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leD StrIPe - Frizen AS

leD StrIPe - Frizen AS

tHerMal MaNageMeNt

tHerMal MaNageMeNt leD teCHNology IN borDerlINe areaS Norka reqUIreMeNtS > High maintenance factor > At least 50,000 operating hours > IP65 protection rating leD reqUIreMeNtS > Long service life > High energy efficiency > Long maintenance cycles > Constant luminous flux during the entire usage period > unlimited switching > Optimal thermal management at high protection rating and resistance against dirt For decades, NORKA has succeeded in combining high lighting technology requirements and high protection ratings. Based on more than 60 years of experience, NORKA luminaires stand for reliability and safety in harsh conditions. Years of targeted inspections on lighting systems in industrial production areas are used when developing NORKA luminaires. Findings made on the effect of dirt and loads are then taken into account when developing new luminaires. Environmental influences and the specific lamp properties are also considered here. NORKA luminaires are characterised by their functionality and ease of maintenance. 8 NORKA LED Product Range 2012_2

Norka DeveloPS lUMINaIreS For USe IN HarSH CoNDItIoNS NORKA lighting technology is protected by an enclosed system. Individual housing parts are enclosed in order to reach the necessary protection rating and prevent dirt from penetrating the luminaire. In addition, the entire housing design is tailored to the temperature characteristics of the LED. HIgH-PerForMaNCe leDS reqUIre SPeCIally taIloreD tHerMal MaNageMeNt NORKA relies on passive cooling elements. These are robust and do not consume any additional energy (unlike active systems). Apart from the actual cooling effects of these elements, their susceptibility to dirt must also be taken into account. A dirty surface or dusty housing recesses prevent the generated heat from being dissipated by the housing. This would then result in a build-up of heat and increased temperatures inside the luminaire. In order to achieve a long service life with a constant luminous flux, LEDs require a specially developed thermal management. CoNveCtIoN FlowS, aS SHowN oN tHe MetIS aND PolarIS lUMINaIreS In a virtual testing room, NORKA simulates the typical heat conduction and convection properties of the luminaires. Realistic parameters normally seen in a typical application are used in the simulation. Critical design aspects for thermal management can already be analysed and optimised here on the 3D model. A prototype is then built according to the simulation. All lighting properties are checked in depth once again on the actual product in the testing laboratory, and the luminaire is subjected to additional endurance tests. Heat traNSPort, aS SeeN oN tHe taloN lUMINaIre 9

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