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1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

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Thursday, April 29, 1982 Histo!"}' hnff~ Ht w(wk ... Dedicated volunteers FRANK A. DILLON and SUZANNE KENT assist Jean Dodenhoff, curator, on Wednesdays at the Grosse Pointe Historical Society's headquarters at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial, where cataloguing and maintaining collections, documents and artifacts is a time consuming and exacting job - but a very rewarding one for local history buffs. The Society welcomes new members and additions to its volunteer sraff, as well as gifts and memorabilia of early Grosse Pointe. PJan Detroit Rose SodctJ~8 lueeting Slides on lWses for Your Garden, the Oak Park Community Center on pruning and new and potted packaged Oak Park Boulevard. The public is roses will form the program for the welcome. There is no admission Detroit ~ Society's meeting tomor- charge. row, Friday, May 30, at 7:30 p.m. at (, - ----- ---==-=:\ (0' ---------\1 , -UrtlIJer'S 'I' ~ne .rU~(,IiCure JI __ .~ 1: ~II A 1..1\"')0 1 u~e,!o S"il B (.\';'tih.H k S"r.l ( :">lr &. .\In PIll"" lw k ( h.lJ[~ lie" H;, D I..)ucc n /\noe \\ In,.: ( hm ! Pd!""h.,,~ I."'t "e.1t f- r cl't',! ll.h>; ( iuh ( h,lIr (, h'"rrcq ----------_ .. ({1\---.---------. ----- ----~ I -Urtlper'S ~ \ fme furntCure ) Fine Furniture Sale .Month by Harden T,l~(, t.:\,d~Li~(,' .,. f~.~L: ...lJ rr ..... l.... ,Ifl HlrJ,n.~ n, ...r"f.JL, r:~'l.."t''' Ll.\. rl'\':"'" " I". L.l ~.1I1: ; "(:.It" ~l'.H 'IL~:..:' \....I,l";~ . ~'.....! .n ti'l' \ '"',, '- 'fl...... ' ~r !~'.ti.\r ..~I.:n ~ ~'h,';"h ~~J,:':1 l '- '\. ,.r .. 1 ' .. L" .1 :.\ 11 r:- [' ... ~."t :...~ :--\.,I, '\ r.' MCF offers • cancer testzng GROSSE POINTE NEWS The Michigan Cancer Foundation's East Regional Service Center is offer. ing breast exams and pap tests at its Warren office on 13 Mile Road, at the corner of Hayes. The pap test, which is done by specially trained nurses, is offered on the first and third Monday of each month. The breast exam. 'offered the second and fourth Monday of eac~ month, includes a thorough ex. ammatlOn of lhe breast and instruction in how to practice breast self.examination. There is a nominal fee of $5 for the pap test, $10 for the initial breast exam. Further iniormation may be obtained anrl appointments for cancer s('reenings made by calling 294-4430 between 10 a.m. ami 4 p.m. Monday through f'riday. The MCF is a Torch Drive-United Way Agency. NOW 250/0 SAVINGSI ALL IN STOCK 'MERCHANDISE OR SPECIAL ORDER PrIces shou'n are in top f!,rade fahrics.' 23020 MACK AVE, (NEAR 9 MILE) ST. CLAIR SHORES 778-3500 •Store Hour.: Monday, Thursday, Friday-Till 9 P.M. Tues., Wed. Sat. - Till 5:30 P.M. ~ (Closed Sunday) ..... Slate Scandinavian ro 1 • ~ynlpnony etJlU:el"l The Scandinavian Symphony Orchestra, Douglas Murrison, conductor. will present a Music of Michigan Festh'aJ Saturday, May 1, at 8:20 p_m at the Southfield High School auditorium, Lahser and Ten Mile Roads. The even. ing's program features works by Michigan composers, induding the world premier of Allen's Theophaoic Suite, and the traditional Scandinavian Flag Ceremony. Information on tickets, at $4.50 for adults, $2.25 for students and $3.50 for senior citizens or groups of 10 or more, maY,be obtained by calling 535- 1330, 431-3033 or 644-9203. R('.~ S,-\LE SU')\ S 1.lll" I 260 '} IS 6H_' 1')(' - 2, S "~I 1)22 h'Ji) I.IF H I~ -21 S i'J 2(,2 I'll, MR. and MRS. BAR- DHYL RUSTEM SEJ- FULLA, of Coloni~l Court, announce the birth of their first child, a daughter, AMY LYNN SEJFULLA, April 3. Mrs. Sejfulla is the former LINDA LEE CLEMEN'!, daughter of MARJORIE 1. CLE. MENT, of The Woods. Paternal grandparents are MRS. VAHIDE SEJ- FULLA, of The Farms, and the late R~STEM SEJFULLA. SCOTT SCHAPPE son of DR. and MRS: ROBERT SCHAPPE, of Bedford Road, was recently initiated into Psi Upsilon fraternity at the University of Michigan where he is a physics major in the Honors Col. lege. Schappe, a 1980 Grosse Pointe South High School graduate, was a member of the 1'980Unlversltv 'of 'MIdil.' gan Marching" Band, has sung with the University Arts Chorale and now perlorms with the Campus Symphony Orchest. ra. SPRING CLEAN UP 885-1900 EAST )FFFERSO,\i DETROIT. MICH. 821.3525 Q'''';''} S"".iI!lg Care PA Y ONE PRICE '5.00 FOR ALL RIDES AND ATTRACTIONS FOR ONE ENT/RE DAY / Page Seven-S Rudolf, Starker nights at '1)S() German.born conductor, musical Stales in 1940, first conducted the m;o scholar and author Max RudoU wUl be in May of 1976, most recently in Df. joined by Hungarian-born celllat Janos cember of 1980. His 13-year as~

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