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C harles D arwin U niversity

C harles D arwin U niversity

A Message from the

A Message from the Chancellor As Chancellor of Charles Darwin University it is an honour and a privilege to congratulate the graduands of 2005. Charles Darwin University was formed through the merging of institutions such as the Northern Territory University, Centralian College, the Northern Territory Rural College and Menzies School of Health Research. This state of the art institution has grown into a place of learning for more than 18,000 students. Charles Darwin University offers a fresh approach to education, with a wide range of study options, excellent standards of teaching and an engaging learning environment. This is a university that aims to inspire its students to acquire the skills and knowledge to change their worlds for their own good and the good of the community. As well as being a celebration of knowledge, graduation ceremonies allow students to share their pride and satisfaction in achieving their goals with their families, friends, and the University staff who have supported and encouraged them throughout their studies. Graduation is not a farewell to the Charles Darwin University. We look forward to welcoming back graduands as members of the Alumni or through continuing formal studies and to the many symposia, lectures, concerts and events at the University. Congratulations again to the Charles Darwin University graduates of 2005. We have no doubt we will be hearing of your continuing achievements in your work and the community in the future. Richard Ryan, AO Chancellor May - June Graduation Ceremonies 2005 3 C h a r l e s D a r w i n U n i v e r s i t y

4 C h a r l e s D a r w i n U n i v e r s i t y A Message from the Vice-Chancellor Each of you, tonight’s graduates, has grown in knowledge, in competence and understanding during your time as students at Charles Darwin University. Each of you, by deploying these attributes to the greatest possible extent, will make a difference; a difference to your own future, the future of your families, your community, the Northern Territory and the global community. You will be part of a rapidly changing world, where the only certainty is the development of new knowledge and new ways of doing things – ongoing change is simply part of life. Change provides opportunities and I hope you will welcome change and successfully ride the waves that produce it. Remember Charles Darwin, the namesake of the Territory’s university once said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” The amount of information on any subject is growing at an ever-increasing rate. To move from being a novice and eventually to expert we all must continue to learn and to apply those learnings. We must keep on learning in new fields as our roles change or we slip back down the ladder to being a novice. I hope your time at Charles Darwin University has resulted in you having a love of learning for life and that you will be open to new ideas. As graduates of Charles Darwin University, you are becoming alumni of a University that sees its role as providing vibrant learning, life-changing experiences and graduating individuals with the foundation to be excellent thinkers, workers and citizens. It aims to equip its graduates with the generic skills to thrive in the complex world at large and to take on the particular challenges of the Northern Territory. I hope you have enjoyed your university experience. I hope you will continue to learn and that through your words and actions you will contribute to the development and reputation of the Charles Darwin University, a university that aspires to work with its alumni, wherever they may be, to provide an enriching experience for all its students, its alumni and the community at large. This evening is one of celebration; you have achieved a significant milestone and we are proud of you. All of us in the University join with your family and friends in saying “congratulations”. Helen Garnett Vice-Chancellor May - June Graduation Ceremonies 2005

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