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1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

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! i ! ~ i I t. I -...-.~----~-~~~~--~--------~-~~------------ Page Ten.A GROSSE POINTE NEWS ----------------,--_._~ --~_._--------.... -- - - .--. _.- ~.._---- Thursday, April 29, 1982 Crop.~heckChapel of heWin ..R.fJamilton eo. FUNERAL DIRECTORS F.jfJ'lll "lJ !.\,(If, ~ Dr. Nesci ... Chiropractic C~re Helps you in many ways with .. CHIROPRACTfC CARE CHIRr.- CHIf CHI CH. CHll CHIF, CHII' CHIR . CHlR,"'" CHIR< CHIRl ~l)\~ ~A~~kR "VE,,"UE 5' ClAIR SHORES !>l'CH _ ------------------, I r;,.og!o~.E?{:~ff,)!~ Over A Century of Service • HEADACHES • SINUS • MIGUINE • ALLERGIES • ARTH/lITlS • NERVOUSNESS • BACK PAIN • MENSTRUAL CRAMPS • INDUSTRIAL INJURIES • AUTO ACCIDENTS .& OTHEI! SPINE IlElATED HEALTH PR08LEMS MAl(( AN AProlIlTMlNT 774.7920 WE ARE OPEN 6 DAYS 'lI.m. to. p.m. Mon. thr~ fri.-' a.m. fa S p.m. Sat. AU INSURANCES ACCEPTED INCLUDING; Jillt '''''". Itilicm. Medicaid, TU"lIters. Aetna. Etc, 19416 East Ten Mile Rd. at 1.94 In the Fairway Shopping Center lei I VALET COUPON SPECIAL • , I I I Expires May 9th, 1982 I I OVERCOATS - RAINCOA 1'5 I I OVERCOATS - Reg. Price $5.00. I I' NOW '4 00 I RAINCOATS - Reg. Price $4.75 ! I. NOW '300 i I Free Delive,y _2 4f:~!e6c"!,~ - 5 Mi!elimj, I • TWO t..OCA nONS I I Sat. 8:00-600 Sat 800-6:00 I 17854 MACK AVE. 885.5930 21155 MACK AVE. 881.9770 I Hoors' 1M 7:30.700 Hours M-F 7:30-6:00 --------~---------~ to the Eastside Communities' _J (L..~~'\.'. J.l-~ L,. .., t " , ~I . -c..r:? i ..... ~~ 7~r0 .,'" ~ __~/ -- .' "l~ .... .... ", ~.. : ~if' 4 226 CROCKE-R BLVD. Mount Clemens 48063 "463.0577 Wm. R. Harnillull II 1903.19RI _ I nl' in '1. Hamilton John "'. Hrurkntan Ronallt n. Hl'rk",ann Uo\"d R. "untlilWI' .\;i.udall' Dirl'r'lnr' ,\io,;},,,, J,l '''"lal/'''' 1NS~J .""l/fI"al '5"I",:"J ,\1"";(1.'" ~ . • REDUCE HEAT • SAVE • ENERGY & COOUNG COSTS " CUSTOM COLORS AND STYLES " DECORATOR " , " ~ , -, ~ttn~~ PERMANIZED WITH SILICONE AND VINYL I ". > j FABRICS FREE ESTIMATES l) FAST D£UVERY • TERMS -'j I • alE reported In the Park Resldentl of a lower nat in the 1300 block of Bea. consfleld Road came home to find their home burglarized on Thursday. Apill Ii, according to Park police. Pol fee said the thief apparently broke the glass out of a side door and gained entry to the basement between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. From the basement an unlocked door led them to the flat. About $900 worth of jewelry and photographic eq,uipment was reported missing. according to Police Chief Henry O. Coonce. Classified f Ads get results ... Call 882-6900 Mother Qh. ~ Deserves a .m~st Personalized Woods house is ransacked Robbers ga\'e a Woods home a thorough going-over sometime be. tween Monday night, April 19, and Tuesday afternoon, April 20. according to police. The robbers first ransacked the home, then used the automatic garage opener to get into the garage and take a snowblower and a lawnmower. Police were called to the Ridgemont home by the son of the owners a little after noon that Tuesday. They found t!~:lt the thje'"",~h?d ~r(''':~'1 'hp gIR"" in the door on the east side of the home, unlocked two locks and.a chain, and entered the home. A screen was cut away from the doorwall at the back of the home, where police believe the robbers first tried to gain entry. A piece of wood was jammed in the door in such a way to keep it from opening. reports said. Once inside the home, the robbers ransacked the family room. One tele- School census hegins on May I Census enumerators (rom the Grosse Pointe Public School System will begin their house to house canvassing of the school district on Saturda)', May 1. The census takers, who will be call. ing on homes during May and early June, will carry identification cards signed by Benjamin Zenn, director of Support Services for the 6chools. The school census is an activity separate from the U.S. Census and its purpose Is to tally the number of school. age children. The information is important in helping plan for the future needs of the school system and alao in plaMing activities to better serve community res- Idents. Zenn said the cooperation of citizens in providing the enumerators with accurate information is not only essential. but greatly appreciated by the school system. I Redistricting plan By MJke AndneJclyk In a March 2S rulina, the Supreme The . M1chigan Supreme Court said population mathematical exactn". In among dLltrlcta 1"11 not to Court stayed an Appelate Court ruling last week that required Wayne County to sub. mit a new redistricting plan , h h' whIle t e Igh court sorts out a be the lovemilll criteria for the red. raw Ins of district llnes. Political sub- dlvlalOM. cltle. and townships were not to be split 1I poIslble, the court ruled. conflict between the lower Three days later, a three judge court ruling . . bees ISSUed and three one days the J'USbefore. panel review of redistricting appeals threw out the Wayne plan because the plan had, not been drawn up in good i (:::J;' ! ;,;".-r , rJ.A ~ ~ : ~:. I ()11~tkr.' BeCause M~ther means so mucn. insaibe her gift 'oVith your ! :os own personal message Come ; ,~' see !his lovely crystal bud I "'" : VllSe and other Mother's Day "~": ::::... \ gifts for you to personalize ." ..,...," '"' espedally fot .her, ' I Fischers , 7047 K.rch,val (In the Village) Open M T W S 9:30-5:30 -882 7790 Thurs. & Fri. till 9 • ~

,:' Thursday, April 29, 1982 GROSSE POINTE NEWS Page Eleven-A j ___ • • ...- 4_ - . ~ Hospital has summer openings Ralph L. Wllgarde, Cottage Hospital hospital departmental rotation pro. administrator. announced recently gram where they wlll observe hospital that the hospital has limited openings work 01 many types first hand, and in Us annual summer student program judge their own suitability for the for Grosse Pointe area college stu. medical profession. dents. who have completed their Students interested in the summer junior year. and who are contempJat. program should contact Victoria lng a career In medicine or hospital Boyce, R.N., director of the Cottage administration. . Hospital Education department at Students will spend four weeks in a 884-8600. extension 2390. FREE HEARING TESTS TO DETE:NMINE IF YOU MA Y HAVE A CO"ECTAB~E ~OSS THAT MA Y BE HELPED WITH A HEARING AID. "I'm not deaf! I Just can't understand some words" If this is your problem ... Dahlberg Miracle-Ear II May be your answer. NO CORDS-NO TUBES-NO WIRES ,\~ The Finest Hearing Aid Money Can Buy! SAVE MORETHAN $300.00 New Hearing Aid Gives - Better Discrimination - Understanding Words Clearly WITH N£W SIE.£IIS HEAIIIH AID MODEL 24.E.Sl.PCll . UST '"ief $299 1103.00 00 OUR PRICE . COMPLETE OUR COMPLETE PRICE INCLUDES: CHECK BOTH EARS FOR EARWAX, HEARING TEST, AIR, BONE & SPEECH. HEARING AID RECOMMENDATION, EAR IMPRESSION FOR CUSTOM EAR MOLD & SIX SATTERIES. TRY THIS HEARING AID FOR A 90 DAY TRIAL PERIOD. COMPARE WITH HEARING AID YOU ARE NOW WEARING. IF YOU ARE IN NEEQ OF HELP GIVE US A TRY. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED. MASTERCARD. VISAC!:! r------------------------~---- I ! BATTERY SALE I ~ CASH & CARRY ONLY J 2 DURACELL - RAY-O-VAC - EVERYEADY =4 S COMPARE AND SAVE DOLLARS ~ ~$185. ~:~~5 ... introducing professional carpet care with our S2.'i'lOOO .nobile Cleaning Plont. I ~"VI Clean' Living Room & .Hallway "0'" 12~Sq. ft. \ ie SQ. It. RU, For. Only $2750 r.xample Room S N 9 , 1(1 SlO.80 J(), 10 12.00 10, 12 14.40 10, 13 15.60 12, IS 21.60 12, 20 28.80 ~~~~~ ~ PER 6 #312 MERCURY ~ I PACKAGE 6 #402 MERCURY I I LIMIT 5 PACKS PER CUSTOMER -. I I NO DEALERS PLEASE - Exp. June " 1982 I 1 ------------------------ George M.lwanow Hearing Aid CfIIters SINCE 115-4 Blue Cross-Blue Shield Participant - Clinical Prescriptions Filled WEST SIDE EAST SIDE Ground Floor Eastland Center 22663 GreEnfleld Professional Bldg. Ground Floor s" CO"'" P AU. R~ 17800 E e M'I

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