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Issue 12 - Padua College

Issue 12 - Padua College

P AGE 4 Mornington

P AGE 4 Mornington Campus Parents, PARISH REGULAR MASS TIMES TERM 1, ISSUE 12 For the safety of all, please observe the new sign at Entry Gate 2, which forbids the use of this gate at the busiest time of the day, that is, during school drop off in the morning and collection time in the afternoon. Please use Entry Gate 4 for collection and drop off of your students at the start and end of every school day. We appreciate your efforts in keeping all our students safe. The OH&S Committee Attention - Visitors to the College ALL VISITORS to the College must report into the main reception to sign in and collect a visitor’s tag. This applies to all parents, ex-students and friends who come into the school grounds for any period of time. Extended opening hours of the library at Mornington The library at Mornington will extend its opening hours during May to assist students in Years 10 – 12 with their preparation for mid-year exams. Students in Years 7 – 9 are also invited to use the facilities that the library offers. The library will now open until 4.30pm Monday to Thursday from 3rd -27th May. Students will need to make their own way home if they choose to stay at school. St Macartan's, Mornington: Sat. 7.00 pm Sun: 9.00 am, 11.00 am St Thomas More, Mt Eliza: Sat. 6.00 pm Sun: 8.00 am, 10.00 am Our Lady of Fatima, Rosebud: Sat: 5.30 pm Sun: 9.30 am, 5.30 pm Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Dromana: Sat: 6.00 pm, Sun: 8.00 am,10.00 am St Mary’s, Sorrento: Sat: 6.00 pm, Sun: 10.00 am Holy Family, Rye: Sat: 5.00 pm, Sun: 8.30 am Immaculate Conception, Hastings: Sun: 10.00 am St Peter’s, Shoreham: Sun: 8.00 am St Brendan’s, Somerville: Sat: 6.00 pm

P AGE 5 CHINA TOUR TERM 1, ISSUE 12 For the Easter holidays a group of students and teachers travelled to China for a school trip. During our two week trip we stayed in beautiful hotels in Shanghai, Xi’an and Beijing. In Shanghai we saw the Pearl Tower, similar to the Eureka Tower in Melbourne, except that it has a panoramic view. At Xi’an we stayed in a traditional Chinese hotel full of gardens and Chinese culture. The main sight in Xi’an was the Terracotta Warriors. While we were there we actually had the opportunity to meet the farmer who discovered them in the 1970s. We stayed in Beijing for the longest amount of time, probably because it had the most to offer being the capital city. We saw the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, sites from the Beijing Olympics and saw a 26m Buddha that had been carved from one tree. We would recommend this trip to anyone as you get to meet new people and experience a new culture all in one. By Molly and Brylee Year 12. Above: Rebecca, Anna and Tess in Chinese costumes in Ebijing Right: Molly, Brylee and Natasha in panda hats at the panda enclosure at the Beijing Zoo Entertainment Book—Fundraising The Entertainment Book is on offer from Padua’s HPV team again this year. For $65 you receive a book full of 25% - 50% off and two-for-one offers from popular restaurants, cinemas, hotel accommodation, the arts, and sporting events. From the sale of each book $13 goes directly to the HPV fundraising effort. See the enclosed brochure for more information. The book can be previewed at Reception at both campuses. Books can be purchased from both the Mornington and Rosebud receptions. The following link is for further information regarding the entertainment book, Professional Photos of the Year 11 Winter Wonderland Ball For those that are interested photos from the Year 11 Winter Wonderland Ball taken by the professional photographer on the night are available for viewing and purchase on the website

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