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1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

1\cadern~ - Local History Archives

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'.. I~ r I I. I . • Page Eiqht.A & GrossI Pointe Fence Company ~ SPECIALIZING IN: --~ CEDAR STOCKADE CUSTOM PICKET ,WOOD FENCE. & GATE REPAIR$ CALL 886-1924 FIRST Serving ,lte I'oin'e5 Sin(~ J 940 GROSSE POINTE FISH & SEAFOOD MARKO 885-3884 "We Deliver" 19531 MACK ~t----~_..... -..... .__........ --'--_ .... _,\.\'~,~:, '.. "":ci._\:}r:~,,,r~.\,,:.\J,,5;i,¥:)~t,,~J Lobster Tails t~i~':\ .r\t".-..,...,..,,,,,~~~~~~~J{~,< :~"'~, LIMIT S L8S. • EXP, 5-8-82 .~~{:'>' \, Fresh Lobo Fillets (Sweet Delicate Flavor) , "C ) West Coast Snapper Lake Superior Tr.out Fresh Halillut Fresh, MusselS'" Fresh Dressed Sinelts Stone Crab Claws 'S-Ib. Cooked & Peeled Shrimp RealCrab~tCrabs~cks '...lb. (6 to a lb.) .50ft Shell Crabs. . Lorge Primes-'IS" A Du. ;I.k V. Ho", To Cook Fish In }'our MiC!rowave OVett or Outdoors On The Grill "IT'S GREAT" o ALL SEALY ON SALE $4800 From EA. Pt. SETS ONLY UP TO 50 0 /0 pam> 4 4# • 4P "" 4111- GROSSE POINTE NE'WS _____ -r--- O_b_it_u_a_r_ie_s Mary Ann Bickle Services for Mrs. Bickle, ,formerly of North Renaud Road in the Woods, lately Ii Southfield, were held Friday, April 23, at A.H. Peters Funeral Home and St. Paul.on-the-Lake Church. . She died Tuesday, April 2D, at Providence Hospital. ., ..... 4&Q Ann H. Swart service for Mrs. Swart, 81, formerly of Grosse Pointe, late or Naples, Fla., were held Wednesday, April 28 at the Earl G. Hodges Funeral Chapel in Naples, She died Saturday, April 24, in Naples, Fla. . Mrs. Swart Is survived by one son, Lawrence C. She was cremated. Dr. Robert Wellfer A memorial service for Dr'. Weiller, 54, will be held at 5 p.m. Sunday, May 9, at the Grosse Pointe Unitarian Church. The late;5t.The bnghtest. The best. That's what we'll be bringing you now that we've brought TelepromptE;r Into the Westinghouse Broadcasting and Cable. Inc. family. As Group W Cable, our goal is innovation. In the programs you , . Mrs. June E. Wyatt Services ror Mrs. Wyatt, 57, of Stevens Road, were held Friday, April 23, in the Verheyden Funeral Home. She died Tuesday, April 20, in 51 John HospitaL • Born in Stambaugh, Mi., she is sur. vlved by two daughters. Mrs, Joan Geisler and Mrs. Diane Kopas: a step-daughter, Mrs. Nancy Kimm; a step-son-George H.; one sister and eight grandchildren, Memorial contributions ma\, be made to the Ameritan Cancer sOeietv or the Michigan Kidney Foundation.' Interment was in Greenwood Cemetery. Vernon. Mi, Mrs. Florence L. TaUberg Services for Mrs. Tallberg, 81, of Trombley Road, were held Wednesday, April 21, in the Verheyden Funeral Home. GROUP W. •• z e • Thursday, April 29, -.l~ Leander Hamilton The widow olthe late MelvinA., Mrs. He died Thursday, April 22, at hIS She died Monday, April 19, Ir¥f McCormick-Goodhart llckle Jerome is survived by two sons, A. and Gordon A.; a daughter. home. Born in Paris, Dr, Weiller was home. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., she I ISF- Services for Mr. McCormick.Good. Mrs, William (Diane) Bousquette; 16 raised in Switzerland and graduated vlved by nieces and nephews. ! hart, 62, of Westwind Lane in the grandchildren and one sister. She was Farms, were held Saturdar' April 24, predeceased by another daughter, at Grosse Pointe Memoria Church, ' Melvina A, Young. He died Wednesday, April 21, at St'. Interment was in Holy sepulchre John Hospital. Cemetery. Mr. McCormick.Goodhart was born in London, England, and became a U.S, citizen in 1927. The f~mily's an- Louis E. Cabrera cestral home was in Langley Park, near Beckenham Kent, and the name Services {or Mr. Cabrera, 48, of the was h"phenate~d'

Thursday, April 29, J982 __ -eot- •• t.. I' \, ':' '- - • .. :x '. " - • • '8~ > ./' r\ ~ " \ '~ '~~ ~\ GROSSE POINTE NEWS A year ago, the Nonce Dance 'Ensemble was almost written off as another victim of an ecoDomy tbat is Dot kind to the arts. But today, the company Is stiU on its feet, thanks to its 'Own splrlt aDd dedluted supporters. Above. Pointer Anne Duetch (upper right), Kathleen Kelly (upper left) DeDnla East (left) and Dan Caren (right) are practicing for the group's first formal concert in more tball a year scheduled (or Tbursday and Saturday, May 6 and 8. at Wayne State Unlversi. ty'. CommuDity Arts Auditorium. Two 'new works will be premiered and the company's standard dances Toronto; Tralrslcles and Private Passion, Private Pain will be performed. Tickets are $7 general admJsslon and $6 for seniors and students with identification. For information call 771-3593. OLDCHECKI COLLECT We'll buy back your old checks when you open a new checking account wIth us. If you currently have a cheCking account at another financial , Institution and bring in your unused checks, First Federal will buy them (five cents each, UPto 100 checks) There's never been a better time to open an Interest-earning checking accou[lt at First Federal For a Iirnited time. when you open a checking account by depOsiting 5300 or more, we're offering this special incentive that maln] service. Vice President Commodi:tY Corporation COMMODITIES .. TAX SHELTERS 63 Kercheval • Grosse Pointe Farms Colonial Federal Bldg. (Lower Level) (313) 884-3134 We are pleased to announce that ROBERT B~POGUE .has jOined our corporation n iGdde~peabOdY & CO. tNCOIPOltATiD r."~A,A 1"5 M,m&t" N", York IHtd ItmtritJl1f St~{K &''=liI"J:1J 1330 i1uhl Building, Detroit, MI 48226 , Telep~one:(3_13) 964~9800 _ New York Boston Philadelphia Chicago San francisco tos Angele. AtlaRta Dallas Kansas City and over so additional offiee. worldwide R NTAID us. So If you've been waiting until you've used up all your old checksto switch your checking account. stop in soon and open an ,nterest-earning checking account at First Federal It's in your Interest-now more than ever ~ FIRS"!ain~~~~nM~!!pQ~J~~JROIT GROSSE POINTE 633 NOTRE DAME near Kercheval 882-7697' ST. CLAIR SHORES 21800 GREATER MACK near SLJoan 777.9450 HARPER WOODS . 19601 VERNIER at Beaconsfield across from Eastland 881-9300 \,

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