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franciscanway - Franciscan University of Steubenville

franciscanway - Franciscan University of Steubenville


IN BRIEF R E M E M B E R W H E N? Father Sam Tiesi, TOR, foregoes his habit for an apron. Father Sam’s Potato Fries The late Father Sam Tiesi, TOR, was known to decades of students for his love of the Eucharist and spiritual direction. But it was his signature servings of hot peppers and fried potatoes that rekindled fond memories from Mary Jennett and Sophie Cayless, both 1991 alumnae. Of the famous Father Sam’s Potato Fries, Jennett says, “I can still picture him at midnight, greeting us and cooking for us during fi nals week.” For Cayless, “Gathering in the cafeteria late at night for lightly seasoned fries and good conversation provided a much-appreciated break from studying and is one of my best memories.” Accounting Snafu It was May 1968, their fi nal month at the College of Steubenville, and Robert Bedore ’68 and Rocco Petrozzi ’68 thought that was a perfectly fi ne excuse to skip Professor Ed Kelly’s advanced accounting class and head to Stony’s for a cheese plate and pitcher of beer. They exited the class before Kelly’s arrival, only to spy him coming. As Bedore recounts, “We jumped back into the recessed area of the doorway and stood perfectly still. We fi gured he would enter the fi rst door into the classroom and we’d be on our way. “Instead he walked right past us, and without even looking at us, he said, ‘Petrozzi, have a good time, I’m not worried about you. Bedore, you might want to stick around because you could use all the help you can get.’ “Mr. Kelly had a spectacular sense of humor and needless to say, Rocky and I enjoyed another fact-fi lled hour with him that afternoon.” Plaza Preachers Greg Musumano ’88 remembers the fall of 1984 when the “plaza preachers” took to publicly proclaiming the Gospel on campus. It started when two students were inspired by reading The Little Flowers of St. Francis. Musumano recalls seeing one of them, “armed with a megaphone on the hill across from the J. C. Williams Center, where he launched his preaching career to the entire campus. His band of followers soon followed suit with two, then three, blurting out their holy supplications.” The plaza preachers prompted varied reactions. “Some praised them while others despised their actions,” says Musumano, and it was only after several months and much heated discussion among students, administration, and friars that the plaza preachers fi nally abandoned their posts. What do you remember? Send your favorite memory of a campus event or happening to 8 Franciscan Way • Autumn 2008 Faculty Hires for Fall 2008 Dr. Paul Symington, Tiffany Boury, Father Nicholas Polichnowski, TOR. Franciscan University welcomed three new faculty members this fall: Dr. Paul Symington, assistant professor of philosophy, received his PhD in 2007 from the University of Buffalo. His areas of specialization and research include St. Thomas Aquinas, medieval philosophy, epistemology, ethics, and metaphysics. Instructor Tiffany Boury teaches reading, language arts, and foundation courses for the Education Department. Tiffany has worked as an intervention specialist and made reading and literacy the focus of her master’s of education from Walden University. Father Nicholas Polichnowski, TOR, PhD, assistant professor, teaches advanced medical surgical nursing, nursing research, and other courses for the Nursing Department. A former member of the University’s Board of Trustees, Father Polichnowski received his PhD from Johns Hopkins University and has served the homeless and other patient populations as a registered nurse and family nurse practitioner. Pro-Life Senator Seth Harbaugh Aleading U.S. senator urged Franciscan University students to think global and think “whole life” when getting involved in pro-life issues. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) delivered a “Faith in Politics” lecture to a standing-room only audience in the J. C. Williams Center. “I hope you consider prison work as well as the pro-life movement,” said Brownback, adding the handicapped, Down syndrome infants, the elderly, modern-day slavery, and immigrants as also deserving the attention of pro-life advocates. Brownback is one of the most prominent Catholics in the U.S. Senate. In his address he compared the abortion issue to the public debate over slavery in the 1800s. “The argument back then was whether or not a slave was a person or a piece of property. We now see the same debate over whether or not the body of a person is alive or not… We are winning this debate. Life is sacred whether it is a child in the womb, a child in Darfur, or someone in prison,” said Brownback. His lecture was sponsored by College Republicans and Students for Life.

Landscaping a Mother Would Love The Rosary Circle is one of the fi rst sights a visitor sees upon arriving at Franciscan University. With fl owers artfully placed in decades of 10, and a cross of fl owers in the middle, could you imagine it any different? In 1987, the circle was mostly soggy ground, with ill-kept grass and fl owers. The only decoration was the cross in the middle, according to Dave Nelson, who started work that year as a groundskeeper. Groundskeeper Dave Nelson at the Rosary Circle shortly before his retirement. “There was very poor drainage, all the fl owers were rotting and had bugs,” he said. “It wasn’t very pretty.” Nelson knew that the administration was looking for ways to make the campus more attractive. In a dream, he saw the circle as a rosary, with the cross in the center. He presented the concept to Father Michael Scanlan, TOR, president at that time, who gave his wholehearted approval. The fi rst landscaping of the circle featured asters for the Hail Marys and holly bushes for the Our Fathers. Soon it became known as the Rosary Circle and is now a campus landmark along with Christ the King Chapel, the Portiuncula Chapel, and the Steel Cross. After 22 years of service, Nelson retired in June. As one of his fi nal landscaping projects, he assisted groundskeeper Dave Owens with a redesign of the Rosary Circle. Granite boulders from Wisconsin now border the cross and separate each decade. The plants consist of Golden Mop false cypress for each bead and Korean spice viburnum for each decade. This year’s fl owers are red and white begonias around the outside, and red geraniums in the cross. Nelson is pleased with the outcome. “It’s the fi rst thing you see when you enter campus. We want it to look nice for the people who work and live here.” He said the circle is one of many elements that help create a beautiful campus. “It has been a privilege to help develop the grounds with many others who work here,” he said. “We hope the landscaping refl ects Franciscan, its missions and ideals.” The Rosary Circle, a campus landmark, gets a facelift. Emily Fogarty Andy Bonjour Egan Hall Sees Major Expansion IN BRIEF The fi rst major expansion of Egan Hall since it was constructed in 1961 was completed this summer. The three-story extension includes a scene shop for Anathan Theatre, four classrooms with multimedia capabilities, faculty offi ces, and heating and air conditioning improvements. The $1.5 million project was funded in part through donations to the University’s ongoing capital campaign. Backhoes and construction crews were a common sight throughout campus this summer. Other projects included the fi rst phase of work on the new Holy Spirit Friary, expected to be completed in June 2009, new sidewalks and steps around the St. Francis statue outside Christ the King Chapel, and a sidewalk up the west entrance to the University. The Egan Hall expansion includes four new classrooms, faculty offi ces, and a scene shop for Anathan Theatre. Seth Harbaugh Seth Harbaugh Franciscan Way • Autumn 2008 9

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