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1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

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_________ .1--------- 1---------1---------- GROSSE POINTE NEWS - --------- ----- -----------------~_._- _. ------ ~ ~. -- ---- ~ ~--- - 21f-HOMI 21F-HOME 21G-lOOFING 21-I-PAINTING AND \ 21-I-PAINTtNG & 21-I-PAINTING, IMPlOVEMENT IMPROVEMENT SIlVICES DECORATING DECOIA'fIHG DECOIATING. ---------1----------1--------- --------- 21L-TILE WORK Thursd.y, April 2~, 1982 -------,-- 210-CIMENT AND IllCK WOlK LICENSED BUILDER MODERNIZE TO ALL G~OSSE POI NTE MAl\C HOOVER QUALITY Interlor.Exterlor MANHATTAN TILE CO. - SPRINGFIELD BUILDING MODERNISM. ROOFING&: GUTTERS PAINTER'S, INC. LICENSED CONTRACTOR painting and plastering. New and remodeling cer. J. W, KLEINER • Roofing HOME OR OFFICE NEW and REPAIR Pro(esslonal Paperhangers Reasonable. Neat. Speedy amic tile 111kitchen •• bath CEMENT CONTRACTOR • Gutters 30 years experience. Can Bill 882.~589 Painting - Interior. exterior, & Painters service. Experienced and and Coyers. 771-4343. CEMENT. BRICK. STONE • Aluminum Sidlnl AFTER 5 P.M. 7'18.2185 paperhanlZlng and panel. * HIgh Quality Palntlng Insured. Seaver's. 882-0000. Pntlos. walks, porche., .t~P' • Home Modernlutlon WARREN SCHULTZ CASHAN ROOFING Ifn 21M-SEWER - SERVICE SEWER and waterline repair and replace. 25 years In business. A. T. Excavating, 771-8721 or 773.1402. g ll .Fre e estLimates cheer. * Wallpaper stripping .____ __ l"llll:stone repair l mate.. HADLEY HOME Commercial. Re.ldential nsure '882.9234 Patching IN~~~~~: ~~~IP~~~~~~02~ Allphalt palchlng and .ea~inll EASTLAND IMPROVEMENT Yearroundservlee -------- ..----- *Texturlng (many styles years experience. Llcen.ed SRECIALIZING IN INC Shingle. and Repaira INTERIOR and ext e r lor available) and insured. 781-6461. 'SMALL JOBS ALUMiNUM . Work Guaranteed painting and paperhanging. EXCELLENT ------- FREE ESTIMATES PRODUCTS COMPLETE REMODELING Insured 1l8(J.3245 Reasonable rate,. 30 )'ears W ALLCOVERINQ RATES INTERIOR Home Painting LICENSED SERVICE --- ----- -- experlence.-Ray Barnowsky We can't guarantee the best and patch worle 10 years TU 2 0717 Call 312-8822 for frM e.t!. ---------- HOT ROOFS ]11 y gd\'en. icenled and * Plaster Repair and Tuck pointing, patchlnr Sidling. trim, rootfin 21 N-ASPHALT WORK g• Beda~ Kitchen./Batha ROOF I NG 822.7335 after 6 p.m, price, but we CAN prom. experience. Call Walt at - and win o..... s. ral ngs, AddlUon./Porches minum trim and gutters. PROFESSIONAL Floor Sand. i b ------ ----- . . ell gutte~, a orm 'lioo.. Atllc/Re

Thursday, April 29 I 1982 GROSSE POINTE NEW S Page Eleven-C 21O-CEMEHT A"'D IRICK WORK 21R-FUR"'ITURE REPAIR DOMINIC MASON AND CEMENT- CONTRACTORS Licensed and Insured ALL BRICK, BLOCK A~D CEME:'I:T WORK Expert Basem('nl Waterproofing. Buckled and cracked walls repaired, Free Estimates Referenccs Over 20 Years Experience Compare our method and our price! MARC, 772-9339 DAN, .369-2236 ------.- ., o, "'~_~_. __ ~ • • ._ • 21T-PLUMIING & HEATING Energy Conservation License #06664 Insured - Experienced C. BARNANSKI PLUMBING & HEATING 779-7774 or 822-0208 -.----- .. ---.~.._--- ----------Ir-----------------------I 2J-Z-SHOW REMOVAL AND LANDSCAPJNG 21Z-SNOW REMOVAL & LANDSCAPING 21Z-SNOW R'EMOVAL: & LANDSCAPING: -----------1---------- ! our classic program • EARLV SPRING. A balanced fertilization with iron amI pre-emergent crabgrass control. • LATE SPRING. A balancen fertilizer plus a oroan-Ieaf ween conI rol. • SUMMER, A granular fertilizer that is non. burning and long lasting. ••FALL A balanced fertihzer high in potash. plus a broar!leaf weed control State Licenser!, Commercial Pesticir!e Applicators. 1.0. AG009000081.- Cert 008159 BY THREE C's LANDSCAPING 11498East Nine Mile Roan. Warren. ~l 4M89 757-7700 INDEX TO (~LASSn1IED OFf'ERED JACK WILLIAMS l

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