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1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

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---~ -~-~- --- ~--- ~-- Pege Eight.B ----- -- ---------.-------------------- Network caU for volunteers .' SouthCield United Presbyterian , Church will be the setting Monday, May 3. for the annual meeting of the Volunteer Network of Metropolitan • Df~"'.1it. Inc .. an alliance of over 100 volunteer organizations and individual volunteers working together to strengthen the voluntary sector. The program. which runs from 11:S0 a.m. to 2 p.m .. will fealure the Re. verend Kenneth V. Kettlewell. pastor • of the First Prtlsbyterian Church of c ", . Detroit, one of 100 clergymen who attended a White House luncheon in mid-April, offerilli hIa views on how Federal budget cutbacks can have positive eflects in a talk on "The Virtues of Private Initiative." Fee for the luncheon, meeting and program is $7,50. Fee for the meeting and program only Is $2. ReservaUons may be made by contacUng Edee Seymour at 846-8586. Lakeside Palette Chili will exhibit Lakeside Palette Club. at the beginning of its 35th anniversary year, presents Its annual spring exhibit this weekend at the St. Clair Shores Civic Arena on Stephens Road. The show .. 1)pens tomorrow, Friday, AprU 30, at 6 p.m. Saturday, May I, hours are noon to 9 p.m. (closing time Friday Is also 9 p.m.), and Sunday, May 2, hours are noon to 7 p.m. A reception and presentation of .~'.Ar~~ :~ :c~ed~!~~ fn,. 7'~n n m, Saturday. The show was jurled by Helen Cartmell, who awarded second prize to Grosse Pointe's Angie PolizzI. Two other Pointers. Clara Peters and Carolyn Sieftert, received honorable mention. . Other prite winners are Sylvia Fell, Set Salvation Artn)' Auxiliary's meeting Tbe Awdllary to the Salvation Army will gather Monday, May 10, at the Edwin Denby Children's Home, where the young residents will sing and per. form for the group. Reservatlol\5 for the 11 a.m. meeting may be obtained by contacting Enld Gee at 642-&1016. first; Marian Bryant, third; and Francine Kachman, fourth, Other honorable mention winners are Rene Delmar, Cassie Bobowskl and Gladys Jeromin. Many of the oils, acrylics and watercolors on exhibit will be for sale, and a special award, determined by vote of the viewing public, will be presented at the close 0{ the show to the artist who created the public's favoritepainting. The clUb, sountieci FeU. ~, j,~j ;,,~ Meta Shrigley and nine other persons, now has more than 100 members, including founder member Beatrice Cross. Seventy-five paintings were shown In Its initial exhibition Nov. 22, 1948. Since then, Lakeside PalettA'S annual shows have grown in both size and quality. 'l1le club is co-sponsored by the St. Clair Shores R~reatton Department and meets september through May at 7:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month at the St. Clair Shores Re. creaUon Center, Guests and prospective members are welcome at the meetings, which feature 1~ture8 and demonstrations by distinguished ar. tists. ( - ~ - I • * Upholstery Cleaning: COUCH reg. $39,95 NOW'28.1I0 ENGLESIDE CARPET CLEANIHS Any Living Room and Hall ••••• CHAIR reg. $24.50 NOW"8.1I0 • Walt Washing •• .,. OPP IIrwN Ito,"__.IKI It. C'-Ir .ltor" l)firolt 2341. MACK 112111.7 MILl ROAD Z773•• '.0 .3 •••• 00 :; Hucks Lakeshore Open Mother •• Day 2 to 10 Champagne Szerial Gla88 of oup or Julee Main Entree Speelal- Salad Ice Cream or Sherbet Bolls - Coffee Custom Work Free Estimates 521-4061 15519 Harper Ave. Corner of Nottingham 85'5 to '8,!5 EII'Pef!A6Itange~ Nitel)' - 5 1o 10 HScotty" Tulloek ~Iehlgan's Finest at the Plano TUES •• SAT. DR 1-5550 JOSEPH P. PERSE with A& C Upho~feriJ COo UPHOLSTERING & DECORATING • S.r~iclflg Ifl. PoinllS for 37 y.ars Wide Selection of f,.. P'CK-UP & OfJ/lvlJry free estimates . CASUAL & DECORATIVE VA 2.9660 12339 HAYES i"" r,ABRICS "'~.¥E.MA»\lAL QHURCH EASTERTIDE 9:30. 11:30 Worship 9:30 Church SChool 10:30 Study Hour HOLY COMMUNION "TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE" Dr. BERTRAM ATWOOD 18 Lakesbore Dr. Dial-A-Prayer 882-5330 - 20&hr. 882.8110 UNITED PRESBYTERIAN Q~OSSE POINTE UNITARIAN CHURCH 17150 Maumee 881-Q420 Church Service: 11:00 A.M. "SOLDIER OF CIVIUZATION" Mr. VITO ABATE Rev. Fred F. Campbell WATCH THE "SERVICE OF THE WEEK' AT8 P.M. ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 5 MONDAY, MAY 10 CHANNEL'28 Grosse Pointe Cable TV This Week's Service From; EBENEZER BAPTIST CHURCH SPONSORED BY, THE GROSSE POlNiE MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION W ::" ST. MICHAEL's EPISCOPAL CHURCH Jilt,S Perk Gront Pointe Wood. 884-4820 8:00 a,m, Holy Eucharist 9:3Oa,m, BIble Study (Nursery Avallablel HI:30 a.m. Choral Eucharist and Sermon, Sunday School Weekday Eucharist 9:30 a.m. Tuesday 9A,M. FIRST SATURDAY Rector Robert E. NeUy Looking For Fnend'hlp and Bible Teaching~ CHRIST I FELLOWSHIP CHURCH Inon-denominatlonal) 21760 Raven Road East Detroil IJust West of 1.94 of Toepfer Services: Sundays 10'30 a.m. Grou. Point. Woods PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 19950 Mlck Avenue 1lllltwlYblt.l,n Morall ,nd V.mlll Rndl) 886-4300 9:30 Church School for Chilrlren Youth and Arlult Courses 11:00 WORSHIP Children's Learning Center Nursery Provided Come grow with us and serve the human family st. James Lutheran Church "on The Hili" McMlllaa at Krrchrnl 884-0511 WORSHIP SERVICES 9:30 & 11:00 a.m . (Nurser\'. both Sen'.) 9;30 B.m. Sun. SChool Pastor GeorgI! ~r, SChrltrr Pastor Robrrt A. Rimbo CHRIST CHURCH- GROSSE POINTE (Episcopal) 61 Grosse Pointe BlI'd Sunday 5en ices 8 a m, Hol\' Euchanst 9:15' a.m. Ho!\' Eucharist li.15 a.m, ~orning Prayer Church School Rev. EDWARD COBDEN Preaching MAY 2 The Grosse Pointe Congregatlona I and American Baptist Church 240 Chalf ... ", 01 LOlhrop Sunday Worship 9'30&11'15am, 9:30 a m, Church SchooIOnl)' "REFUGE" Is, 25:1-5 Crib Room. FacLlilies aVBllable Dr. Roy R, Hutcheon Rev. Jack E. Skiles Need prayer help or list 01 other actlvltle. call 882-W? DR. SARAH SOLADA and her mlnlJter. lire avaUable. CHRISTIAN REFORMED [!FIRST CHURCH 1444 )Iaryland .-'n' Grosse Pointe Park 9:~ a.m Church School 10:30 8.m Momin!( Worship 6:00 p m EH,1lng Worsh:p Coffee Break Bible DiSl:o,'er~ • For "omen 10 a m Wed • For Adults. 7 30 P m Thurs Sf. Paul Ev. '"'':;'''''''Lutheran I ~t:Church '- ,/ 881-6670 Chelfonl. and Lolhrop WORSHIP 9: l5 Famll:- Wor"hlp & Sunda\' SChool 11:00 \~crshlp Rev Kenneth R Lentz. TH D Re,. Dou~las D..'\'o, • Gro... Polnle (t United METHODIST CHURCH 211 Marolt Road 886-2353 9'15 a.m Famiiy Wor~hlp and Church School 11 15 a.m. Worship Service :o.;ur~pryand Pre,School ~imisters : Robert Paul WaNt David B. Prlllllman GROSSE POINTE BAPTIST CHURCH 21:136 :\1al'k :\\l'nur (iroli5/' Pointr Wood. "w.,."'\" \-.,'rr,.'''''''', Awlll~ ~c)"

-.---------------------'-I11III _ ..... I I / Thursday, April 29, 1982 GROSSE POINTE NEWS Page Nine-B Grosseblnte' Real Estate Exchaoge;; , " ' ~ THE PReJPt"T'iES ,LISTEr)' ON THESE PAG'ES"ARE OFFERED EXCLUflVELY , .tN ' BY. "'I".~RSOFTHE GROSSEporNTE RI:AL ESTATEEXCHANGE@' SERVING GROSSE POINTE FOR OVER 50 YEARS WITH 3 GROSSE POINTE OFFICES FOR YDUR CONVENIENCE: 822 Bedford 429 Colonial Ct 1059 De\lonshire 20300 Flet'twood 988 Hampton HllI15 W Ida Lane 21207 Lochmoor 465 McKinley 607 Middlesex 480 Neff 1111S, Oxlord 1291 S, Oxford 14 Rose Terrace 1607 Sunningdale )800 Vernier 535 Washmgton Tudor Bun~alow COlonial Bungalow Bungalow Ranch Colonial Colonial Colonial 2-Family Colonial Colonial Colonial Ranch Condo Ranch OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 5 Bdrms 2~ Baths 9% Assumption! 2 Bdrms 1 Balh Expansion area - rn,900 3 Bdrms 2J,J Baths SUPER BUY at $1l0,OOO! 3 Bdrms Big family room - Grosse Pointe schools 3 Bdrms 2 Baths Large famity room 3 Bdrms Bi~ lot - lots or charm! L, C 3 Bdrms fo'amily room - Pointe schools. K.l!:UUCt!,;u: 3 Bdrms )y, Baths $21,000 assumes LiC! 4 Bdrms 3'h Baths Long term assumption! 4 Bdrms 2 Baths in each unit TERMS! 4 Bdrms 2'1'% Baths Family room - choice terms! 4 Bdrms 1"h Baths Family room. LIC terms 4 Bdrms 2J,J Baths Newer! Big 81;2%assumption! 2 Bdrms 2 Baths 100x300' on golf course! 3 Bdrms 2'h Baths Family room - The Berkshires • 3 Bdrms Great extras' 20% down on assumption. 884.0600 881-4200 881-4200 881-6300 .881-6300 881.4200 llIll-o,jW 884-0600 881-4200 881-4200 884-0600 881-6300 ll84--O6OO 881-6300 884-{)6()() 881-6300 APPOINTMENTS ARRANGED AT YOUR CONVENIENCE ELMSLEIGH LANE - 1st OFFERING of Mast.built 4 bedroom colonial with 2 rull baths up ~ powder room and !av down - Large family room, many line amenities, Choice or terms. 881-4200, , GROSSE POINTE FARMS - NEW OFFER of large 3 bedroom bungalow - big family room and lots of extras. Mint condition! I.. C, 881-6300, UNIVERSITY - JUST LISTED! Young budget priced 2 bedroom bungalow with expansion space, Florida room, finished basement. Lie terms, $66,900. 881-6300, ROSLY:'i - NEWlY LISTED 3 bedroom, l~ bath colonial built 1969 with custom features. Fireplace, central air, Assume MlI,600 balance at 10W~;. $69,600. 88Hl6OO. , HARCOURT - NEW OFFERING in Pointe's prestige rental area of well maintained 2-family _ Three bedrooms each unit - $560 month current rent. 9% assumption! ~. IN THE WOODS - 1st OFFER of immaculate 3 bedroom, 1"h bath colonial with (amily room, A charmer! $78,900. 881-6300. JUST LISTED in Grosse Pointe Woods Mason school area, Appealing air conditioned 3 bedroom CQlonial. $81,900. 881-6300, AUTHENTIC GEORGIAN COLONIAl. in prime Farms location. Gracious living and countless amenities with a fantastic lake view from nearly e~'ery room! ExcitinR details at 881-4200. WESTCHESTER - Very special New Orleans colonial in 1Klx2nS' setting near lake. Three large bedrooms, 21;2baths, library, family room, MUCH MORE! A real beauty! $149,500 with attrac. tive financing, 884..()6()(). 28 ELM COURT - Drive by this sharp 5 bedroom, 4"h bath contemporary. Outstanding family room, great kitchen, finished basement - MORE! Appointment to see at 884.(!60(L 318 TOURAINE COURT - Air conditioned 4 bedroom, 2"h bath colonial with large family room. Privacy location. Land contract arnt:or simple aasumption, 884-0500. HARPER WOODS - New oflering in Grosse Pointe school area, 12"h% 8!isumption on 3 bedroom, 1'h story brick. A real bargain - $59,500. Move right in! 884..()6()(), IIALTo-lS .,m= IMPORTANT SERVICE: FOR TRANSFEREES: RELt!l ''''III.CIT'I' •• ~ .••• v.c. We are here 10 serve you 9 A.M. to 9 P,M. Monday thru Friday 9 A.~. to S'P.m. Saturday and Sunday GROSSE POINTE FARMS GROSSE POINTE PARK GROSSE POINTE WOODS 82 Kercheval 884-0600 16610 Mack 881-4200 19790 Mack 881-6300 DETROIT OFFICE - 11500 Morang - 839-4700 Planning to sell your house? Talk to a professio.nal. Call any member of the Grosse Pointe Real Estate Exchange •. They have the know-how! ~7~2I / J " LOCHMOOR 660 N. BRYS - Custom calonial, four bedrooms, large family room, library, Mutschler kitchen, Make offer, Immaculate four bedroom, two bath brick home. Recreation room with fireplace, lot over 300 feet deep, Less than a block from North High, priced at $78,900, Land Con. tract terms, 1430 KENSINGTON - 'Q ,:ious four bedroom English Tudor ~ ~ .:tely redecorated in 198L Simple ?'Cf:I0'!ltion terms, Priced at $92,000. 636 N, ROSEDALE - Large four bedroom col. onial, professionally finished basement, enclosed porch. 1!n6 PRESTWICK - Recently redeeorated col. onial. Large family room, recreation rl)Om. Land Contract terms, . 353 McKINLEY - Lar~'n '"Inri Q ~l~n.o" ' ;~~l.- R'~~jist'i'~~'liy'prj~;;d ~t $ins:ooo .. ADDITIONALOFFERINGS FIRST OFFERI:'iG - HOLLYWOOD ROAD - Immaculate 3 bedroom, 2 balh semi-ranch wilh a new kitchen, a family room with Cireplace and much more, A great value at only $85,900, CLASSIC ENGUSH with a fabulous cabana and swimming pool entertainment com. plex, Ihis 4 bedroom, 2 1 ", bath home features a Mutschler ~itchen, family room with natural fireplace, rirst floor laundry, rec, room with wet bar, and land contract terms are available, There's much more to tell you about,.so call us today. 1617 BRYS - Can't beat this 2 bedroom brick colonial with ramily room and ree. room at $62,900, LlGGETT SCHOOL AREA - Four bedroom, 2'h bath custom built colonial featuring a family room with wet bar and rii-eplace, and great linancing, THE PERFECT STARTER - Well located in Grosse Pointe Woods with land contract terms and a price in the mid. Fifties , A REAL SLEEPER - Four bedrooms, 21f.z baths, great rinancing ,., blended mortgage or contract terms, only $85,000. OFF LAKESHORE DRIVE :..- This stately pil. lared colonial located on Renaud Road fea. tures separate library, and family room as well as a greenhouse'. Youngblood Rea.ty II\C. .- Oroue Point.', Rea} Estate , Excha~ fMmber . Borland Associates'. of Earl Keim Realty,: Wm, J. Champion .. & Co, c.."

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