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1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

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I•\ .... Page Four-A GROSSE POINTE NEWS Thur$dey I April 29, 1962 Il . • 11M' ..... 17045 Kercheval Grosse Pointe 885-5300 New Video In Stock • Stripes • Time Bandits • Arthur • Sign of Zorro Bon Secollrs joins Luther"ull St~..vice .. Groups allllOllllce pillll,S j()r adult dllY care Bon Secours Hospital is joining with Discussion between Bon Secours anomer program WhiCh Mon secours Lutheran Social service of Michigan Hospital and L.S.S.M. have been un- Hospital participates In. (L.S.S.M.) to sponsor a day care progderway since April, 1981. Both orgahi- Mealtime companions work within ram 01 health and social sef'vices for zations are currently invoh'ed In a the hospital a~'sistlng elderly patients disabled adults at L.S.S.M.'s Calvary variety of services for the elderly. during meals. Free hypertension sc- Senior Center in northeast Detroit. If Bon Secours Hospital offers support reening is also provided to elderly re- construction proceeds as scheduled, and information regarding community sidents at the hospital on MOlldays. 80" 6A services to families considering hous. Shrub o.k, NV \0518 the center will open this fall. accord- We$esdays and Fridays from 2 to 4 ing to a hospital spokesman. ing and care options for elderly rela- p.m. The venture marks the fi~st time a tives. An adopt-a-senior program Calvary Senior Center services in- hospital has become invol\'ed io ao ex- brings volunteers together ..... ith homeclude a hot lunch program, home dell. ternal program for semi-independent bound seniors to develop ongoing rela. vered meals, information referral, adults, according to Bon Secours. It is tionships. hom~maker and chore services to the also the first time a Catholic and Volunteers also chat with home- homebound or vulnerable elderly per. Lutheran organization have joined tobound seniors through the telephone sons, as well 8S opportunities for gether to cooperate in the develop- viSit program, making themselves friendship and companionship with ment of an adult day care center In available "on call" to elderly persons others. Michigan, the hospital said. who need someone they can talk to. The concept of adult day care Is "It is particularly significant that Hot nutritious meals are delivered to fairly new to the United States. Great this program is undertaken durin~ the the homes of elderly persons t'hrough Britain, Canada, Israel and other Sister of Bon Secours' 100th Anmver- , sary in the United States. It is one more example of our continuing com- 'Tree 1I11L1I1~m lU U1~~ lh~ dlllll~ill~ II~~::> of our community with high quality, compassionate care," said Sister Ruth Each fifth gNlder in the Woods Ann Belfi, C.B.S., president of the Bon should receive a Baccata crabapple Secours Hospital Board of Trustees. seedling and planting instructions dur- According to'Dr. Carl E. Thomas .ing Arbor Week. The tree is described president or L.S.S.M., the center is "a as a hardy, disease-resistent variety significant expansion of Lutheran S0- with fragrant white blossoms in the cial Services' capability to provide spring and small red fruit, according care for older adults." to Tree Commission member Marion The p~am developed by Bon Sec- Englehart. ours Hospital and L.S.S.M. will pro- In addition to the seedlings, comvide nursing care, social work service, mission representiatives will present a some physical therapy. recreation. so- slide show about the value of trees and cial activities and assistance with per- the destructive nature of the gypsy SA.VE sonal care on weekdays between 9 moth. a.m. and 5 p.m. It will give participants an opportunity to interact with other people which might not happen UptoS500 if they were isolated in a private home. Although for elder1y the program is primarilv citizens, it will not be limited to senior citizens. It will provide family counseling and support services in addition to transportation for participants unable to come to the center unaided. 0 The ideal Tammalrs permanent jJCl'cnrsl' evergreen Spu'G(' ground cover plant . to grow ;1"1 sunny as well as shady locatiol'\$ where grass fails. Gr~ at even height of lIbout 8 inches. . Plant 6 inches apart. Sturdv, well.rooted plants. '.postpa,d 50-S13.!:iO, 100-$22.95. 5OO-S85.95 ~ 1000-$145.00. F,n." q".I,ty SlOCt.. Po.tpa,d ."d • ,,,peltly packt

Thur,doy, April 29, 1982 Assessments lowered for 143 ill Woods st. John Hospital didn't get one. Woojs Councilman Frederick Love. lace didn't get one either. And one Irate taxpayer came before the Woods City Council,. Monday, April 19, to complain he dHw't gel II break on his property assessmenl when the Board of RevIew heard appeals fwm homeownl'rs last month. Of the 501 appeals heard by the board, 143 persons, aboul 28 pt>reenl, recl.ived lower assessments. The changes ran from between $900 and $28,000. Mosl fell in the $2,000 to $10,000 range. Henry Kodan, resident and real es. tate agent, complained to the council April 19, that even though he showed the board documentation of sales that s~ould have figured In his assessment, hiS appeal was rejected. The documentatlon of sales would have lowered hIS assessment aOout 'IU,uuO, he said "The trend toda)' is toward lower prices, lower salaries and lower prices for homes," Kodan said. "Why should there be Increased assessments?" Although he will take the next step and appeal to the state tax trIbunal, Kodan said he wanted the councll to know aboul the action of the board be. cause It had not done its job, he said. Mayor George Freeman pointed out Utat the council, although sympathe. tic, had no ('onlrol over the Board of ReView sin('e it operates Independently of the council. The council appoints lhe members of the Board of Review but does not oversee or review the board's findings. All five Grosse Pointe communities were hit with record numbers or homeowners appealing their assess. ments this vear. In Grosse Pointe Citv. more than 2SOpersons appealed anJ almosl 70 percent of them receiv. ed some relief. The Farms Board of Daily, Weekly, Week End Rental Specials Yau Can Rent A 1982 K-Car, Omn;, Mirada • c: '; , , .... • • • -' • Fvel F,on' Wheef Eff;cien' O,ive Reliable 884.72JO - The Wood ; " Pnoco by Tom Gr~ The Peche Island rear range ligbthouse (above) off the shore of Windmill Pointe In the Park has been guiding frelgbters through the channel since 1908. but given the extreme list it's developed recently. it's surprising a freighter or two hasn't run aground. The U.S. Coast Guard is building a replacement for the old tower at a cost of $920,000, according to Tom Clark trom the Coast Guard. The new structure wUl be a 115-foot high triangular tower with a small bouse in the bottom. Work on the project began last fall when workers sank rock.fllled cribs to act as a base. The project is expected to be complete by September, CJark said. The photograph above was taken from the main pier at Windmill Pointe Park. Starling AI '24 95 FREE MILEAGE O:s!om Culling • COnC;Uml'f Workshops • Palll'lilll-l 0 O:).rr.p~ stam and pa\n: prOOv:ts ha .... 'ea'. \\3)'S ~n t\"xtl~the,' ~\'€'Ighrin g0td And '"lOW the, re ,,~11 e.-en motedunnglr.e Oi'y1"PC GOLD8RUSH SweepstaKes Slept-yar>::: S:aKe ,De-'Clalm' r::,=rn-- r F,r51 Pnze 2 ItIs. of told 2 Se~cr;d Pnzes ~ Ib.o/lOld 3 T",'d pr ze5 of eo1d :00 FOu1h P',zes 14ktlOkI.fiIIlldC~sipens 2CO:J F,fte, Pr zes Gokl-ljUalily paint bnrsllel. No P'Jrc.r-.ue neeets&ry Just P'l'Ck.uO en offlCl41 "'ll'y I,,,", ',om any I>lIrtlc'P'.Iln9 Olymp't dM\er or write tor entry form Ind detail, to ""OOl08RUSt't" o!l>ClaJentry form. P 0 Ilo. U4. RJ

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