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1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

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II j 1 I Ii. i I : 1. Ii , t . .~ i II I -) I i "I • f ........... _~,:-""' .........-----..,.~:o~"'!" ..... , ~""'i.... -W""', -- .... , _.,. ....... ""JI't ...4 ..... '"I" __ .........~ •...,.t--.., "fOF........... -...~ ..e FI' -4-- ..'...-_ ...... ""P ..., ....... , "'4-""'"...4...'..... '...4-'-4-'.-'-,-, .-c-e -SQ; • :>.. :,e Slx.A GROSSE POINTE NEWS Thursday, April 29, 1982 ..£et~uI~~,:,N,:,~ ( I, I,\. ! , ~ i : t ti Specially formulated Wllh 13% Nitroeen to ilW plants a ~en calor 13ll; PhosphorcxlsYllal for plant ~ and 5IItlCIlI fOOl formatIol\. 13% Powh to help plants resist disuse. cold and other adI'IttSC ccnditiOI\$ . . • PLUS SUU'1JR which lmproYa protein production. inauses fliIroIlcn UK, speeds up .plant maturIly and promotes chIoyphylJ formation.JIIl ofthls in onuuylo use product. - rrs HO WONDER rrs 12.8% Financing 'on Apr. Credl! for New '81 and '82 Car. for the finest service see Don Sanders Ray La.them PonUac-GMC 17877 MACK 886-1700 GIll"... nn. _ 1l1li SPRING CLEAN UP 885-1900 FURNACES & ROlLERS a.placed [;tijW. PlUN81NG1HEATIIIC' . . 17000 liVERNOIS, 863 7800 15304 KERCHfVAl • 822 9070 1720.MAPlE RO • 6434880 wonDERIiRO GRACE Center Cut Choice Boneless Pork Chops Beef Roast $1.98 LB. $2.29 LB. Canadian Bacon Boo~binders Famous California Fresh Asparagus 98 c LB. Dvndee Olange Marmalade '2.39 Fresh Jumbo Site Artichokes 69C EA. • Farms fresh Piece 01 Sliced $3.29 LB. link Pork Sausage $1.79 La. - Tollano Australian Sparkling Wine Brut $3.99 7 UP 1 Liter Boffle '1.75 .... Joan of Arc Brie Ripe and Ready $3.75 LB. ........... sse PlU'S Oep. 35 oz. '1.89 Florida Juice Oranges .•....•.. $1.59 D02.' Tender Fresh Green Onions... 4 BU. '1.00 Chiquita Bananas .•.•...... : ...•.. 394 lB. ~ PRICeS ABOVE IN EfFECT Tll MAY Sin ~~ Winter Price. Call 882-3222 Remodeling Specialists ... Roofing, Family Rooms, Rec. Rooms, Kitchens ... Code Violations and Estate Maintenance We have our own staff Patrick Mulligan Formerly of Mulligan Linc.-Met't. Cordially Invites You To Vi~it PATMON OLDSMOBILE .And See Our All NEW FIRENlA E. Jefferson bet. Alter a Cadieux 821-5000 !VIAENE NURSERY I i 21807 MACK, SCS 777-2800 I ~ ~~ c.: 355 FISHER RD. We deliver .. .' 'PARMS Chicken Kiev -toneless, SkinlessBreast Snapper Soup '1.39 882 5100 Cascade for the Dishwasher o,n. I. 5;)0 -Iy, WHo - ';jl _. CkMll s-Iory c.;,- .:' ~',: , ~ , ,. ~\'I Free organ concert at P&J Sunday T~ Motor City Theater Organ Soci. ety will present Lionel Lamay at the console 01 the Wurliuer '-'6 Theater Organ at the Pullet alld "'ady Theater, 21 Kerchenl, Grosse Pointe Farms, Sunday, May 2, at 1 p.m. This is another of the regular free miniconcerts given the first Sunday of each month. Lamay returns to play an anniver. sary concert as it was on May 4, 1980, when the society inaugurated the First Sunday Concerts. Lamay is a teacher whose background includes supper club entertainment, the "Movies at the Redford" series aDd work for various other organizations. For five years, he was the director 01 the Meadow Brook Music Festival. The Punch's 2/6 Wurlitzer organ originally was installed in the Wurlit7.E'r BuUdinQ; in Delroit. and was later sold and instaUed in the Punch and Judy in 1930. The Punch and Judy Theater was built during the dep'res. sion by 32 Grosse Pointe families. Edsel Ford was one of the main sponsors. The architect was Robert O. Derrick, the man responsible for blue-printing much of Greenfield Village and other early American build. ing designs. The theater is almost a twin to the Henry Ford Museum Theater. Committee members from Motor City are Mrs. Remi Van Steenkiste, Betty Weller, Robert .Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Robtrt Mills, Herb Head, Dave Voydanoff and Kay Robson. This group. in addition 10 Gerald Muethal and Frank Doka, are preparing the organ Cor concerts to be given during the American Theater Organ Society Convention to be held in Detroit Julv 4 through 9. . • The Motor City Theater Organ Society .is a non-profit organiiation of n1()re than 450 urea residents. Its purpose is to preserve and restore the . theater pipe organ in its original setting where possible, and to foster interest in its music. The society purchased the Redford Theater in order. 10 preserve the Barton 3-manual, 10-rank theater pipe 'organ permanently in its original setting and to provide a home for the societe. All work at the theater is perfonned by volunteers from the membership who spend countless hours maintaining organs at the Royal Oak Tbeater, where the organ is owned by NCTOS, the PundJ and Judy and the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. Membership in the society is open to all interested individuals. Refreshments will be served in the lobby by members of the committee. Doors open al 12:30 p.m. Oliver, 'lvith a twist Oliver (David Bryant, left) and the Artful Dodger (Ed Stevens) sing about street survival when the Grosse Pointe Children's Theater presents "Oliver," a musical version of Dickens' "OIil'er Twist." Tickets are priced at $3,75 for adults, $2.25 for children and $2 for groups of 1% or more aod children or senior cJlbens. The play will be staged at the Fries Auditorium of the Grosse Pointe War ,Memorial Friday and Saturday, M~y 7. 8, 14 and 15. For tickets and sb,owtimes, call the War Memorial at 881-7511. . Children present Dickens' musical Grosse Pointe Children's Theater Also 10 lead roles are Wendy Hons. Kasey Clark and Elyse Frakes. will present the Broadway musical tain and Tamara Lapo as Nancy, Paul Other cast members are Martha "Oliver" Friday and Salurday, May 7, Corbett and Ed Stevens as the Artful Hearn. Nancy Kostecke. Shawn 8.14 and 15, in the Fries Auditorium of Dodger, and Tom McCarter and Greg Meado","'8, Heather Van Tiem, Amy the Grosse Pointe War Memorial. Preston as Sykes. Weidig, Katie Keller, Doug Suther. Showtimes are 7:30 p.m. Fridays, Other prillelpal cast members are land, Mikae1 Elsila, Roxanne Vani, May 7 and 14; and 2 p.m. on SatW'. Heather Cross, Michelle Gasperut, Marla Kurz, Brad Dunlap, Nicole days, May 8 and 15. Tickets are priced Roger Walker, Eileen Kent, Kristin Buffo, Tracie Dold, Susie Vincent, at $3.75 for adults, $2.25 for children Martin, Karri Luxton, Wendy WUlett. Holly Cole. Shanna McNamee, Andria and $2 for groups ol 12 or more chil- Joe Muuie, Jim Kaliardos, Tom Vick, Meier, Michelle Meier, Matthew Subdren and senior citizens. Jon Hammond, Michael Scholenith, erati, Jehan Vani. Kimyia Vani and "Oliver" will feature a, combined Katle Gebeck, Cathy Farrar, Chris Laura Wing. cast of more than 60 area. students in Cavanaugh and Mattber Pawlenko. Remaining caSJ members include the musical version of Charles Dic- Sally Reynolds, founder of the thea- Trinity Steele, Robin Weidinger. kens' "Oliver Twist." Starring in lead. tel' 28 years age, is producer and di- Sheila Mebus, Krissey David, Larry ing roles are Leo Babcock and Mark rector of the musical. Musical direc- David. Whitney Joondeph, Missy Riemer as Fagin and David Bryant trOD will be provided by Mrs. John Newa. Brian Vick, Miles Vick, Laura and Bill Genter as Oliver. Mazer assisted by Nick Kappu. Vick, Carey Crim, John Shock, Kristen Babcock, currently attending the Also appearing in .. st will be Miguel and Julian Lubitz. University of Michigan, is a veteran Heather Klooochar, Kl _.Messina, For information on group rates call Some claim dice are either right- performer for the theater. Riemer is a Holly Walker, Kathy Pterce, Lisa Dis. 886-6152. Tickets can be purchased at banded and left-handed. Opposite sides Lakeview High School senior with ser, Kristin Button, Mike Heppler, the War Memorial, 881-7511. Birthday of honest dice total seven. The coun- numerous school and professional Ste\lhanie Shock, Mary O'Connor, people are recognized. In addition, in. ter-clockwise count of the numbered credits. Bryant, a Pierce seventh- ChrIstine Kronk, Scott Gwinne1I, Amy formation about a summer drama sides on dice make then left'handed grader, and Genter, a sixth-grader at GwinMII; Jennifer Shock,' Diana workshop to be'held the last two weeks . ,WbiJe..'OtJ . ....-elocltwiu-- couat- make5-- -St.- Clare.,.- have..pedwmed with Chil-- Shock ... lJsa ...J.onu...G&.bb~....Br~a.~in-JUDe with Mrs, Reyoold8 lIS d1rector them right-handed. dren's Theater for three years. Aimee Walker. Cathy Cavanaugh, can be obtained by calling 1185-&2t9 . 'I;'~~ ~ r$\- . , J/ , , '. IF FREE COFFEE. . AND DONUTSC-(iQry WON'T GET ~ .', TO OUR OPEN .' ,USE••• HOW' ABOUT A Our new Grosse Pointe Office invites you to an Open House April 29th and 30th. To celebrate our new location, we're giving away a weekend for two in Las. Vegas including round trip air fare and hotel accommodations. But to win you have to come to our office at 19299 Mack Ave. and fill out an entry form. And while you're at it, ~ ..' 1'"~ have yourself a donut.. _ •••• ~ Entnes and refreshments w.1I be available Apnl29 and 300nly DraWing Will be held Apnl30 W,nner Will be nOh/,ed by May 1 Employees of AAA and Its advertlsm9 agetlCy may '101 enler NO cash subStItutions fOr!np Michigan , ' \ .'

sa pspp nrsdtly, AprH29, L~~2 '_'_.. '_""_. G_R_O_S_S_E_P_O_'_N_T_E_N_E_W_S _ 1---------_ 1Pis Week i_ Business i ! Rln, .ppolnted ex."tlv. director GlIse Pointe Farms resident JohlR, Rines has been named exe

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