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leD StrIPe - Frizen AS

leD StrIPe - Frizen AS

XeNa ® — eXteNDeD

XeNa ® — eXteNDeD eNCaPSUlateD aSPHerIC XeNa ® lIgHtINg teCHNology — loNg ServICe lIFe tHaNkS to oPtIMal ProteCtIoN 01. LIGHT SOURCE 02. LIGHT CONTROL 03. GLARE REDUCTION 04. COVER SCREEN reliably enclosed lighting technology inside the housing High protection rating – high planning flexibility > Individual lighting solutions with luminaires at high protection ratings > Modular lighting technology with differentiated light distribution curves > Changeable functional optics and prism screens > Spot illumination and flat illumination > White LED in three colour temperatures 4 NORKA LED Product Range 2012_2

XENA ® lighting technology results from the systematic development of NORKA protection tube reflector technology. XENA ® lighting technology is intelligently directed light combined with reliable protection of the optical system from dirt and moisture. The enclosed system is comprised of an LED light source and active optic components. All relevant components are enclosed in a waterproof and dustproof luminaire housing. The luminaire corresponds to protection rating IP65. HoUSINg The LED product range is comprised of three housing types: — Polymer luminaires with aluminium reflector tubes — Aluminium profile luminaires — Luminaires with cast aluminium housing NORKA uses only high-quality LED arrays and LED stripes with high levels of efficiency and a long service life. 01. lIgHt SoUrCe leD array LED arrays offer high luminous power over a small area. White arrays are available in colour temperatures 3000 K (warm white), 4000 K (neutral white) and 5600 K (cold white). leD StrIPe LED stripes are high-power LEDs arranged in a line on a board. Luminaires with LED stripes are available in different lengths and in single-row and dualrow versions. Stripes with white arrays are available in colour temperatures 3300 K (warm white), 4000 K* (neutral white) and 5400 K (cold white). * Only on 24 V LED stripes 02. lIgHt CoNtrol FUNCtIoNal oPtICS Different light distribution can be realised by using specially developed functional optics. The optics are made from a special lens material. They are installed directly above the LED array with a bayonet locking mechanism and can be changed without tools. Thanks to the newly designed functional optics, the aperture angle of the light beam on an LED array can be reduced from almost 180° to 50°, for example. FreSNel leNSeS NORKA luminaires with LED stripes can be additionally fitted with Fresnel lenses in order to change the LED beam angle from 120°. Fresnel lenses are available with a 60°, 30° or 12° beam angle. An asymmetric Fresnel lens (wallwasher) is available for the uniform lighting of vertical surfaces (e.g. adverts or walls). Fresnel lenses are pre-assembled at the factory. 03. glare reDUCtIoN PrISM SCreeNS Additional prism screens enable special glare reduction: CDP prism screen: Glare reduction in all C-planes, for all types of LED. lDP prism screen: Glare reduction in the C90-C270 plane. aDP prism screen: Results in asymmetric glare reduction on the luminaire in the C180 half-plane (asymmetric beam). Prism screens are pre-assembled in the factory and can be changed on-site. 04. Cover SCreeNS The look of the luminaire and the lighting effect can both be changed by selecting the appropriate cover screen. Cover screens are available in PMMA and PC (fracture-proof). PMMA Transopal ® results in a homogeneous light density on the light outlet surface whilst maintaining a high level of efficiency. Cover screens made from PMMA or PC (fracture-proof) are available with flat white printing. 5

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