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franciscanway - Franciscan University of Steubenville

franciscanway - Franciscan University of Steubenville

IN BRIEF Baron �

IN BRIEF Baron � Athletics University Remembers Kelly Roggensack At a Memorial Mass held August 25 in Finnegan Fieldhouse, the Franciscan University community celebrated the life of Kelly Roggensack, a student and member of the cross country team. Kelly died in an August 19 car accident while returning from a run on the Montour Trail near Imperial, Pennsylvania. Six of her teammates were injured in the accident and are recovering from their injuries. Kelly was a sophomore political science and business major who had never participated in a running sport until she joined the track team last spring. Her enthusiasm for track led her to join the cross-country team. In his homily, Father Gregory Plow, TOR, cross country team chaplain, recounted how Kelly’s mother described her daughter’s personality, “She was joy fi lled all the time. Like a star that shines more brightly in dark places, she would also shine toward some of her friends who thought that her faith was silly.” Father Plow shared other glimpses of Kelly’s life, including her joy of running at a spring track meet, despite the incessant rain. “That joy she had is what John states in his Gospel as the joy of being a child of God. A more perfect joy, Kelly is now experiencing in heaven.” The main celebrant, University president, Father Terence Henry, TOR, said, “To Kelly’s parents, sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, I can assure you that Kelly and you will remain a part of our University family as long as teachers teach here, as long as students learn in our halls, and as long as runners press on to the fi nish line.” The cross country team has dedicated its 2008 season to Kelly Roggensack. At the family’s request, donations in honor of Kelly may be made to Franciscan University through the Development Offi ce to the Kelly Roggensack Memorial Fund (800-783-6447). A fi eldhouse packed with family and friends honored Kelly Roggensaek’s memory at an August 25 Mass. 10 Franciscan Way • Autumn 2008 Andrew Keogler When the Pittsburgh Pirates hosted the Milwaukee Brewers this summer, Mike Hernon, vice president for Advancement, and Paul Carapellotti, Board of Trustees member, attended the game along with former coaches Mike Florak and Danny Abramowicz, and Chris Ledyard, Franciscan University athletic director. Catholic Athletes for Christ Members of Franciscan University’s Athletic Department have joined the national organization, Catholic Athletes for Christ (CAC). Athletic director Chris Ledyard and women’s volleyball and basketball head coach Kelly Herrmann are members, with several other coaches soon to join. Catholic Athletes for Christ includes prominent professional athletes in all major sports who work to promote a Catholic sports culture. For professional athletes, “surrounded by materialism and all types of temptations, daily life can be morally tough,” says Ledyard. He says CAC members often support each other by prayer and fellowship. This summer, CAC professional soccer player Luke Vercollone of the Charleston Battery spoke about his faith at the Catholic Soccer Camps held at Franciscan University. In late August, Milwaukee Brewer starting pitcher Jeff Suppan took advantage of a rare off day in nearby Pittsburgh and visited Franciscan University for a personal day of spiritual renewal. Ledyard sees Catholic Athletes for Christ as a natural fi t with Franciscan University’s emphasis on sports and spirituality in intramural and varsity athletics. Looking ahead, he plans to invite CAC members to speak at Franciscan events and have student-athletes give testimonies at CAC events. Tennis Courts, Anyone? Franciscan University entered into a partnership with the City of Steubenville this summer to build six new tennis courts. Construction and maintenance costs will be divided evenly between the two entities and students and the general public will mutually share court time. Men’s and women’s varsity tennis teams will be allowed priority use of the courts when they are added as NCAA sports. The partnership enables the city to expand the number of courts from four to six, while giving the University high-quality tennis courts to replace the two that were lost last year due to the construction of SS. Louis and Elizabeth Residence Halls. Construction of the new courts, which will be located at the lower level of Belleview City Park, will begin in 2009. Katherine Thomas

Franciscan Saints St. Elzear (c. 1285-1323) and BI. Delphina (c. 1282-1360) As the count of Ariano and his wife beheld their newly baptized son, Elzear, the countess asked God to take the child back immediately if mortal sin were in his future. As a young boy growing up in Provence, France, Elzear displayed remarkable piety and goodwill and imposed strict penances on himself. His uncle, a Benedictine abbot who schooled him in virtue, thought it best to discourage Elzear from his severe austerities but was inwardly impressed by his zeal. At the age of 11, Elzear was betrothed to a girl of 14, Delphina, an orphan raised by her abbess aunt. Delphina at fi rst opposed the marriage, until Elzear, respecting her desire to preserve her virginity, consented to a virginal union. They wed in 1299. As secular Franciscans, the couple dedicated themselves to prayer, penance, and works of mercy. Each night they hosted 12 poor people at their table. Elzear was known for his exceptionally serene disposition, which he told Delphina came from continually meditating on Christ’s passion. He was also a frequent communicant, once saying, “I do not think that any man on earth could enjoy a happiness equal to that which I have in Holy Communion.” When Elzear was 23, his father died, and Elzear departed for Naples to govern in his stead. When his cousin urged him to rule with an iron fi st, Elzear responded, “Would you have me begin my government with massacres and blood? I will overcome these men by good.” With these tactics, he won the respect of his men and had much Coming Events October 2008 3-5 Franciscan Homecoming, including Parents’ Weekend, St. Francis Festival, and Alumni Reunion Weekend 4 Feast of St. Francis Mass 4 Festival of Praise, Fieldhouse—7:00p.m. 5 Franciscan University Presents, “Theology of the Body and Parenting” with Lisa Lickona, EWTN, 10:00 p.m. * 9-11 Bioethics Conference—“Moral Conviction vs. Political Pressure” 19-27 Parents’ Week: Gaming, Salzburg, and Vienna** 30-31 Fall Break Weekend November 2008 1 Feast of All Saints (no day classes) 2 Franciscan University Presents, “John Paul II and the Gift of Life” with Dr. Janet Smith, EWTN 10:00 p.m. * 8 Festival of Praise, Fieldhouse—7:00p.m. 12-20 Journeys: Rome and Assisi ** 26-28 Thanksgiving Vacation By Maura Colleen McKeegan IN BRIEF military success. As a reward, the king of Naples made Elzear a head judge. His justice was at once severe and merciful. If, for example, he condemned a guilty prisoner to die, he asked a priest to remain by the prisoner’s side from the courtroom until the moment of death. After four years apart, Delphina was fi nally able to join her husband. When she arrived, she expressed concern at his magnifi cent clothes, worrying he had become worldly. To this, he opened up his outer garment to reveal a hair shirt underneath. In 1323, after being sent to Paris by King Robert to arrange the prince’s marriage, Elzear fell ill. Though it is said he never committed a mortal sin, he confessed daily until he died, in the arms of his Franciscan confessor, after receiving viaticum with joy. Countess Delphina spent the remaining 37 years of her life fi rst in Naples, where she trained the queen in spiritual matters, and then in Provence, where she gave all she had to the poor, steeped herself in prayer, and patiently suffered a long illness. In 1369, Pope Urban V canonized St. Elzear, who in fact had been the pope’s own godfather. Elzear’s prayers had restored him to health as a child, and Elzear had predicted his papacy. Pope Innocent XII declared Delphina blessed in 1694. St. Elzear and Bl. Delphina are the only secular Franciscan couple to be formally beatifi ed. � Maura Colleen McKeegan writes from Steubenville, Ohio. December 2008 4 Last Day of Classes 6 Festival of Praise, Fieldhouse—7:00 p.m. 7 Franciscan University Presents, “Answering the New Atheism” with Dr. Benjamin Wiker, EWTN 10:00 p.m. * 13 Baccalaureate and Commencement (summer/fall graduates) January 2009 4 Franciscan University Presents, “Theology of the Body for Engaged Couples” with Damon Owens, EWTN 10:00 p.m. * 13 First Day of Classes (10 a.m. classes shortened) 17 Festival of Praise, Fieldhouse—7:00p.m. 22 Franciscan President’s Day (no day classes), National March for Life, Washington, D.C. * Shows repeat Tuesday of the same week at 2 p.m. and Friday at 4 a.m. EST. ** To enquire about Franciscan University Journeys, call 800-437-8368. Franciscan Way • Autumn 2008 11

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