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GRADUATION PROGRAM - Charles Darwin University

GRADUATION PROGRAM - Charles Darwin University


6 Charles Darwin University, Darwin Convention Centre Friday 21 October 2011 – 5.00pm Order of Proceedings The Academic Procession will enter with the Assembly standing The National Anthem The Assembly will remain standing for the singing of the National Anthem Welcome Address Presentation of Honorary Awards Doctor of Letters, Honoris Causa Professor Judith Ann Whitworth AC Occasional Address Musical Presentation The Conferring of Degrees and Awards Engineering, Health, Science and the Environment Menzies School of Health Research Doctor of Philosophy Trades and Primary Industries Division Community Services, Health and Literacy Division Presentation of 2011 Vocational Education and Training Medallist Rodger Johannes Moerkerken Graduand Response Roger Kenneth Jolley The Academic Procession will retire with the Assembly standing Charles Darwin University October Graduation Ceremony 2011

Doctor of Philosophy Christabelle Jean Darcy Thesis Title: The role of arginine and tryptophan metabolism in sepsis Sepsis is a common and deadly complication of an infection. It is the leading cause of death in intensive care units but is poorly understood. We need a better understanding of sepsis to improve current treatments. This project investigated the role of two amino acids, arginine and tryptophan, in sepsis. We developed a method to accurately measure amino acids and their breakdown products in blood. We measured immune cell function, blood vessel function and amino acids in sepsis patients and healthy controls. We found that sepsis patients had low concentrations of arginine and tryptophan and increased concentrations of toxic breakdown products. Decreased availability of these two amino acids in sepsis was associated with increased disease severity, impaired immune function and poor blood vessel function. Furthermore, we identified a subset of blood cells in patients with septic shock which impaired T cell function. Treatments which improve arginine and tryptophan availability should be explored as potential new adjunctive treatments in sepsis. Cecilia De Donatis Thesis Title: “They have a story inside.” Madness and healing on Elcho Island, north-east Arnhem Land This thesis is based on an ethnographic investigation of concepts related to mental health and madness among the Yolnu people of noth-east Arnhem Land, with particular focus on Elcho Island and its main settlement, Galiwin’ku. Chapter 1 to 3 contextualize the thesis from the geographical, historical and litereay point of view; Chapters 4 to 7 present the ethnographical material; chapter 8 reviews the findings of the ethnography. A key word of the thesis is bawa’ a Yolnu term which can be translated with ‘madness’ or ‘confusion’. Bawa’ is discussed in the ethnography both as social confusion and as an altered state of mind. The thesis demonstrates the existence of a complex Yolnu ethnopsycology and its relevance to the understand of Yolnu concept of ‘person’ and cosmology. Muhammad Farooq Haq Thesis Title: Marketing Spirituality: A Tourism Perspective This thesis is an exploratory study about marketing of spirituality from a tourism perspective. A conceptual framework was developed for spiritual tourism as an extension of special interest and cultural tourism; where pilgrimage and religious tourism are recognised as its subsets. The characteristics of Australians and Pakistanis involved in spiritual tourism were investigated. Qualitative methods were adopted for data collection based on in-depth interviews. A content analysis was conducted to identify categories emerging from the collected data leading to market segmentation. Relationship marketing was proposed as the core strategy to market spiritual tourism. The relationship marketing strategy presented for each segment is based on four elements of product, people, communication and collaboration. This thesis fills a gap in the literature on tourism and marketing, the contribution is found in the justification for recognising and conceptualising spiritual tourism as a new and emerging market. Charles Darwin University October Graduation Ceremony 2011 7

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