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1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

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I. 1 i ~------------..---.----.---...,- ~....-- , -- Page Two.C GROSSE POINTE NEWS Thursd4Y, April 29, 1982 , I Diluter benefits The Banister House on Harper Avenue in St. Clair Shores will be the site f[lr the \{onda\', Ma\' 3 Wayne State University football t>enefit dinner. Cocktails at 7 p m. will be followed Zaranek leads Alhiol1' cagers Grosse Pointe North High Sehool alumnus Rob Zaranek f~pped his Most Improved ~~ayer award-winning year of la'st season with another fine season as a member of Albion C'ollege's basketball team. Zaranek, son of Mr. and Mrs. Casimir Zaranek, of Anita Avenue, appeared in 17 games ~bis season. starting several ~d compiling 9.6 points and ~:2 rebounds per game. Zaranek, who led Albion with field goal percentage and ~'cored a season high 20 points ih one game last. season is an economics and management and sociology major at Albion, wbere he also served as student trainer for the football team. He hopes to enter law school in the fall. CHINESE GOLDEN AND ~ERICAN . DISHES B{JDDHA. : featuring the very finest in Cantonese dishes . For lunche~ns and Dinners, plus exotic Cocktails, ..: Monday ttHU Thursday 11 a.m - 11 p.m. ','" Friday 11 a.m, • 12 p.m, Saturday 12 noon - 12. p.m. Sunday 12 no Oil - II_p.m .. COCKTAIL LOUNGE . Near Whittier. Ample ParkIng 16340 Harper' -~ RAM'S HORN: , RISI AU.ANI sas;.1902 17410 MACK AT $T 'DAILY DINNEFl. SPECIALS: $3.99 ,11 1.11. to 11 p,m, elly ,"OMEMADE .SOUP DAILY ,; WE ARE FAMOUS .,for OUR DESSERTS! by dinner at 7:30 p.m. A number of speakers, including Bo Schembeehler and Muddy Waters, University of Michigan and Michigan State Univer. sity football coaches, as well as sportscasters Dave Diles, Don Shane, Ray Lane and Vince Doyle and Detroit Lion defensive back James HuntE'r and others are schedule~SALE ~ ~ MAY 21.22 ' Send in order form today! I~---------~-------_.) I' Make Checks Payable to: , I South Mothers Club I 1 11 G.P. Blvd., G.P.F, 48236 1 f Name - I , Address .. " - .. .. .. 1 1- I l City. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. . ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. I I Phone. .. 1 I Nearest Cross Street... .. I j Impatiens I I $10 per flat of 36 plants I I Red__ Pale Pink __ I I White -- Deep Pink__ I 1 Orange __ Salmon __ I 1 Wax Begonias I I' $10 per flat of 36 plants I :. Red__ I I White__ 1 I Pink__ I 1 -- - ------ ..-----.-- 1 I ~:::; Free delivery of atr orders of twD or /lOre nats I I =.; 50C delivery charge for all single flat orders I I C I prefer to pIck my order up on I I May 21 or 22 at South gym, I DELIVERIES i IMITED TO THE BOUNDARIES I OF THE GROSSE POINTE SCHOOL SYSTEM I I I Please order by A~rll 30, 1982 I ------- -------------, , ,Bierman will hat for (T of D Titans Mary Beth Bierman, twice an AlI.League softball player while at Our Lady Star of the Sea High School, will play centerfield for the University of Detroit Titan softball team this season. Bierman, a freshman" majoring in accounting at U of 0, was also ail AII- League prep basketball player. She will play under her high schooi coacll, Sue Snover. at U of D. Bierman, a Pointe resi. dent, bats and throws right-handed. Kenyon's Clark swi";'s to award Kenyoo 'College freshman Mark Clark, of the Pointe. received a first year varsity swimming award at the school's winter sports banquet April 4. , Clark is a resident of Cameron Place and a graduate of Grosse Pointe South High SChool. The 1982 Kenyon Lords won a thir:d consecutive NCAA Division II national championship, Kenyon's 29th straight Ohio Athletic Conference crown, the OAC relavs and compiled a 7-5 dual meet record. (;ro~~e Poinl~' 't.w~ \d~ gt.t 1'.'~lIlti'i' (~an 882-6900 A falniliar face That patented swing belongs to Reggie Jackson, and although Jackson has absolutely nothing to do with Grosse Pointe, that swing brings to mind something very dear to many Pointers - Little League and Babe Ruth League baseball. The Pointe's various teams will begin 1982 play this week ... a fact which brings something else to mind. The News is happy to I publish results and summaries of Little League and Babe Ruth games. Mothers, fathers, coaches. players, manager~ or anyone else can s~b~it copy, The News does not pay stringers, but they do get abyhne, Copy must be typed or printed; deadline is Monday at noon. Further information may be obtained by calling the sports department at 882-0294. . Ma-y 23 date for SJH nlll run '" If you enjoy fun and enjoy to run, join the Sajnt John Hospital Joggers Club at its second annual Saint John Hospital Fun and Health Run, slated [or Sunday, May 23, at 10 a.m., in Windmill Pointe. Participants may run or wal'k two or four miles around Windmill Pointe. Applications are available at front Informalion Desks of Saint John Hospital or the st. Clair Professional Building. Registration and entry fee prior to Monday, May 10 is $6,. $7 .after May 10. Henry Ford ;'\lusE'um is offering special tours .mil demol/slNllions gi\'ing visitors a c1ose-r and morE' detailE'd interpret;)t ion of tl1l' museum's \'asl collectiolls. The programs arE' scheduled at \' arious limes E'ach da\'. at no'e:-..tra co~t 10 visitors beyond the regular museum adm,issions of S7 for adults. $:).50 {or children 6. to 12. Children under 6 are admitted free. "ThE',llistory of Ihe Steam Engine" focuses on the museum's Power and Machinery Collection. Visitors ha\'e an OPPol'tullitr to see various kinds of steam engines in operation; [or safety, the museum's engines are operated by compl'e."sed air. An interpreter traces the history of sleam engines from the ;'Iie\\comen and Watt machmes of the 1700s to the Corliss double-acting steam engines and steam.operated eleelrical generators of the late 18oos. At the Power focal poiht. visitors see how sleam engines were used with a belt system to operate a numbe'r of machines simultaneoush'. "'From Field to Tabie: Preparing the Daily Meal"' foe uses 011 both the Hom(' Arts and Agri(:ll!ture Coll~c- !ions An interprNer shows how the process of obtaming. preparing and pr('o';.or\ in,£; food changed during the I~th l'l'ntnry . :\t the H'llme :\1'10' focal p()int. \'isitors "N' thl"e(' period kitchens dating from the 19305. 139lJs and 134(\5: \0 ('~('h tht' interpretel' explain, ho\\' a family \H!uld haH' obtained the ingre. (~jent., fur ,,!lei pn'parer! a roilst oeef dinner. complete IIjtli apple pie for des.'HL The artual kitchen utensils u~('d an,l e,plaith.'d. and sonu' are ~('ml1n

- - Thuudiy, April 29, 1982 GROSSE POINTE NEWS Page Three-C lA-PIJtSONALS CLASSIFIED ADS Call 882-6900 6 Trunk Lines to Serve You Quirklv• -._--- ----_.------------_. --------~----------------------_._-_ ..---~----- YOUR CAT OR DOG beautl. fully painted In oHs by Grone Polnle Arll.t Allo. elation Artist. Framed 8" by 10", $75. Please call 882.~16. CUSTOM DRAPERIES, qual. Ity work, reasonable prlcn All hand-sewn. Free inJtallation. 939.2476. DEADLINE FOR (ANCELLA TiONS AND CHANGES MONDA Y, 4 P.M. lA-'IJtSONALS FLOWER SALE Defer Elementary School 1542S Kercheval, Grosse Pointe Park Saturoay, 'May 8th, 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. All popular varieties at a very reasonable price. ARE YOU BEING OVERCHARGED ON YOUR LIFE INSURANCE? , FTC reports only 1 to 3l,1 % returns on cash value whole life policies. FOR FREE ANALYSIS - Call J. R. DAOUST, JR. 573.7280 (before 4:00) 88401267 (anytime) Classified Ad Deadlines! To Cancel. Monday, 4 p.m. To Change - Monday, 4 p.m. New Copy - Tuesday Noon 882-6900 ll-SECRET ARIAL SERVICES THE GIVING TREE MONTESSORI SCHOOL now accepting Can enroll. ment. Ages 21,2 through 6 years. Certified Mon. tessori directress. For more Information please contact 881-2255 12G-CONVALESCENT CARE 4-HELP WANTED GENERAL 4-HEL' WANTED GENIJtAL 19959 VER~IER ROAD 4-HELP WANTED GENERAL CLASSICAL Pianist avail. able {or weddlnp, llght SECRETARIAL / ANSWER. MENTALLY RETARDED 11. LABORATORY technologist. DO YOU HAVE A DENTAL OFFICE positions entertainment, background ING service, bookkeeping, censed home-Rooms avail. Interll!!t'! o!!ice, experi. MISCONCEPTION available. Receptionist and music, etc. Experienced Xerox, notary available. able in adult (o.ter care ence requited, 32 houri per of the AMWA Y opportunity? dental anlBtant. Experlaccompaniat lb. KeU)' Retumea, term papers, Ie. home, locaud In former week, Eastside. send res. Call Marilyn at 824.2200. ence necessary. Cell 884. Smith. 3"UJl~. gal. RealOnable rate •. 885. convent. Hamtramck. B86- ume to Box A-66, Grope I 1320 1900. 17901 E .. t Warren. 8632 between 10 a,m.-noon. Pointe New., 99 Kerche- PARTY STORE seek. main. . HIGH FLYING HELIUM val, Grosse Pointe Farms, tenance person to work 10 RECORDING secretary for BALLOON BOUQUETS TYPING-Personal, resume 'lILOST ..t. ... D j MI 48236 p.m. to 2 a.m. part time. condom in urn association in for all occasions for as little and bu.lneSl. 884-2071. -FOU D"" .. 331-6655 Joe. in St. Clair Shores, requires as $10. Delivery avallable. SENSOR GUARD Security -~---- attendant at 1 evening 882.4968 PROFESSIONAL TYPING- ---------- Systems-is looking (or a WAITRESS - Afternoons. meeting per month. Call PerlOnal and business. Ai. FOUND. Small Shepherd mix distributor of their full line References. Prefer mar. Association Management, DOG WALKER 80 bookkeeping, pegboard, black and tan, looking for of pre.entry, security al. ried lady. Farinas Granary, 775-7011. HAMILTON EMPLOYMENT SERVICE HARPER WOODS, MICHlGA~ 48225 881.5126 4-HEL' WANTED GENERAL MEET THE CHALLENGE. of the 80's. Begin a career in real eslate and make more than you ever thought pos. sible. The profeuionals in the business offer 'Iou the most revolutionary com. pensation program ever! Call Dennis Andrus for confidential interview. 886-4200 SCHWEITZER . REAL ESTATEl BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS I H a\'e leash - will travel around Grosse Poinle City. I P.e!bb!~ Gt\I)~ with f)()(;S. Best of references {rom my I dog, Barney. Call 886-04U. TAKE TIME to relax. Call payroll tues. 881.1368. ---------- 2-ENTUTAINMENT owner or new loving home. 882_-8 __660 __ o_r_3_7_2_. __ 3_6_38_. __ ___ t OST D' d - . : lamOn engagement ring and wedding band in parking lot of G. P. Bapt. Church on Fr1. eve 4/23. arms. TheoA home and au. .... to security systems are wireless, solid state, and fP;,:"n.,'; C()uple with 2 chilrlrrn 685.4160.

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