeS version weight article no. Additional cable bracket 610 105 End cap 610 101 Cover plate, aluminium 2 mm, by metre 1.5 kg/m 610 102 Empty loudspeaker housing with aluminium shutter, 300 x 285 x 70 mm, perforated 3.9 kg/m 611 115 Threaded eyebolt, M8 x 30, galvanised steel, for on-site wire suspension 200 458 Cover plate in aluminium, 2 mm Article no. 610 102 Blind cover, 70 mm Article no. 611 114 Empty housing for speaker installation, with perforated aluminium cover Article no. 611 115 Fixation system for blind cover 43

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