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1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

", - $ • PIge Twelve-A

", - $ • PIge Twelve-A 4 4= ;Players open musical tonight By Tara SeDdelutls CharboMeau, ClaytQn Guenachl, Jim ~ Hlp KaUardos, Chris BoeUcher. L• Mike . South High's Pointe Players wll1 HartmaM, Blll Dietz, Mike warner, preMDt the fLrst ~ three consecutive Paul Corbell, Mike Lawrence, Chrla r-formances ~ their sprina musical Pellerito; Matteo DITommaso, Pat f.'We.t Side Story" tonight, April., at Boll, Paul Matta, Peter Bailey, Mark 7:30 pm. Friday and Saturda~ play Longwell, Tim Relnman, Paul Lech- .: • B t G I t ner and Mark Walker. wmN are tm. a rOlse 0 n e Chorus members are Dana Tuttle, ~~r:~:~ ~embers in the cast. H~lII Vill~gas, Tracy. Shenk~s, Kris The ludina roles ~ Tony and Maria Tipton, Elizabeth Doble, Kakl Tindall are pia ed by Steve Schappe and Jen- and Katie Grace~. .. lUfer U:rshall. Supporting roles are Dancers ~ LI~ Benz, Kns Nelly, Carolyn Abee as Anita, Peter Heubner Karyl MOrriS, .Lydia Pall!!:S, Ann Vlck, as Bernardo, 'Pat Selby as Riff and Carol>,n Elvldge, Leslle ~ackey, ijerman Guevara as Chino. Stephle Schulte, Mauree~ 0 Meara, Other cast members include Claudia R~nuka Uthappa, ~ennlfer. Droll, Gladstone, Diane Crea, Betsy Hirt, Aimee Gasle~s, Julie GploblC, Vas- Kristen Oderfer Wendy Flynn Louis min Kuhn, Lisa Ward, Br~get Benz, , , Mary Beth Dietz, Melame Manos, Dawn Clark, Meredith MacMechan, St . U dents answer' Paula Hanpeter, Patti Ingrao. Chris .all ~or blood Voudoukis, Katie Blrnbryer, Cyndi C :, One hundred twenty-eight juniors and seniors at North High School answered the call of the American Red Cross by donating blood in a campaign at tne scnooi I\pdi ". Sponsored by the Student Association, it was the second, blood drive this year. "I'm very proud of the response of the students to the request of the Red Cross," said Donald Dungan, faculty sponsor. "The young people have taken this seriously. and have now given more than 200 pints of blood this year." II Davila. Janice MacMichael. Anne DENTISTRY FORLES. Christos F. Dagitses, D.D. S. NO CHARGE FOR EXAMINATION AND CONSULTATION COME IN AND COMPARE • All F... Given Betor. Treatment • No Appolntement Necessary (For New Patients or Emergency) • Most White. Sliver Fillings ••. $14-$28 • Teeth Cleaned •.•••..••........•. $18 • Uncomplicated Extractions .•••...• $22 • Root Canal Therapy From •••.••.•• $95 • Crowns •••••.••••••••••••••••.. . • Dentures . ~$245 $315 Consideration Given To S~n/or Citizens 17200 Ea.t Warren Avenue (Near Cadieux) • Call -;:en!!~=.;!SOO== EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATE IN TOTAL BODY CARE AT _c:;;,e.(~Jflrlt,((nl-.~:(I(Jn let Our Professionally Trained Staff help you become all you can be: Mini make-over being offered every Wednesday and Friday through May for only $30,00. 5~i •• nctude. vau, c~aice of "nJ 3 ... viceJ: • .JJujrJ/l/(e • 1t/;"icure • /- eJicure . .• U/;,zi./~ciul • -ll/.'lIj.muJJurle Deutsch, Karla Finger, and Jo Ann Cullen. "West Side Story" Is Ii modern day musical version of •'Romeo and ...... I ..... ' .... ~..\.. ................ "" ... 1 1""""l"""'M 1:IIa...."" ~t;;i~~"pl;yv'r"ev~i v;~-a-;;;li"nit~ lovers, Tony and Maria, who, because he is American and she Puerto Rican, are not allowed to marry by the dlscrimin1Uve barriers of their society. The play is under the direction of Pointe Player sponsor Jeanne Chrisman. Tickets are $3 for Thursday's performance, and $3.50 on Friday and Saturday. Don't miss this opportunity to experience your day ~f beauty :Jlze COt( r';arJ Sa tO/~ /8520 C. UJu.,'e1l at lIkt 881.2202 Mother's Day Gift Certificate Available The foundation of any succ... ful real .. tate company Is the prof •• slonal, hardwortdng anD dedicated Illes assoclet.. who mike things happen. Thne people at the Gro.. e Pointe Woods ules office worked together es a team to Ichleve the honor of SCHWEITZER REAL ES- TATE/BETTER HOMES AND GARDEN'S NUMBER ONE Sales Office In 1981. This was the second consecutive year the .Gros.. Pointe Woods office earned this title. left to right: Hank Fischer, Joe Mauricio, Gary Whi~ord, Jane sanfo~d, Shelly Selko, Nikki Andrus, Bill Finn, Dennis Andrus, OffIce Manager. Lalla ~bud, S~vi~ Anderson, Mar8t !)elIas, Jeannette Wagner, Pete ~a.gner,.Ge~ 0 Kon, Georgia Pappas, Jim Premo, Carol Kelly, Jean Kanas. MlSsmg: l'\Iaril)'ll Blake, Secretary, Joe Rich, Bob Gillard, Ann Anelon, Amber Lawson. Mary Forsyth, Janet Dansbury. INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS WERE PRESENTED TO: LIlia Abud - Top 30 A.. ocll., Million Dollar Club, Medallion Club Joe Meurlclo - Top 30 AuocIlt., MlUlon Dollir Club, Medallion Club Shelly serko - Top 30 AuocI"., .Medalllin Club Joe Rich - Top 30 ANOeI«t., Medallion Club Hft(kl Andrul - Madllllon Club Amber LawlOn - "Longevtty "w.rel" ... sal.. AllO

Thursday, April 29, 1982 GROSSE POINTE NEWS Page Thirteen-A Maire Fllir on Ml')' DllY Maire School, 740 Cadieux Road in the City, will again host the Maire Fair from 10 a,m. to 4 p.m. on Satur. day, May 1, Participants will have a chance 00 win a rarne, attend a coun. try slore and snack at a chuck wagon restaurant. Fair organizers promise new features tltis year, in('luding pony rides, pony pictures and an outdoor obstacle course. A country store will be fl!atur. ed for browsers, while a chuck wagon restaurant will take care of the appe. lites of fair.goers. Old fayor~es such as the spook bouse, cake wa/J(, tattoo parlor and the goldfish game will be waiting for eager participants, organizers say. Tickets will be priced at 20 cents each. Prizes in this year's raffle include a Hatari computer system, a Schwinn, one year of cable service, including (r~e installali(ln. from Grosse Pointe Cable, Inc. Tickets are 25 cents apiece, or six for $1 and can be IJW'ciu.~ ;.VIU GlU; :,.p.;i~o')tud~:;t or the day of the fair. Other prizes include the use of a Buick from Vylelel Buick for a week, < weekend use AMC Eagle, of a four. wheel drive courtesy of American Motors, a case of wine from the Vin. .: tage Pointe, and a leather shoulder " ,~.:purse f!":' The from Harvey's, Maire Fair promises to be {un iI'; for all ages, organizers say, and rec. ~ ommend bringing the entire family for i\...the festivities. r:;~~ f;~'Art educator is honored At the annual April conclave of the Natlj)nal Art Education Association (NAEAl in New York City, University Ligltett School Arts Department chaIrman Ed Jacomo was the sur. prised recipient of the Manuel Barkan Award. The honor was presented by NAEA ~.. President.Elect Dr. Nancy P. Mac. Gregor and recognizes Jacomo's con. tributions to the field of art education. The ULS teacher was the keynote speaker at the national conference. No other serviceman ever recQrded as much active-duty time in the V,S. Armed Forces as Omar Bradley with his 119years. Ready and set to go for Maire School'.s Country Fair is Jane Hinkley. Brett Brownscombe, Judy Brownscombe and Bill Hinkley. ':; ". J .. I' .- ':" • l' :.. " . 1" .' r1 . ~,- 44 Nathan Judson and organist Bernard Petersen will also perform. - Pointe Chorale, the choir's 16member mixed ensemble, will sing the two songs that earned "superior" ratings at the district and state level of the Michigan SChools Vocal Music Association'S Choral Festivals, "Hosanna" and "It est bel et bon." The Men's Ensemble, a newly. formed 12-member singing group can. sisting of singers from North's Concert Choir, Concert Choir II and Beginning Chorus, will debut with "Poor Man '. '.";' ~, .'. c ~ . • (, "1 ~ 'I • ' Getting Settled Made Si.mple. New Town dilemmas fade after a WELCOME WAGON call. As WELCOME WAGON Representalo\\.',. learh. Slot \LlrhilH". ek, E"hibitiol1: ThtJr~day. Apri129 - 10 .-\.\1. to."s P,\1. Friday. April :30 - 10 :\.\1, to -t 1',\1. Also one hour prior 10 each ~e\,i()ll Terms: Cash, Check. American Exprc, ... \'isa or \laslcr. Card {I 0"; Buyers Premium in effr Fullire Auctinns C.B. CHARLES'~ CAllERI[

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