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1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

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,~, , , ., >. f. .4 c , 'J, ,. .' . :.~ .~ ." ." ..... '. . , . , '. -, ~.. " ., . .. * • q - .. P'ge Fourteen.A GROSSE POINTE NEWS -------- -.-------- --- ..__ ._------._----_. -- - - ._---------~---,--_.--_._- ~------_._.-_. Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dartgerous to Your Health. .' , /' :'.~_ . LIGHTS " Thursday, April 29, 1982 The spirit of Marlboro ina low tar cigarette. "DWEllED TAR £, NICOTINE 100's. 10 mg "lar:' 0.7 mg nlcorine -Kings: 11 mg "Iar:' 0,7 mg nicorlne av, per clgare!le, FTC Report Dee: 81 , I

Thursd&y, April 29, /982 GROSSE POINTE NEWS Paqe Fifteen-A Woods opts for' new study of Mack. Vernier corner A traffic study or the Mack.Vernier ,Intersection wll1 be done by engineers who studied tramc in the northwest area of the Woods in 1979 in hopes of assuring parents the corner is as saCe as possible for the school children who daily cross it, The Woods council voted 6.1 Mon. day, April 19, to allocate $2,500 Cor the study by Goodell.Grivas, Inc. which councilmen said woold provide an in. dependent Cael.finding of the saCety oC the torner. The request for the sludy grew out of a March 30 meeting between Woods coundlmen, public saCely oUicials, school board members. prindpals and members oC PTO's in the area. Councilman Jean Hice requesled the council undertake the study after lhe issu(;' surfaced last January, The dis. cussion at the lime centerffi around the inslallation oC flashing warning signals on Mack to warn drivers oC the .;"hw! c:-~sh~~. The Wayne County Road Commis. sion told the city that it could install the signs at the city's expense, bul asked to be released Crom liabilitv in case the signs caused an accidenl 'and the city was sued Parcells PTO president Ross Kogel asked for a study at the March 30 meeting, and declined to have the study done by the Auto Club, \lo'hich also had a representative present, opt. ing Cor one by the outsid~ SOUTce. Parents and PTO oUicials asked the 'council at the April 19 meeting to do the study "just to reassure the parents that ever)'1hing possible has been done to make that corner as safe as possi. ble." \ Councilmen debated whether proposed cross. hatching oC the cross walk s~ould be done before the study. Coun. cllman Robert Novltke said that al. though he would like a proper study tQ be done, the cross.hatching of the walks could enhance the safety of the corner now. Councilmen Frederick Lovelace and Thomas Fahrner disagreed, noting that the cross.hatching could afCect the outcome of the study. Goodell. Grivas may even recommend against the cross. hatching, they pointed out. The council agreed to repaint the cross walks which have faded, and refrain Crom the cross.hatching, if dis. cussions between the Department of Public saCety and Goodell.Grivas determine the extra cross.hatching could affect the study. Councilman John Sabol was the only dissenting vote. Sabol explained that the Grosse Pointe Board of Education had shown a lack of Interest "trom a financial point 01 view." Thllt lack oC interest has soured him toward the study', he said. Sabol also asked for requoles from the companies that submitted bids, noting the disparity between services ofCered made it difCicult to choose the best study for the city's needs. His reo commendation for detailed requests from the companies, the asking of. specific questions for specific answers, was panned by DPS director Jack Pat. terson who pointed out that specific questions could lead to a biased reo o port, instead of the overall Cact.finding the city is looking for. Marching band will lead rllllllers The Michigan Fife and Drum Corps, a nationally recognized colonial marching band, dressed in Re\'olutionary War costumes, will lead runners to the starling line for the Cottage Hospital "We're Up Cor Health" Fun Run Walk, Sunday, May 2. Beginning at 12:30 p.m., runners' and walkers will assemble at Muir Road and Kercheval Avenue to begin a march down Kercheval to the Fisher Road starting line at the flag pole at South HiF(h School. . Area youngsters .... 'ho participated in the Cottage Hospital "We're Up for. Health" kite decorating contest on health themes ar~! asked to join thl.(>ltl.~ Detroit Young Republicans will host troit. a dance on Friday, M.y 14. from 8:30 Two hours 01 tennis, racquetball or p.m. to 1 a.m. at the Hyatt Regency, squash (three, 4C-minute sets), buffet Admission is $4 for members. $5 for dinner, setups, plus access to the non. members and proper attire is re- . club's w~ight.lifting room, sauna and quire~1 a"~ t~ "':J(' t' Cr',,~~~I"'..":: -"I rOlJ";~ l;,E'.11 Education - A com~unity affair Did you know that education in Barnes: May 13 at 8 p.m. - Vocal Music Program; May'l:l at 7:30 p.m. Brownell: May 12 at 7 p.m. - Festi- Grosse Pointe is a community affair? Music Concert; May 'l:I at 8 p.m. - - Spring Concert. val of the Ans (will continue Cor That's the message the public school Instrumental Music Concert; J.l1ne 7 at Maire: .M~y 7 at 2: 15 p.ll? -. ~ senior citizens during the day on May system hopes to convey next month by 5:30 p.m. - Ice Cream Social. Parent'Prlnclpal Forum (SeOlor Cltl- 13). schedUling several activities, concerts Defer: May 18 at 7 p,m. - Fourth, zens invited to attend); May ro at 7::J(J Parcells: May 20 at 7:30 p

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