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franciscanway - Franciscan University of Steubenville

franciscanway - Franciscan University of Steubenville

CLASS NOTES Looking for

CLASS NOTES Looking for wedding photos? Baby and reunion photos? The mouse � marks the alumni who have submitted photos for our new Web gallery. Go to where alumni photos are now posted in color and at a larger size. Phi Alpha sisters and the brothers of Omicron Alpha Kappa. 1994 Aaron ’96 and Christine (Marcotte) Stimson welcomed their fi fth child, Theodore Frederick, on May 13, 2008. He is loved to distraction by his older siblings, Elijah, 9, Corinne, 8, Dominic, 6, and Lucy, 4. Aaron has moved from 26 Franciscan Way • Autumn 2008 teaching high school to middle school English. 1995 Christine (Nichols) Alcott and her husband, Chris, welcomed their fourth son, Nolan Anthony, on May 9, 2008. He joins big brothers Luke, 10, Vincent, 8, and Jonathan, 6. They live in Allen, Texas. Thomas and Holly (Perkins) Deliduka announce the birth of their sixth child, Joseph Peter, on April 18, 2008. Joseph joins brothers Daniel, 10, Paul, 8, Jonathan, 7, Dominic, 5, and Nicholas, 2. Holly works part-time as a fertility care practitioner, and Thomas is the director of information technology at the Columbus Museum of Art. They can be reached at Alumni Profi le Class of ’68 Dr. Nick Cercone Nick Cercone learned of the College of Steubenville at a college night at his Pittsburgh high school. He enrolled and was fascinated by a one-credit course with an early computer, a “very interesting, old machine.” That course, coupled with philosophy and theology courses, launched him into a lifetime of educating others and investigating artifi cial intelligence and computational linguistics. Cercone remembers fondly his time at Steubenville, especially crediting his “quite dedicated” professors who “prepared him well.” He adds, “The best education I got was at Steubenville.” After graduating in 1968 with his BS in engineering science, Cercone went to work for IBM. He earned his master’s at Ohio State University, returned briefl y to IBM, and then moved to Canada for doctoral work. He “fell in love with western Canada,” completing his PhD at the University of Alberta in 1975, and has lived north of the border ever since. His passion for teaching translated into a life of program growth in academia, making it a high priority to encourage colleagues and students to achieve and to pursue greater things. Just three years after successfully defending his doctoral dissertation, Dr. Nick Cercone was named chair of the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University. That program grew from 5 to 30 faculty members under his watch. While chair of Computer Science at Waterloo University, he grew the faculty from 35 to 70. He then went to Dalhousie University, where he hired 8 new faculty members in the fi rst year. When the dot-com bubble burst and money and students plum- or Thomas@ � Michael MA ’97 and Maranda (McGarrell ’00 MA ’04) Skolen are proud to announce the birth of their fi rst child, Maximilian Julian, born May 4, 2008. He is a healthy, BIG, boy and keeps them extremely busy! Michael is a computer programmer, and Maranda now stays at home full-time after working as a youth minister for the past four years. “We are thrilled to be new parents and love every moment with our little miracle!” � 1998 Eric Citsay owns his own business, Onward and Upward Coaching and Consulting, from seeds that were planted while a student at Franciscan. “I founded Onward and Upward to make a difference in the lives of a group I feel is in most need of help, young adults.” For more information, go to www. or e-mail Eric at � Mary (Soltis) Matei attended the Pontifi cal University of Santa Croce in Rome for an STL in communications in 2001, where she was chosen to read the petition in English at the Vatican Mass for the opening of the Pontifi cal University school year. She is now a full-time nursing student and lives in a beautiful section of Cleveland. Mary would love to reconnect with old friends from Franciscan, especially the Legion of Mary, and the Steubie U Breakfast Club. (Angela, Ben, meted for computer science programs, his program at Dalhousie managed to sustain its levels. Now he is dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at York Dr. Nick Cercone ’68 University in Toronto, Ontario, where he has a faculty of 210—25 more than when he arrived two years ago—and a student body of more than 4,000. Curiosity—a value he says his Steubenville professors instilled— led Cercone to place a high value on research throughout his career. He authored over 300 refereed articles, worked as vice president of Research at the University of Regina, and graduated 100 graduate students including 25 PhDs. But in spite of sitting atop a large program with a $45 million budget and a heavy research component, Cercone still emphasizes teaching and meets with students weekly as an advisor. “Transferring information is still the most important function” of the professor—another value he remembers as a hallmark of his Steubenville profs. � Tom Crowe writes from Steubenville, Ohio.

and Kathy, where are you?) Keep in touch! Mary can be reached at 1999 Bertha (Prydz) Ramsey and her husband, Joseph, welcomed their third child, Elena Rose, April 10, 2008. She joins older sister, Katie, 4, and older brother, Anthony, 3, who have agreed that they want to keep her. They live in Cincinnati and would love to hear from other Steubenville alumni. Bertha sends out a big hello to all who know her and can be reached at bprydz@ 2001 Molly (Wilson) Ferguson and her husband, Todd, live in Moorhead, Minn., after completing their doctorates in naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University. Molly also completed residency in midwifery and family medicine. They have a beautiful daughter, Lucia Rosemary, who was born May 15, 2007. They practice at Dynamic Healing Center in Moorhead ( Anne Lowicki married Conor Quinn in Pittsburgh on April 19, 2008. “Thank you to all the friends and family who made it to our celebration!” Anne and Conor live in New York City where Anne works as an administrative assistant. They say, “Hello!” to Lion of Judah, Perpetual Light, and Knights of the Holy Queen. � Lieutenant, Junior Grade, William Bloomfi eld, JAG Corps, United States Navy, married Anna Imgrund on September 1, 2007. They proudly announce the birth of Dominic Richard on June 3, 2008. William is stationed at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida and will be deployed to Iraq in November. 2003 Ruth Rowe and John (Skippy) Holden ’04 were married June 14, 2008, in Cleveland. A large contingent of Franciscan alumni attended their wedding including Elisabeth Wienke ’03, who was one of Ruth’s bridesmaids, and Brent Kremer ’01, who served as best man. Allison O’Byrne married Travis Johnson on November 10, 2007. They live in Sparwood, British Columbia. Allison would love to hear Alumni Profi le Class of ’82 Jim Gartner CLASS NOTES Jim Gartner has worked for Carnegie Mellon University for almost 24 years. He spent the fi rst 18 of those years in fi nance, reaching associate controller before being named senior director of Global Security in 2003. Jim says the leap from accounting to security wasn’t as big as it might appear because he had always been involved in risk management at CMU’s Pittsburgh campus. A much bigger leap came in 2006 when his job took him, his wife, Patricia, and youngest daughter, Angela, from Pittsburgh, where he was born and raised, to Doha, Qatar. “America used to be called the melting pot, but there are so many different cultures here. Of the 1.7 million people in Qatar, approximately 235,000 are Qataris,” he says. Jim Gartner ’82 “Your whole fi eld of vision is so much broader working in this kind of environment.” At CMU’s Doha campus, Jim does daily security threat analysis, travel security, residential security analysis, and crisis preparedness planning, as well as implementing building security systems. The leadership and teamwork skills he learned at Franciscan University as president of the pro-life organization, a charter member of In His Image Household, and in Alpha Phi Delta fraternity serve him well on the job and as chairman of the Doha Council of the Overseas Security Advisory Council, a U.S. State Department-sponsored organization. Though tiny Qatar (roughly the size of Connecticut) is an Islamic country, the Gartners found a large Catholic community there and dove into parish activities. Of particular note, Jim and Tricia helped start the LifeTeen chapter at the Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rosary. “It was a very rewarding experience as the teens were richly interested in the programs we sponsored,” Jim says. Despite their Church involvement, the Gartners miss friends and family, especially now that Angela, a college freshman, lives in the States as do her two older sisters, Nicole and Lindsay, their son-in-law, and grandchild Emily! But Jim still enjoys the professional and personal challenges of living and working in the Middle East. One such challenge? Keeping fi t in a climate where it’s already over 100 degrees at 4:30 a.m.—the time he and friends go bicycling together twice each weekend (40-50 miles per day). If that sounds grueling, in Dubai this past January, Jim ran his fi rst marathon. “I had only 100 days to prepare. On my fi rst day of training, I couldn’t run even one mile,” he says. “I guess it’s true that you can do anything you put your mind to.” Jim can be reached at � Kevin Duffy ’04 writes from Leslie, Mich., where he resides with his wife and daughters. Franciscan Way • Autumn 2008 27

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